Meet Lynda Hilburn & W*n THE VAMPIRE SHRINK

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Today, I’d like to welcome Lynda Hilburn, the author of a sexy urban fantasy with a new spin on vampires. (Sigh. I love vampires.) Lynda is a clinical hypnotherapist and licensed psychotherapist who lives in Boulder, Colorado. Initially, self-published, The Vampire Shrinkhas been updated and revised and is coming out this week from Silver Oak, the first in the Kismet Knight series. As you’ll see from the book blurb, Lynda’s clinical background puts her in the perfect spot to write this series!
Want a copy of The Vampire Shrink for yourself? Read on…

ABOUT THE VAMPIRE SHRINK  Kismet Knight, a brainy Denver-based psychologist with a stalled career and a nonexistent love life, is about to have her world rocked. Not only does her newest patient, Midnight, long to become a vampire, but the teenager insists that a coven of the undead hangs out at a local goth club. The always-rational Kismet dismisses Midnight’s claims as the delusions of an attention-starved girl–until bodies start turning up drained of blood and the hottest self-proclaimed vampire ever to walk the face of the earth enters her office. What’s real? What’s not? As inexplicable events and romantic opportunities pile up, along with the corpses, Kismet finds herself in a whirlwind of passion, mystery, and danger. But this tough and funny heroine–who doesn’t do damsel in distress–is about to turn the vampire-meets-girl convention on its head

Now, let’s hear from Lynda. Welcome!

What’s on your nightstand or top of your TBR pile:

ACK! I haven’t read for pleasure in weeks! But my wish list includes the latest from Charlaine Harris, J.D. Robb, Robert Crais, Darynda Jones, Laurell K. Hamilton and Anne Rice’s The Wolf Gift.

Favorite book when you were a child:

Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Book you’ve faked reading:

LOL. There are a couple of very popular paranormal/urban fantasy series that I read portions of, then didn’t let on that I couldn’t finish. I’m not naming names!

Book you’re an evangelist for:

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Book that changed your life:

Probably Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Tom Robbins’ Another Roadside Attraction, because they made me weirder than I already was.

Book you most want to read again for the first time:

Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice

Most horrifying moment while reading a book:

I remember trying to read Stephen King’sThe Shining and being too terrified to sleep for days. Of course, I lived in a haunted house at the time.

Favorite book about books or writing:

Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Maass

Many thanks, Lynda! You know the drill to win a copy of The Vampire Shrink. One entry for comment, another for blog follow, a third for a Twitter follow @Suzanne_Johnson, and a fourth for a Tweet or Retweet. Be sure to include your email. Now…Go forth and comment!

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26 thoughts on “Meet Lynda Hilburn & W*n THE VAMPIRE SHRINK

  1. After a self inflicted vampire drought I think I’m ready to let those blood suckers bakc into my life, and this sounds like a great place to start, thank you for the giveaway!
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  2. Lynda will be at RT Convention – Chicago.
    Must add this to my “To Buy List”.

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  3. Very fun interview. The book sounds good.

    I follow the blog.

    Thanks for the giveaway.


  4. Hi, everyone. I could have sworn I left an earlier comment. I think my computer is acting up again!

    I’m so happy to be here!

    Hi, Nikki: I’m happy you’re back in the vampire camp and willing to give my book a read! I appreciate it.

    Roger: Yes! I will be at RT! Please come over and say hello if our paths cross (it’s such a huge convention!). Thanks so much for commenting.

    Hi, Carl. I couldn’t believe some of the things Tom Robbins wrote. What a creative, quirky brain he has. I hope he continues writing!

    bn100: Thanks so much for stopping by. I really appreciate your support!

    Julie: Outlander is a very different kind of series from mine, and I absolutely love it. Glad we’re kindred spirits!

    Hi, Molly: I hope you like it if you get to read it! Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Lynda has lived in a haunted house before? That’s creepily exciting! Perhaps what “they” really need is the Shrink, lol. Thanks for the giveaway.

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  6. I enjoy vampire stories and this one sounds different from what I’ve read in the past.

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  7. Gosh…I remember trying to read Stephen King’s It and I was so scared. I couldn’t sleep. I still do not like clowns. He is a very deep writer. I know read lighter stuff…lol. I just saw this book on another blog as well. I’d love to read this. I love the cover and the excerpt. I’m a vampire fan as well. Thanks for the giveaway.
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  8. Elaine: Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you like the book when you get a chance to read it!

    jc: Funny you should say that. In the second book, Kismet has some experiences that make her consider whether she should expand her serivces into the noncorporeal!

    Llehn: Thanks so much!

    Na: I thought it was a different idea when I wrote it, so I have to agree with you! LOL

    Tanya1224: Yes. Stephen King is a scary writer! I’m glad you stopped by and left a comment to enter!

  9. Thanks for the fun interview Linda, and I am glad you also like JD Robb and Laurell K. Hamilton! Did you know she is working on a new Mercy book at the moment?
    But Jean-Claude is my favourite vampire of all the books I have read.

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  10. it’s been a while I haven’t read a book with vampires, but this sounds like a good one to start again!

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    aliasgirl at libero dot it

  11. I need to read more, as in a lot more; dead tree books; ebooks are not the same. The cover on this is awesome!

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  12. This book sounds intriguing. Would love to win it.

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    Joanne B

  13. I know it’s been awhile, but back in October of last year their was mention of a third book, Blood Therapy, that is in development. I don’t know if that’s still the case, as I have seen nothing to indicate such on Hilburn’s website, but regardless, I’m not entirely sure at this point as to whether I’d even choose to continue this series if there are more books forthcoming. I really liked the first book, but I disliked the second to such a degree that I feel a bit reluctant to give the series another go. And as I already know I’m in the minority with this review, I don’t know how I’d be able to judge with any level of certainty whether the third would be to my taste even with reviews. I guess it’s a moot point for the moment. We’ll see.