Preternatura Book Club: Moon Called by Patricia Briggs, Chapters 11-12

First, a couple of housekeeping items. Back last year, author Kerri Nelson visited the blog and gave a commenter the chance to have a character named after him or her in an upcoming book. Kerri’s novella Forstaken, featuring a character named Teri (after reader Teri Anne Stanley) is out this week from Evernight Publishing. You can check out Kerri’s website for info. 

Also, I unveiled my new bookplates on my main website yesterday–I’m really happen with them. Stay tuned for information soon about getting a signed bookplate should you want one 🙂

Now….Welcome to this week’s “meeting” of the Preternatura Book Club! Today, we’re looking at Chapters 11 and 12 of the first book in Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series, Moon Called.
When we last left Mercy, she and Samuel and Stefan were left alone in the vampire seethe’s den after an unsettling (and unproductive) meeting with the local mistress, Marsilia.

MOON CALLED, Chapters 11-12

Samuel remains unconscious after Marsilia’s “kiss” (i.e., feeding), so Stefan carries him out, assuring Mercy that Sam will recover. Once they get outside, they’re intercepted by Andre, another vampire. He offers to help with Samuel. He also offers apologies from Marsilia and provides
and their first solid clue as to where Jesse might be–an address where the visiting werewolves are staying. 

It’s clear that there is much power-posturing going on among the vampires. Marsilia was exiled from Italy for an indiscretion (with a werewolf, no less) and has been in a funk for a long time. Stefan’s also in trouble with her for not telling what Mercy was before their meeting. Hard to tell at this point how highly ranked Stefan is within the seethe. He does give a little of the bad blood between the vampires and the walkers like Mercy. 
So, that’s it for this week. Again, this week was mostly meant to introduce us to the vampires and tell us all’s not well in their seethe. But in the end we’re no closer to finding out anything about the rogue werewolves or Jesse. I’m finding myself impatient to get things moving now. And why wasn’t Stefan able to tell if Lilly had drawn blood from Samuel? Didn’t compute.

Sam shifts to wolf form as soon as he begins regaining consciousness, and he’s freaked out. Mercy’s trying to talk to him when she gets a call from Warren: the pack is on its way to his house and trouble is brewing. Warren tells Mercy to get away from Samuel because his control will be shot, but she refuses to leave him, which is a nice way of showing her loyalty. She shifts to coyote, hoping Samuel will recognize her as someone he once claimed as a mate, and its working…until a cop shows up. Mercy shifts back quickly and tells the officer Samuel is her dog. Really, really big dog. 

When they get back to Warren’s, he and Adam’s second, Darryl, are on the verge of a dominance battle. Mercy manages to get around Darryl’s mate Auriele and Samuel, still in wolf form, manages to break up the fight. They all recognize Samuel–not only his dominance as a wolf but as the Marrok’s son. Then Samuel does some kind of serious power display that finally brings Adam downstairs, mostly healed. Mercy explains why she didn’t call the pack after Adam was hurt, and most of the tension seems to dissipate.

Mercy’s wondering if the vet from Bran’s pack might be behind the attacks, because of the drugs that were being used on the wolves. They all leave to check out the address they got from the vampires, but refuse to let Mercy go. She’s not pack and would slow them down. This doesn’t go over well with her, even as she realizes they’re right. So she goes to the garage, meets cop Tony’s girlfriend and arranges for the woman’s son to work off the car repairs, and does some thinking about what the reason behind Jesse’s kidnapping might be. 

She finally thinks it’s someone wanting to maybe make Adam the Marrok, replacing Bran. Seems that behind the Marrok’s sons, Adam is the strongest alpha. The only reason she can think of for doing that is if someone is opposed to having the werewolves go public to humans, which Bran is wanting to do. She calls Bran, and he thinks she might be on the right track. 

And the mystery slowly, slowly unfolds…until next week. 
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4 thoughts on “Preternatura Book Club: Moon Called by Patricia Briggs, Chapters 11-12

  1. Wow – We will only have two more weeks to go. Expect a lot of action in the next four chapters. The world building has been very detailed, but aggravating. Makes me a little disappointed at all the complicated stuff among the wolves. Wonder how they lasted this long without killing themselves off!

  2. Yeah, the slow worldbuilding has been kind of aggravating in this book. It does pay off down the road in subsequent books. But the wolves’ pack dynamics …you just want to growl at them sometimes 🙂

  3. Hey Suz~

    Thanks for updating my prize winner. Actually, it wasn’t a character named after Teri it was a character type that Teri recommended for use in my book. Specifically, a vampire cowboy sleuth!

    Yep, I have one of those in my book Forstaken. Now available from Evernight Publishing and I’ve sent Teri a free copy.

    Hope she likes it and thanks for giving the update to everyone.


  4. Oops-sorry, Kerri! I remember now–the vampire cowboy sleuth is brilliant. I look forward to reading it! If you can post a download URL for us to buy a copy, that would be awesome too!