From the Royal Street Movie Set (and Weekly Winners!)

Only want to see if you won a book this week? Scroll on down, but you’ll be missing a creepalicious video!

Seems like from the beginning, the Six Flags amusement park in New Orleans East was doomed. It opened in 2000 under the name “Jazzland,” and never took off. In 2002, the Six Flags people took it over and it limped along for three years. I mean, if people are coming to New Orleans to visit, do they really want to spend time at a New Orleans-themed amusement park more than a half-hour’s drive (in good traffic) from the French Quarter?

Of course, that became a moot point by August 2005, when the Hurricane Katrina-induced levee failure at the MR-GO (Mississippi River Gulf Outlet) put Six Flags under six or seven feet of water.

It never reopened. Here’s what it looks like now–and why it’s making such a seriously creepy location for some of the big scenes in the third Sentinels of New Orleans book, Elysian Fields. The end of this video claims the park was to be demolished in January 2011, but it got tied up in litigation and…there it sits.

Okay, did you win a book this week? Check and see!

Congrats to DOC REDBAT, who won The Haunting of Twentieth-Century America.
Congrats to KELLY, who won Stephanie Rowe’s Hold Me If You Can.
Congrats to BARB P, who won Linda Wisdom’s A Demon Does It Better.
Congrats to MAMABUNNY13, who won the weekly reader’s choice–she chose Kresley Cole’s Lothaire.

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  1. I had to share this, Suzanne. Wow. I’m really touched by the music and the videographer did an amazing job. The last time I went to Jazzland was with my old boss and fellow workers. My old boss who was younger than I passed away last year in a car accident, but it brought back some fun memories we shared. Thanks for posting…