Meet Chago, Wyck and Luther–Traci Douglass and her Scion Warriors

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Today, help me welcome author Traci Douglass, who is here to talk about her most recent release, Seal of Destiny, the first book in a new Seven Seals series, published by Crimson Romance. (And we all love apocalyptic stories, right? Right!) Traci writes paranormal/urban fantasy and contemporary romances with sizzling alpha male heroes full of dark humor; smart, independent heroines who always give as good as they get; and evil villains bent on world destruction–you know the type. You can connect with Traci here:
Website / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads / Amazon / Pinterest

ABOUT SEAL OF DESTINY:  Love conquers all… but can it stop the Apocalypse? Mira Herald is having the worst life ever. Not only is she plagued by horrific nightmares starring the Devil himself, she’s now the target of a power-hungry, rogue minion, freshly sprung from Hell and bent on her destruction.  To complicate matters further, she’s acquired a stalker. One who insists he’s a divine warrior sent for her protection because she houses an ancient relic with the power to unleash Armageddon. Last time Mira checked, she wasn’t insane. Still, all this celestial mayhem is enough to drive a girl crazy.

       Kagan is a member of the Scion, an elite team of immortal warriors selected by Divinity to aid mankind and save the world. After a century alone, Kagan is summoned for a new mission. He’s eager to begin. Eager until he’s informed his mission consists of protecting a woman with no clue to the power she wields. Plus, his briefing fails to prepare him for his new target’s cosmic-sized attitude problem. As Divinity’s sworn servant, he’s required to fulfill his duty. His oath, however, does not require him to be enthusiastic about his new assignment or warm-and-fuzzy toward his new compatriot. He plans a wham-bam rescue and a quick return to solitude.

       The rogue minion attacks—with the backing of a mysterious organization—and all Hades erupts, putting a fast end to any whirlwind escapes. Accustomed to staunch independence, Mira’s survival now requires full cooperation and an unwavering belief in Kagan. The battle-hardened warrior is also forced to chose: between duty and desire. Amidst the turmoil, Kagan and Mira’s undeniable passion draws them closer to each other and down a path neither expected but both yearn for, more than they ever knew.

       Will love save the day? The world’s fate depends on the answer

 Now let’s hear from Traci:


Thanks for having me on the Preternatura blog today. I’m so excited to be here!

Since SEAL OF DESTINY released in January, many readers have expressed interest in knowing more about the members of the Scion team. Over the past month, I’ve been supplying details about my elite warriors, beginning with an April 10 blog post at Paranormal Romance Fans For Life and the first part of the Scion warrior bios posted on Regina May Ross’s Blog on April 11.  Today I’m continuing on J

with the second part of the Scion warrior bios. Sorry readers, the Scion are a bit camera shy, so no photos available. I’ll leave that part up to your very active imaginations!

Today, we have Chago, Wyck and Luther.


Warrior Name: Chago


Speciality: Combat


Nationality: Euskaldun (Spanish Basque)


Age at time of human death: 38


Battle at which he received his Calling: The Battle of Roncevaux Pass – 778 AD


Height: 6’ 9”


Weight: 210


Hair Color: Dark Brown


Eye Color: Pale blue


Current Residence: Rancho Segrado, Montana


Marital Status: Newly Engaged, fiancée: Irena Soldan


Special abilities/Little Known Facts: He speaks over 10 languages and has a soft spot for baby animals. One calf in particular on his ranch holds a special place in his heart.

Warrior Name: Wyck
Speciality: Technology
Nationality: English
Age at time of human death: 34
Battle at which he received his Calling: Battle of Hastings – 1066 AD
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 198
Hair Color: Dark Blonde
Eye Color: Green-gold
Current Residence: Boulder, Colorado
Marital Status: Single
Special abilities/Little Known Facts: Enjoys hipster fashion and snarky t-shirts. Has never met a system he couldn’t hack. Has a hidden weakness for fine tea and geeky women.

Warrior Name: Luther
Specialty: Profiling
Nationality: Turkish
Age at time of human death: 32
Battle at which he received his Calling: The Fall of Constantinople – 1453 AD
Height: 6’ 2”
Weight: 180
Hair color: Brown
Eye Color: Pale green
Current Residence: Baltimore, Maryland
Marital Status: Single
Special abilities/Little Known Facts: Near-preternatural instincts and infallible insights into the behavior of others make him a difficult man to deceive. He is also a fine chef with covert aspirations to open a bistro one day.

