Review and Giveaway: SHIELD OF FIRE, by Boone Brux

It’s Thursday, it’s cold, so what better time for a fiery paranormal romance from my author buddy Boone Brux, who lives in Alaska and would snort fireballs to hear me complaining because it’s forty-nine degrees. (But, it’s a scientific fact that Southerners have thinner blood and therefore cannot tolerate cold weather.) Boone’s debut novel, Shield of Fire, was released on Tuesday and it’s a great paranormal fantasy. Want to win a copy? Read on!

THE OFFICIAL BLURB:Protecting humans is the Bringers’ duty. Sending demons to the Shadow World is their pleasure. In one night, Ravyn’s life plunges from barely tolerable to deadly. Forced to flee the only home she’s known, she stumbles headlong into the clutches of Icarus, a powerful demon intent on stealing her powers. Unfortunately for him, she has no intention of cooperating. When Rhys realizes the woman he’s rescued from the Bane Demon is no mere human, his obligation as a Bringer dictates he protect and train her in the ways of his people. But he’s unprepared for the intense desire he feels for the fiery Ravyn. To surrender to his need may mean her death. As the Demon King’s desire for ultimate power escalates, fathers are slated against sons, and foes are made allies. The Bane threat upon them, Rhys and Ravyn must quest to unite the last of the Bringers—and explore a passion too powerful to ignore

MY THOUGHTS: Looking for sexy demons? This isn’t your book. These demons are nasty SOBs—except Icarus, son of the demon king, who has some secrets. And what the demons want most is Ravyn, an orphan raised in Menda Abbey—because they know things about her that Ravyn doesn’t know herself. In fleeing Icarus, she is rescued and mentored by Rhys…and there’s our hot romance. The interaction between the innocent but feisty Ravyn and the sexy but pigheaded Rhys is fun and sexy, and Brux does a great job of building a believable, medieval-feeling world and a race of warriors that I can’t talk too much about without spoiling the fun (although the tattoo on the sexy cover model’s back is more than a subtle hint). Just know this is the first in a new series, and you’ll want to get in on the start.

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  1. What a HOT cover!!!! Congrats, Boone, on the new release. Can’t wait to read it.

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  2. Any book with a hot romance is good enough for me;D Oh, but there must be a substantial plot to back that romance up or it wouldn’t be a novel at all. More like porn book… HAH! Anyway, thanks for the giveaway!:D

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  3. I want to meet some demons! They can warm up the winter a bit.

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  4. i could try it

    thanks you for this opportunity

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  5. I’d love to win a copy of this book it sounds great!

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