Scene Snippet Sunday, SENTINELS Edition–A Peek into Frenchmen Street

Happy Sunday! They say FRENCHMEN, I say FRENCHMAN. The real name of the street in New Orleans is Frenchmen Street, but there’s only one undead Frenchman we all care about, right?

It won’t be out until early next year because of contract restrictions, but the sixth Sentinels of New Orleans book, FRENCHMEN STREET, will come to be. It will be the final book in the current story arc of the Sentinels series, after which I do have plans for these characters to live on.

So, here’s a snippet to prove the book IS in progress…

I met myself at the crossroads for a long overdue discussion with the biggest chaos magnet in the wizarding word–namely, myself. It was not a happy meeting, because grownup DJ–the one who had found herself an unwilling linchpin in an interspecies world war–said some things the old DJ didn’t want to hear. Hard truths.

Like the fact I’d been hiding out in Jean Lafitte’s shadow for too long, and it was time to claim my birthright as a green congress wizard with elven magic and kick some interspecies ass.

Like the fact that the man I’d been so desperate to commit to might never be the man I needed–and if I changed to be the woman he wanted, I might lose myself.

Like that I played a big role in the death of a good man because I’d tried to follow the wizard who was supposed to be my leader. That however strong Willem Zrakovi’s political and magical skills might be, at the core he was an immoral asshat.

Like the fact that my greatest allies were rogues and the misfits, and that I was, indeed, my father’s daughter. Peter Jaco, the kind human man who’d tried to raise me before losing me to the wizards, was not my father. That role belonged to the Red Congress wizard who had powerful magic but naive judgment.

I planned to keep the power but, unlike Gerry, I would not let naive choices drag me to my death.

Hm….I think our DJ has grown up. The book will take place during Mardi Gras season, so just imagine what chaos the princes of Faerie can cause during that time!

Stay tuned tomorrow for new ILLUMINATION tour stops and our weekly Reader’s Choice giveaway, as well as this week’s winner!

The State of My Universe Address–Series Edition

I get quite a few emails asking when such and such a book is coming out, and since I’m in the midst of changing newsletter services, I thought I’d share my current state of unrest. It was no accident that I asked author Jeffe Kennedy to share her thoughts in yesterday’s blog about ending series, and she was gracious enough to do so. If you haven’t read it, be sure to go back and check it out.

First, the dead ducks. I’m about 99.9 percent sure (never quite say never) that there will not be any more books in The Collectors series (as Susannah Sandlin). I still like the idea, and had even decided on the next treasure to hunt–the “Amber Room” that went missing during WWII. But I realized in the writing of DEADLY, CALM, AND COLD that these books were inevitably going to be formulaic: bad guy finds treasure, finds vulnerable couple, blackmails them into finding treasure, is outwitted. So unless some bolt of lightning strikes from above, The Collectors will be a duology. I love both of the books (the other is LOVELY, DARK, AND DEEP), but I can’t love the idea of writing another one, at least not now.

THE PENTON LEGACY (Susannah Sandlin) was orphaned when my publisher decided not to continue publishing any paranormal romance, but that story is not done. I’m currently working on a book five (I guess it’s book six if you count STORM FORCE in there). I still hope to have iLLUMINATION out in February. The cover is almost done, and I can’t wait to show it to you! This will be the final book in the current story arc, but I love these characters and might do a spinoff series more akin to STORM FORCE but with the vampires. That’s farther down the road, though. Stay tuned to the blog for a cover reveal and release date!

There will be one more book in the SENTINELS OF NEW ORLEANS series (Suzanne Johnson), tentatively called FRENCHMAN AND RAMPART. It’s been in limbo for a while as I wait for the publisher to decide whether or not they want to finish out the series. If they don’t, no worries. This book WILL be written and published, finishing a six-book story arc that was planned from the outset. It will be out sometime in 2018 and that’s as specific as I can be right now. But it will be, um, explosive! After that? I’m toying with what to do with Jean Lafitte once Sentinels is done. I mean he’s immortal–he needs something to do, right?

Finally, my heart currently belongs to the WILDS OF THE BAYOU series, and particularly with one particular character (cough cough Paul cough cough). This series is also in limbo awaiting a “stay” or “go” from the publisher. I will likely continue with at least one more book regardless of their decision.

What else is up this year besides my move (finally!) to full-time author? I’m planning a couple of standalone novels, as well as new novellas in the Fae Hunters series to follow up THE CONSORT. What gets done first, last, and when will depend on the publishers’ decisions since they have first dibs on series books.

So…that’s what’s going on in my world. One thing we do know: next up–ILLUMINATION!