Monster Monday: Life after Vampires

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Life after Vampires. So, my friend Dianne and I were talking yesterday about urban fantasy and the annoying (to me, anyway, though I may be in a minority) trend of mashup classics that seemed to start with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I blogged about that a while back with a list of the mashups I knew about.

She’s concerned that I’m writing a book with vampires (“I’m so over them,” she says), so I started to think about the critters I’ve used in my books so far:

Wizards (Royal Street, River Road)
Vampires (very brief appearance in Royal Street, lots in Stockholm)
Werewolves, specifically Loup Garou (Royal Street, River Road)
The ever-popular vampiric witch (Stockholm)
Shapeshifters (Royal Street and River Road)
Elves (River Road)
The Historical Undead (Royal Street and River Road)
Nymphs (River Road)
Satyrs (brief appearance in River Road)
Voudou gods (Royal Street)
Mermen (River Road)
Nixes (River Road)
Goblins (brief appearance in Royal Street)

So far, I haven’t tackled the Fae, but I do have plans. Zombies creep me out so I haven’t gone there yet. And of course there be Demons and Angels. Got plans for them too.

What are your favorite critters?  And are there critter mashups (like my vampiric witch) you like?

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4 thoughts on “Monster Monday: Life after Vampires

  1. Like you, I also have used quite a few, including vampires. What can I say? I loved them before the trend was hot. I think you can write what you love no matter what and if it’s done well, it doesn’t matter what it is.

  2. My favorite critters are Werewolves and Dragons. And I’ve used both in stories. Also a witch and elves.

    Current wips (multiple stories so lots of different characters) use:

    werewolves, owl shifters, incubus, witch, guardian angel

    Griffin, dragons, demons, seer, and psi powers

    Paladin Knights, gargoyles, witches, demons.

    Lots of stuff to research and play around with. I also can’t seem to stick to one storyline so I’m all over the place and need to finish something.

  3. I still love vampires too, Lisa.

    Beth–I love your assortment of critters! Owl shifters…love that. Don’t see griffins and Paladin Knights around much, either!

  4. My favorite are vampires, but I like a few other kinda of paranormal mixed in. I’ve just recently started reading books that feature weres or the fae. I know they go in and out of style, but I don’t think vamps can be overdone 🙂