Intrigued? Eager to know about the final two Scion? Follow me to the final post of this journey at the Paws and Print website on April 30 to meet the newest members of the Scion team, Sloane and Barron.
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Thanks again for having me on today and Happy Reading! J

Thanks, Traci! So…sounds very cool, eh? 

Guest Blog & Giveaway: ALONE by Marissa Farrar

Do you have a favorite genre? I think most readers of this blog love speculative fiction of some sort, whether it’s urban fantasy, or paranormal romance, or YA paranormals, or science fiction, or horror, or fantasy….or some blending of the above. These days, we’re seeing more genre-bending as traditional cozy mysteries add paranormal elements, and urban fantasy isn’t so different from horror. 
Today, welcome author Marissa Farrar to the blog. A UK-based author, Marissa started writing horror, then “horror romance,” and now doesn’t like putting books into boxes. Read on for a chance to win a copy of her new book, Alone, a vampire romance (but a whole lot more). And then, if you’d like to sample a free short, Marissa has shared with us a short-short story; look at the tab marked “Grief,” above, then click.
Putting Books into Boxes
 by Marissa Farrar
Ever since I was young, I considered myself to be a horror writer. In my teens, I feasted upon authors such as Stephen King, James Herbert, Dean Koontz and Richard Laymon. In turn, those were the types of books I wanted to write.
However, as I grew, my taste in books also grew. I began reading authors such as Jodi Picoult and Emily Barr, definitely women’s fiction authors.
However, my love always remained within the paranormal.
When I sat down to write Alone, I knew I wanted to write a vampire romance. I’d just learned that Mills and Boon had recently brought out their paranormal imprint, ‘Nocturne,’ and thought, ‘yeah, I can do that.’ We were living in Spain, I had a small child at home, and I’d decided it was time I earned some money from the hundreds of hours I poured into my writing.
However, within a few pages, I knew there was no way Mills and Boon would be interested in this book. My natural love of all things dark quickly crept in and my main character, Serenity, was suffering the abuse of a violent husband.
You see, for me, although I love the paranormal, it’s real life that makes a book genuine. It’s things not always being as perfect as they seem on the outside, it’s people experiencing real trauma, but growing within themselves and overcoming whatever life has thrown in their path. The most important things in our lives are the simple ones: our relationships with other people. Without those relationships, we’d be nothing.
I want my books to be about real people, the battered woman you might pass in the street, the man struggling to balance bills with a sick child at home. Most of my characters are just like you and I. They don’t have any special powers. They’re just normal people, who, put in extreme (paranormal) situations, are able to achieve things they never thought possible.
Because of this, I’ve always struggled to put my work into a specific genre. I’ve had Alone be referred to as Paranormal Romance, as Horror, as Urban Fantasy and even Women’s Fiction. Personally, I think it contains a little bit of each of those genres without really falling into any one.
I hate that authors are forced to put their stories into boxes these days, especially publishers trying to get authors to fit a particular mould and altering their books to fit into a category. I tried to do that once (and failed miserably—the story simply had a life of its own) but the result was a dark story of a battered woman’s emotional journey, and she just happens to fall in love with a vampire!
So what do you think? Do you stick to a particular genre when you’re looking for new titles? Do you ever wonder if you’ve missed out on titles that have been incorrectly classified or simply don’t fit into one particular ‘box’?
I’d like to give away three e-copies of Alone to three commenters, so please, let me know your thoughts! The sequel to Alone, Buried is scheduled for a mid-October release and to introduce new readers to the series, Alone is currently priced at only $0.99 from your favourite e-store.
And if you’d like to sample some of my writing, you can read my short story The Sickness of Grief for free, right here!
Thanks for having me, Suzanne.
 Thanks, Marissa! To win a copy of  Alone, just tell us your favorite genre, or genre blend. I’m an urban fantasy fan, but love some dystopia or horror thrown in. And a little kissing or whatever is okay, too 🙂 You know the routine–four entries are possible: +1 for blog follow, +1 for comment, +1 for Twitter follow @Suzanne_Johnson, +1 for a Tweet or RT of the contest (just click on the Twitter link below to share). Go for it!