Meet UF Author Elle Jasper and win a signed copy of EVENTIDE

Today, I’d like to welcome Elle Jasper, the author of a great urban fantasy series, the Dark Ink Chronicles. The third book in the series, Eventide, came out a couple of weeks ago, and Elle is offering two readers a signed copy of the book! Elle is a native of Savannah, Georgia, where she still lives—and if anyplace can rival New Orleans for atmosphere, it’s Savannah. You can read more about Elle on her website.
Want a copy of Eventide for yourself? Read on…

ABOUT EVENTIDE  Newly-bitten tattoo artist Riley Poe feels herself changing in unimaginable ways. Eli Dupre, her vampire lover, has seen the change in her and fears for her humanity. His rival, Victorian, tells her she must see the patriarch of the vampire cult that attacked her to save her soul. In the vampire cult’s fortress in Romania, Riley will face her worst fears-and the dark powers threatening to destroy her. And she’ll have to do the one thing she’s been determined not to do—put her trust in Eli.

Now, let’s hear from Elle. Welcome!

Hi, and thanks so much for having me here! I hope all who take a chance on Eventide sincerely enjoys a creepy, psychiatric trip through the shadowy streets of Savannah with my heroine, Riley Poe, who is slowly descending into vampirism…and madness. J

Give us the “elevator pitch” for Eventide:

Savannah tattoo artist Riley Poe is either descending into insanity, or is slowly becoming the one thing she struggles not to become: a vampire.

What was your inspiration for Riley Poe?

Riley’s inner strength and will to survive comes from a personal experience from my own teenaged years with a friend who, like Riley, found her mother murdered by a crazy ex-boyfriend. I always admired that friend and how she was able to overcome so much hatred and heartache in life, and become a sound, stable, productive and happy person.

Do you have tattoos?

I have ONE! Lol! When I turned 30 a pal and I went and had them done. Not matching. LOL!

Favorite scene:

I have to say I love the scene in Eventide where Riley is absolutely rabid and insane…and tries to take Noah Miles’ head off LOL

Hardest scene to write: (SPOILER ALERT!)

All of the scenes where Riley was losing it, not knowing her family, Eli, or whether or not she was hunting a human.

What’s on your nightstand or top of your TBR pile:

Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendra Blake

Favorite book when you were a child:

The Ghost of Dibble Hollow by May Nickerson Wallace

Your five favorite authors:

Stephen King, Rick Riordan, Becca Fitzpatrick, Meg Cabot, Kathleen Eagle

Book you’re an evangelist for:

Lisey’s Story by Stephen King. One of his best recent works.

Book you’ve bought for the cover:

Beautiful Creatures by Garcia/Stohl (a great book but still picked up initially because of the fab cover!)

Favorite line from a book:

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The Shining, 1977

Book you most want to read again for the first time:

Dracula by Bram Stoker.

Most horrifying moment while reading a book:

Lisey’s Story, and it wasn’t really a defining/horrifying single moment. It’s after I’d put the book down for the night, and I’d fall asleep…and have nightmares! Thinking about certain things in the book totally creeped me out and either kept me awake or woke me up, scared! That’s fine horror right there lol.

Favorite book about books or writing:

(Surprise!) On Writing by Stephen King

Another Stephen King fan *raises hand*! Want to get a signed copy of Eventide? Leave a comment and tell us your favorite Stephen King novel, if you have one. I’m currently doing a verrrrry slow read of the Dark Tower series for, but my all-time favorite King novel is an old one, The Stand. You know the rest of the drill. One entry for comment, another for blog follow, a third for a Twitter follow @Suzanne_Johnson, and a fourth for a Tweet or Retweet. Be sure to include your email. Now…Go forth and comment!

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34 thoughts on “Meet UF Author Elle Jasper and win a signed copy of EVENTIDE

  1. I don’t really have a favorite Stephen King novel but I liked the movie version of Christine.

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    sgiden at

  2. I saw this one on your new releases giveaway! The cover kind of reminded me of Patricia Briggs books, but I am more interested in vampires than wolves. The scene where she freaks out? sounds amazing!
    +twitter follower
    Oh and my favorite stephen king book would have to be his novella The Body

  3. I already have Afterlife, Everdark & Eventide. Nice interview. My favorite Steven King novel? What a challenge to pick just one. Think I must go with Dreamcatcher #1, Lisey’s Story #2 & Misery #3. I am also joining in the slow read of the Dark Tower at Tor.

  4. My favorite Stephen King book is Salem’s Lot.
    Can’t wait to read Eventide. Great cover.
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  5. I will get clobbered for this, but I am not a fan of King. I read several of his books and really can’t see why he’s so popular.

    That said: I love the movie The Shawshank Redemption. One of my all time favorites.

    +3 (comment, follower, twitter follower)

  6. LOL. No clobbering 🙂 Stephen King is certainly not to everyone’s tastes. I like him because he tells a good story and can create characters it’s easy to care about. That said, he’s not so adept at anything to do with romance, and you have to have a pretty high tolerance for gross-out stuff 🙂

  7. Oops forgot these:

    Favorite Stephen King is a tie with The Talisman (although written with Peter Straub) and the whole Dark Tower series – loved all the books and these are on my bookshelf forever!


  8. Oh, I love IT – clowns are so scarey!! 🙂

    GFC name – Mel S

  9. i don’t like stephen king, i was terrorized by the film IT so no more for me

    thanks you for the giveaway

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  10. I like Steve Kings movies, the books I’m more picky. I love the Dark Tower series! His short stories are a close second.

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    Stacey_dvn (at) yahoo (dot) com

  11. Very fun interview! I don’t have a favorite Stephen King novel.

    I follow the blog.

    Thanks for the giveaway.


  12. I don’t really have a favorite story by Stephen King but saw The Shining and liked it!

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  13. I absolutely cannot read Stephen King, his books are way too scary! At highschool, my best friend told me about Pet Cemetary, and I still get nightmares about that today.
    Thanks for the lovely interview, it was fun reading. And I am certainly intrigued by your books, they are on my wishlist.

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    auriansbooks at gmail dot com

  14. Thank you for the really fun interview 🙂
    My favorite Stephen King novel is Bag of Bones! Seriously creepy!

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  15. I haven’t read any Stephen King’s books… I don’t know with what book to start! Recommendations?