Preternatura Book Club–and Win a Signed Copy of ROYAL STREET

A little business, first of all. Today, I’m over at the From the Shadows blog, where I’m giving away two signed copies of Royal Street! If you’ve preordered the book, I appreciate that more than you know, and I hope you’ll go over and enter to win anyway. For you, I’ll throw in some extra goodies 🙂

You can find the Q&A HERE.

Welcome to this week’s “meeting” of the Preternatura Book Club! Today, we’re looking at the final two chapters of the first book in Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series, Moon Called.
When we last left Mercy, she had sneaked into the place where the Columbia Basin pack alpha Adam Hauptman was being held, along with his daughter Jesse. Mercy is being helped by Adam’s mercenary ex-military colleague David and David’s grandsons. Adam is being heavily drugged with silver, and is in bad shape.

MOON CALLED, Chapter 15-16

Adam is having seizures, and they’re all afraid he’s about to shift—which would be bad because he would be mostly wolf and not under control. They’ve pumped so much silver into his system, that he’s sweating it out his pores. Mercy finally is able to get through to him, talking about silly stuff until he gets under control. She donates her sweatpants and Shawn, one of David’s guys, his shirt, so that Adam can get out of the silver-tainted clothes.
Mercy’s gotten complacent, so she doesn’t react when one of the kidnappers comes in. But Shawn shoots him. They manage to get Adam out of the building, but Mercy’s still trying to piece together why all this has happened and who’s behind it. Along the way, Adam is jumped by another werewolf, but yet another were, a red wolf, intervenes—Adam’s pack has arrived. Turns out the attacking wolf is the one who hurt Jesse, and Mercy’s able to kill him.

The plan is for Warren to take Mercy and Jesse out of there, but before they can leave Mercy senses magic on the air. Mercy had forgotten about Elizaveta, the Russian witch—who , strangely, had never cleaned up the scene after Mac was dumped on Mercy’s porch. If Bran takes the wolves public, the witch will lose a lot of business.

As Mercy tries to warn Adam, a shot rings out, intended for Adam, but the red wolf intercepts it. It was a tranquilizer dart, and Mercy’s shocked to learn the hero red wolf is Ben, the London wolf she’s convinced is a psycho-killer. In a really cool scene, Adam calls the wolves to him and, using the force of the moon and his alpha power, is able to force them to shift.

But there’s a death spell with Adam’s name on it, and Mercy throws herself in front of Adam in time to take it. She realizes the spell wasn’t cast by Elizaveta, but by her grandson Robert. Before she collapses, Mercy is able to tell Sam (who was alpha enough to resist Adam’s call to shift) and he runs after Robert. In the end, we learn, it was both Robert interfering magically and Gerry (the doc’s son), who was hoping to help his father. If his father would kill just once, he thought, he’d finally accept his wolf. After Gerry confesses, Samuel kills him. A few hours later, Bran and Gerry’s father go on a run as wolves, and Bran kills him.  Robert was turned over to his grandmother, although Mercy wasn’t sure if he was unhappy that Robert had gotten involved or that he got caught. Samuel decides to stay in the Tri-Cities as Mercy’s roommate for a while. And, in the end, Bran takes the wolves public, using David Christiansen as his poster child.

The final chapter is a nice little wrap up for Mercy and Adam and Jesse. Jesse, on behalf of her father, invites Mercy to dinner. Then she backs out, leaving it just Mercy and Adam on what turns out to be a date. I love this: “I discovered that underneath that overbearing, hot-tempered Alpha disguise he usually wore was a charming, overbearing, hot-tempered man. He seemed to enjoy finding out that I was as stubborn and disrespectful of authority as he’d always suspected.” They have a nice moment at the door before Samuel opens it, and a werewolf pissing match begins. Mercy leaves them to it and goes to meet Stefan at the garage to fix his van. They don’t even notice she’s gone.

I love the ending to this book. I thought the mystery got wrapped up too fast after all the time it took to put it in place, but the personal bits in the very last chapter won me over again, and I really like Mercy.

So, that’s it for this read! I’m going to put the book club on hiatus until early May, after my Royal Street book tour winds down. I’ll be doing Wednesday posts on DJ and her Royal Street pals on Wednesdays until the blog hits the road on April 7.

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  1. I agree the end went too fast. Liked this story a lot. Will move on to reading Blood Bound next. Looking forward to Wednesday’s post on D. J. & her Royal Street pals.

  2. I did pre-order the book a few months ago, but of course a signed copy is so much more awesome! I could always give my best friend the book I ordered myself, or perhaps make it a give away item on my own blog 🙂

    Even a (signed) bookmark would be great.

    Going over to look to take my chances.