Scene-Snippet Sunday, Penton Edition, and Weekly Winners

Happy Sunday! It’s raining here in Bamalama, and soon to turn cold again for, like, the second time all “winter.” Winter might be coming to Westeros, but not to the Southern U.S. (Gratuitous GAME of THRONES reference.)

Since it’s Sunday, it’s time for a scene snippet. I still don’t have a release date for ILLUMINATION, but am pretty sure it will be May. I’ll give newsletter subscribers the first look at the cover in my April 1 newsletter, so still time to subscribe by clicking the tab above!

Okay in this snippet from early in the book, Nik is struggling with some changes in his life and dealing with it in his usual way–by drinking. But he’s about to run into a great big roadblock in his attempt to self-destruct….

Nik heard heavy footfalls climb the front steps and cross the porch, followed by a knock and the last voice Nik wanted to hear: Mirren Kincaid.

            “Dimitriou, open the door. You have thirty seconds.”

            Or what? These doors were solid and had a steel core and double dead bolts. Nik took a sip of whiskey and kept his mouth shut.

            The door didn’t break against the mass of muscle that was Mirren Kincaid. Nik couldn’t say the same for the doorjamb, however. One second he was staring at polished, paneled wood polished with an oak stain to bring out its grain; the next, he was staring at about three hundred pounds of pissed-off Scottish vampire, his feet planted in a pile of wood and sifting dust.

            Maybe Mirren would kill him and save Nik the trouble of offing himself. “Want a drink?”

            Mirren propped ham-sized hands on his hips and took in the scene, his eyes the color of thunderclouds.

Sigh. I’ve missed Mirren, haven’t you?

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Scene-Snippet Sunday, Penton Vampire Legacy Edition–and Weekly Winner

I’m starting Week 4 of The Plague, which is why I haven’t been here much this week. Next week…ah, a week of vacation in which I plan to try and catch up with the writing I haven’t been able to do the past month between the plague and the day job (aka The Plague II). Sadly, this has prevented me from making as much progress on ILLUMINATION as I’d hoped, but stay tuned. The cover is ready and looks AH-MAZING.

On the back end of things, I have finally gotten my newsletter reset and the sign-up form is now working and going to the right place. I haven’t had a newsletter in a while but plan to have one out around March 1, so make sure you’re signed up for a sneak peek at the ILLUMINATION cover!

How about a snippet from ILLUMINATION? As Penton fans know, this will be the final book in the series, at least in the current story arc. I never say never when it comes to spinoffs, however.

This scene occurs pretty early in the book. Nik has accompanied Aidan to Atlanta to interview a new potential couple (vampire and fam) for the rebuilding (but at war) Penton. Aidan’s not doing well, as Krys is pulling strength from him to stay alive and he refuses to cut her off from his strength, knowing she will die. But it’s putting everyone at jeopardy, and Nik and Aidan have walked into a setup and barely escaped a bomb.

Aidan stumbled. “Call Mirren. We have to get home.”

Yeah, no kidding. Nik reached into his pocket and was relieved to find his mobile phone still there. A slender crack spiderwebbed its way across the glass screen, but when he entered his security code, the device lit up. He punched in the speed dial number for Penton’s security chief, Mirren Kincaid—the biggest man, vampire or human, Nik had ever seen, with a badass attitude to match.

Mirren wouldn’t give a shit about Penton’s resident human psychometric. As much as Nik hated his peculiar gift, Kincaid hated it worse because he couldn’t understand it. But Mirren Kincaid would die for Aidan Murphy, so Nik was relieved to hear his gruff voice on the other end of the call.

“It’s Nik. We ran into an ambush.”

Mirren’s voice was part rumble, part growl. “Aw, (bleep) me. How’s Aidan?”

They had stopped on the street, and Nik looked at Aidan. He was leaning against a brick wall with his eyes closed.

“Weak. Bad. We’re exposed.”

Kincaid cursed again. “Get unexposed, then call with a location. We’re on our way.”

Hm…not going to be an easy road for anyone. Then again, this IS Penton. It’s never easy, is it?

This week’s Reader’s Choice winner is MARY PRESTON. Let me know what book you’d like, Mary, up to $15US.