TBR Meltdown: W*n All 3 Jana Oliver Demon Trapper Books

For the rest of May, on one or two days a week, I’ll be “culling the herd,” so lots of giveaways forthcoming! I’m drowning in books!

First, a brief commercial interruption (don’t you hate those?). If you’re in the mood for a sexy vampire romance with a heavy urban fantasy theme, check out Susannah Sandlin’s interview today over at author Sharon Buchbinder’s blog HERE. Susannah is giving away a copy of REDEMPTION, the first book in her paranormal romance trilogy that comes out June 12. Think starving vampires, pandemic, ghost towns, the rural South, family grudges…Check it out!

Now…today, I’m pulling out all three titles from Jana Oliver’s great Demon Trappers series: The Demon Trapper’s Daughter; Soul Thief; and the newest one, Forgiven. I really like this series. First, it’s set in a futuristic version of Atlanta, and since I live about a hundred miles from ATL that’s fun for me to imagine. It’s YA, but it’s not “sighing over the hot new boy in school” YA or “new girl in school all the guys are hot for but she has a big secret” YA. Riley Blackthorne, the only daughter of a legendary demon hunter, is a great character, author Jana Oliver spins a great story, and this reads as well for adults as for teens.

If you missed it a few weeks back, Jana was here for a Q&A. You can check it out HERE.

So…want to win all three books in the Demon Trapper’s series? Just leave a comment here, and for an extra entry, leave a comment over at Sharon Buchbinder’s blog–HA–surprised you! A third entry for a Tweet or Retweet of the contest.

Susannah will choose a winner of her book, Redemption, and I’ll combine comments here and at the other blog to choose a winner for the Jana Oliver three-book set. Now…go forth and comment!

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Author of urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and suspense. As Suzanne Johnson, she is the author of the Sentinels of New Orleans urban fantasy series (Royal Street; River Road: Elysian Fields, Pirate's Alley, Belle Chasse, Frenchmen Street (March 2018). Writing as Susannah Sandlin, she is the author of the Penton Legacy series (Redemption; Absolution; Omega; Storm Force; Allegiance; ILLUMINATION); The Collectors series (Lovely, Dark, and Deep; Deadly, Calm, and Cold); and the Wilds of the Bayou series (Wild Man's Curse; Black Diamond).

41 thoughts on “TBR Meltdown: W*n All 3 Jana Oliver Demon Trapper Books

  1. I’d love to win! Count me in to the party.

    rebekkahniles at gmail.

  2. cool! I have been wanting to read this series and winning all three would be…WINNING! Thanks for the chance
    sstogner1 at gmail dot com

  3. I only read the first book but I LOVED it!! It’s fast-paced and witty but it has a lot of heart and you get to fall in love with all the characters. And the world is so awesome!!

    Thanks so much!

    GFC follower Christina Kit.

    ccfioriole at gmail dot com

  4. This sounds like a good series. Thanks for the giveaway.


  5. first, if I BEG and PLEAD-will you pick me!! If you pick me, I’ll return the favor by giving the first two books away on my blog LOL I have them and I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this series, I dunno if you caught how much I love these books BUT I REALLY LOVE THEM hahahaha anyways, I’ve commented on the Redemption blog post-that book also sounds great- and I am now heading over to see the interview! thanks so much for offering this. No worries, if I don’t win, I WILL buy book 3 to go with the first two šŸ™‚

  6. I havent read this series yet but i’ve heard so many good things about it. i would be delighted to win those

    thanks you for this opportunity.

    I’ve commented on the interview of Susannah ( happy to have discovered her and her book by the way)


  7. One of the many, many.books i wanted since i saw the cover and read the excerpt. Hope i’ll.win..

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  8. These books look great. I’d love to win.

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    Off to comment now.

    Stacey_dvn (at) yahoo (dot) com

  9. Riley! Beck! Ori! How can I describe how much I freaking love this series (and Beck’s accent)?

    Also commented on Susanne Blog

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    aliasgirl at libero dot it

  10. oh I have had my eye on this series for a while.

    +gfc teril
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    terilhack at yahoo dot com

  11. This series sounds really good. I can’t wait to read it. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Sara M
    sara_UFblog [at] yahoo [dot] com

  12. I have read some great reviews about those books, so of course I would love to win them šŸ™‚

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    +1 comment on the other blog (thanks for the tip, the book sounds promising)
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    auriansbooks at gmail dot com

  13. I’d love to win, thanks for the chance

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