Don’t You Wish Your Pirate Could Talk Like Mine?

Somehow, I missed “International Talk Like a Pirate Day” yesterday. (Insert obligatory “Arrrrrr, matey.”)

Did pirates ever really talk like that? I suspect not so much. My pirate certain doesn’t.

The pirate Jean Lafitte (or Laffite, if one wants to be historically if not culturally accurate) is a major player in my New Orleans-based urban fantasy series that one day in the distant future will be on a bookshelf near you. Jean was an unusual pirate in many ways. He was tall for his time. He was fluent in at least four languages–his native French, English, Spanish and Italian. He was a master wheeler-dealer.

Of course he was also ruthless and arrogant, but–hey–a pirate’s got a certain reputation to uphold, yes?  I also made him a shameless flirt, and playfully devious. Which is why it’s called fiction.

So, in belated honor of International Talk Like a Pirate day, here are two of my favorite Jean Laffite exchanges from ROYAL STREET and RIVER ROAD, the first two in my series:

(From River Road)

Jean tsk-tsked me. “Such language you modern women use.”
Yeah, like pirate wenches didn’t curse. I’ve read those novels.

(From Royal Street)
He stood and walked to the outer window, pulling the shade aside a fraction to look out on the street. “I would want these things. Free passage to come and go into New Orleans as I choose, without interference from your Elders or your enforcers.” He dropped the shade back in place and paced the room. “I want your assistance with my business dealings, and I want a house in the city where I can live when I am here.”
     He walked behind my chair and leaned over, whispering. “Perhaps one near yours.”
     He wanted to be neighbors? Well, that would be fun.

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