Mixed-Media Friday–A Sad Tale

First off, thanks to Diane at Diane’s Book Blog for the review of iLLUMINATION today. Stop by if you get a chance and enter for the blog tour prizes. There are also spotlight stops at Celia Breslin’s blog and at T’s Stuff.

So…a funny thing about leaving my day job (only technically “retiring,” since I’m not yet retirement age) is that I seem to have LESS time to indulge my dabbles in mixed-media art than I did while working the full-time day job. Never mind that I’m still doing that job part-time…

That said, here is my pathetic output for both June and July.

This is a tutorial from artist Tamara Laporte’s 2017 Ever After class, where myths and fairy tales are interpreted. I took this workshop last year and loved it; this year, I’ll love it one of these days. I’m just having to download the tutorials after this first one and will go back to them later.

But this was “Goldilocks & The Three Bears.” Did you know that the fairy tale was originally called “The Three Bears,” and didn’t feature a cute young blonde but, instead, an old woman. I believe the bears eventually ate her. BUT it made me think about our society’s adulation of youth and devaluation of age, so I made my Goldilocks both older and embraced by her friends the bears. Yeah, so, they might eat her anyway. I call this “Oldilocks and the Three Bears.” It’s acrylic, ink, and watercolor.

Continuing the tradition of bad animal art is “Outnumbered,” where the kitteh doesn’t look too happy. It’s acrylic and ink.

And finally, we have an acrylic piece that was supposed to be an angelic being with a wise, uplifting saying on it, but I was possessed by the Red God from Game of Thrones.

Ah, I’m getting out of practice. One can only hope August will provide more time, although right now it’s looking pretty hairy as I again fall into the clutches of The Thing Formerly Known as the Day Job.

Have a great weekend!

The Challenges of Ending a Series

That’s the topic I’m writing about over at Urban Fantasy Investigations, talking about Penton and the considerations I had. I’ll be doing something similar with Sentinels later in the year, I guess!

The post went up yesterday but wasn’t supposed to run until tomorrow, so I’ll split the diffference and run the link here; hop on over if you get a chance and enter for the ILLUMINATION blog tour prizes if you haven’t already.

Ditto with the review from Marlene at Reading Reality! 

I’ll have a TEOTWAWKI book review tomorrow, so check back. In the meantime, do you know what that means? (Hint: It’s also the title of an REM song!)