The Royal Street Playlist, Part 1, & Last Chance to W*i*n

I’ve been posting bits and pieces of the playlist I’ve used for Royal Street but in honor of the book’s impending release, thought I’d collect the whole thing in several posts, one today, one tomorrow, and one Wednesday–hopefully, you’ll find something you enjoy! Those who comment, follow, etc., today will win an iTunes gift card (or Amazon, if you prefer) to purchase the songs.

First, there’s still time to enter the other contests for this week: To win a signed copy of Royal Street or bookplate and swaggishness, click HERE. To win a copy of Alma Katsu’s The Taker, click HERE. To win a copy of Eve Marie Mont’s Breath of Eyre, click HERE. To enter this week’s Reader’s Choice contest, click HERE. Now, on to the music! If you don’t want to listen, scroll down and see what the significance of the songs were 🙂

Songs I couldn’t find videos for:

Aaron Neville: Louisiana 1927. This Randy Newman-written song was about the 1927 Mississippi River flood, but it got played a lot after Katrina and can still make me cry. This song was done by Aaron (a New Orleanian) to open the first televised Katrina benefit concert while the city was still flooded. I watched it from my evacuation spot in Montgomery, Alabama, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

Lee Dorsey: Sitting in La-La. Fun New Orleans song by native son Allen Toussaint. I named the head of the Delachaise Mer clan Toussaint after Allen:

Michael Doucet: Jolie Blon. Actually, my fave version of the “Cajun National Anthem” is by Zachary Richard, but it isn’t on YouTube. This version by Michael Doucet (Zachary’s cousin, btw) of BeauSoleil is fine, too. The undead pirate Jean Lafitte calls my character DJ “Jolie” as a tribute to this song.

Benny Grunch and the Bunch: You Mom’n Em’s. Benny Grunch is a New Orleanian who does funny funny stuff. But right after Hurricane Katrina, Benny did a series song based on a common phrase heard in NOLA. If you ask where someone was going and he was on his way to his mom’s, the answer would be “over by your mom’n’ems.” NOLA’s Frank Davis explains it here, and you get to hear the NOLA accent.

Big Al Carson: Take Your Drunken Ass Home. I’ve run this one before from this classic NOLA artist. It just makes me laugh. I’m kind of like a 14-year-old boy, I guess. The word “ass” makes me laugh.

The Blind Boys of Alabama: Amazing Grace. Done to the tune of The House of the Rising Son. This song always gives me chills.

Buckwheat Zydeco: Crying in the Streets. This song was done by Buckwheat Zydeco as part of a Katrina benefit album in the year after the storm.

And now it’s thundering like God’s in heaven’s bowling alley, so I’m off the computer. Enjoy the music! More coming tomorrow.

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