Review and Giveaway: IMMORTAL HOPE by Claire Ashgrove

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a paranormal romance by Claire Ashgrove.

I’m a big fan of the Knights Templar. I mean, really, what’s sexier than a big ole knight? Unless it’s an immortal knight—a tortured, damaged immortal knight, which is what Claire Ashgrove has in her hero Merrick du Loire. As I think about it, I find my reading sorely lacking in knights, however. Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series has a knight named Michael, and he’s a seriously wonderful dude, even if he does have a dozen kids. (Apparently, knights are quite fertile.) What about you—have you read a romance or urban fantasy with a knight? Am I forgetting something really obvious? (Oh, and this is totally unrelated, but when I said I didn’t like dragons, I didn’t mean dragon-shifters, which are almost as good as knights…but not quite.)

Anyway, I really enjoyed this read. Yeah, the academic end of it didn’t hold up for me since PhD students don’t write theses—they write dissertations. And then they go into a longish period of tenure-track positions before they can do things like become department chairs. But I’m happy overlooking the utterly snore-inducing minutiae of academic life to read about, well, tortured immortal knights. Did I mention knights are good?

ABOUT THE BOOK: Centuries ago, Templar knights defied the archangels and unearthed the copper scroll that revealed the locations of the gates to hell. Cursed for their forbidden act, they now roam the earth, protecting mankind from evil. But darkness stalks them, and battles they fight bring them ever closer to eternal damnation. One promise remains to give them salvation—the return of the seraphs.

Embittered by his purpose, Merrick du Loire must honor an ancient pact and bring peace to his cousin’s soul, releasing him from the clutches of their enemy. When he stumbles upon history professor Anne MacPherson, he discovers that she possesses a sacred artifact that marks her as a seraph. Duty demands he set aside his personal quest and locate the knight she’s fated to heal. As Merrick struggles with conflicting oaths, Anne arouses buried hope and sparks forbidden desire that challenges everything he’s sworn to uphold.   

Anne has six weeks to complete her thesis on the Knights Templar. When Merrick takes her to the Templar stronghold, he presents her with all she needs—and awakens a soul-deep ache that he alone can soothe. Yet loving Merrick comes with a price. If she admits she is destined for him, her gift of foresight predicts his death. (Published Jan. 5, Tor Books. Review copy provided by publisher.)

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14 thoughts on “Review and Giveaway: IMMORTAL HOPE by Claire Ashgrove

  1. I love knights stories even if i can’t really remember one in particular ( except the chevaliers de la table ronde). I love the way loyalty and honor are important for them

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    thanks you for the giveaway


  2. The only knights I can remember reading about are the knighs of the round table too.

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  3. I think I would love knight stories, but so far I haven’t come across one that has really made an impression. So I’d love to get to read Immortal Hope! It looks and sounds really awesome! Tortured immortal knights? DOUBLE AWESOME! Haha, great review, and glad you liked it!:)

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  4. I have never read any stories about knights, but would like to. This book sounds great.

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  5. I love knights. Their sense of honor, duty, loyalty – all wrapped up in a great package. 🙂
    I’ve read several different stories about the Knights of the Round Table, including classics like “The Once and Future King” by T.H. White. I’d like to read this one. It sounds exceptional.
    Thanks for the opportunity!
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  6. when I was a kid mom used to read me books about the knights of the round table (mmm…I don’t know if it’s the correct word in English). It’s been a while since tha last time I read anything with knights!

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  7. The coolest knights I came across in my reading were dragon knights. They were just minor characters in a mediocre book though sadly enough.
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  8. This book sounds great. I haven’t read a lot with knights but I think I’ll enjoy this one.

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