Going…Going…Last Chance for This Week’s C*ntests

It’s Saturday, which means I have a bunch of blog posts to write, errands to run, laundry to do…all that fun stuff. I hope you have a few minutes to stop by Books Books The Magical Fruit today, where I’m wearing my Susannah Sandlin hat and answering a bunch of fun (and hard) questions. Really hard questions!

First, links to the contests that are still open, and then I’ll tell a story that I make reference to in the above interview.

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Okay, here’s my story.

I have two dogs. They’re my babies. Absolutely spoiled rotten. You’d never know they both came out of bad circumstances.

Shane, a seriously hyperactive and devious Irish terrier/Westie mix, had been stolen from her original owners and was living in a backyard next to one of my coworkers. He got tired of seeing this cute terrier being neglected and living on a soggy mattress in an overgrown backyard and playing with beer cans, so he staged a theft rescue, and talked me into taking her.  She was about a year old when I got her, seriously underweight, and had no social skills whatsoever. She’s now 13.

Tanker is a Chow/Rottweiler/Golden Retriever hybrid (or so says the vet) who was a street stray. He showed up outside my fence in New Orleans, made friends with Shane, and wouldn’t leave. I took him in and then realized how starved he was at 35 pounds. His normal weight is 80-90. He was about nine months old and had heartworms and I fell in love with him. He’s now 12.

So, Shane and Tanker and I became a little family. One day a few years later, I was in the house and the dogs were outside in the fenced yard. There was a knock on the door and it was a neighbor–he said some neighborhood thugs kids had opened the gate and let the dogs out. The neighbor had tried to catch the dogs, but they ran off.

Frantic, I looked and looked all over my New Orleans neighborhood. After an hour with no sign of them, I went home, made some signs, and grabbed my cell phone. About fifteen minutes later, the phone rings, and it’s the manager of the Columns Hotel on St. Charles Avenue, wanting to know if I’m missing two dogs. “Well, they’re here enjoying happy hour,” the woman says. Uh-oh.

Now, you have to understand: The Columns is in an antebellum mansion and is quite upscale. Gorgeous hotel. But it’s also a pet-friendly hotel, so the manager didn’t realize for a while that the two dogs enjoying happy hour in the Columns bar weren’t actually WITH anyone. So she chased Tanker down (good luck catching Shane) and got my number off his tag.

Off I go to the Columns, which is about four blocks from my house. I walk into the posh lobby, and the first thing I see is my huge black beast stretched out on a velvet sofa. O.M.G. He’s very pleased with himself, too, but at least seems happy to see me.

Shane, on the other hand, is in the bar, filling up on h’ors-d’oeuvres courtesy of her new best friends, a couple of tourists from Texas. She is quite put out when I slip a noose around her neck and drag her to the car.

Her friends came on the porch of the hotel and waved goodbye.

And that’s my “Shane and Tanker Go to the Columns” story!

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11 thoughts on “Going…Going…Last Chance for This Week’s C*ntests

  1. Wonderful story. I have a cat [Patches] that I inherited when my youngest daughter went to college. She’s been out of school now for four years, but when she came back, the cat won’t have anything to do with her. You can call her and she will come, if she wants to! Her idea of helping me read is to lay on my open book! Thanks, Suzanne

  2. So cute, they are really lucky to have you. I never lost my dog ( ouf) but i feared once and discovered that i won’t happen^^. We were walking when his leash broke, normaly i walk and he pull meto be more precise, but when i saw him loose my heart stopped afraid he will run and….the dog too. ^^;; He stopped cold and started to watch me trembling like i would left him there ^^ i’m not walking him he is walking me ( or more often my brother) if there is nothing to pull he is afraid to be abandonned. I don’t know which one of us was the more afraid that day in the end i used my scarf to put at his neck and he waved his tail very happy to go on ^^;;

  3. Thanks, guys. Pets are a trip, aren’t they? LOL, Roger, glad Patches is able to help you read–and Miki, glad your dog stayed with you…mine will run like rabbits if they get off-leash! (Obviously)

  4. Lol great story Suzanne, and didn’t you have to pay their bill? I went to one of my favourite restaurants a few weeks ago, and to my surprise, half an hour later some people came in with two tiny dogs! Now, I absolutely love dogs, I have had some myself, but I am very allergic to them! So, that was a nasty surprise. Luckily, the restaurant has more rooms, so we got seating elsewhere. Which was a blessing, as later on a big group with lots of noisy and running kids went to that first room.

  5. @Aurian…LOL. No, they didn’t charge me for their treats. I’m so glad they wandered into a pet-friendly hotel and the manager called me instead of just shooing them out into the street. I have a lot of allergies myself (altho not to dogs, obviously), so I sympathize. I’m surprised they allowed dogs in the restaurant! .

    @Kara-Karina. Once the horror wore off, I also thought it was pretty funny to walk in and see big old Tanker stretched out on the sofa like King of the Manor.

  6. Those are a couple of absolutely beautiful dogs!! I can imagine the scare you had when learning they’d been let out. I think you were right in using the word ‘thugs.’ Who would do that?!?

    So glad they found their way to a friendly place (and really took advantage!) and that everything worked out. Thanks for sharing the story! Loved it!

  7. I LOLed reading your story. As “furless” momma to TWO Great Danes (one deaf), I know the adventures our fur babies put us through. Toss in a 2 year old son who is leader of their devilish pack, and it’s a wonder I can string enough words together to complete a manuscript.

  8. @Spaz–thank you! They’re pretty dogs, especially considering how I ended up with them. Of course I’m partial 🙂

    @Trish…Oh man, I’d hate to think of my two with a toddler at the helm. Talk about chaos!! Great Danes are such great dogs thought. The couple I’ve known were so gentle! (My dogs are NOT gentle. LOL.)