Scene-Snippet Sunday (And Did You W*n a Book This Week?)

Scene-Snippet time! Today’s snippet is from Elysian Fields, book three in the Sentinels of New Orleans series, which won’t come out until August 2013, so enjoy the snippet :-). A major location in EF is Six Flags New Orleans, which was drowned under floodwater following Katrina and never reopened. Also never torn down. There’s an uber-creepy video you can watch here. The video says the part was due to be demolished a while back, but it never happened. It’s still here. It’s scary. I’ve run this before so you might remember it. (Oh, and if you’d like a snippet from River Road, head over to my website; there’s a snippet from Susannah Sandlin’s Absolution at her website.)

In this scene, DJ has just arrived at Six Flags to practice using the elven staff…

If zombies and ghouls took over Disney World, with creative direction from Satan, the theme park would resemble the corpse of Six Flags New Orleans. I parked outside the main gate and worked a cloaking charm on my Pathfinder before squeezing past rusted, twisted turnstiles and passing purple-painted, crumbling offices covered in graffiti.
           Six Flags had never been profitable—folks who come to New Orleans for vacation aren’t usually looking for a Louisiana-themed amusement park in the eastern part of the city, far from the Quarter. Plus, underneath the Cajun kitsch, the place was, well, Six Flags. When Katrina hit in 2005, the park sank under six feet of water for more than a month and never reopened.
            Years later, here it remained, a distorted, hellish sideshow in the middle of a swamp, tied up in a terminal case of litigation, its rusting rollercoaster reaching toward heaven like a monument to the fates of nature and indifference. The perfect place, in other words, for some discreet lessons in elven staff usage.
Now….did you win a book this week? If you see your name, email me HERE with the appropriate info. All the books this week are print books except Reader’s Choice, which is the winner’s choice of print or digital.
REBE won Alex Bledsoe’s pirate fantasy Wake of the Bloody Angel.
LISA R/ALTERLISA won KM Ruiz’ Terminal Point.
BN100 won Dave Freer’s Cuttlefish.
SIENNY won The Unspoken by Heather Graham. Your choice of print or ebook.
Coming up this week….another shot at that huge list from last week’s Reader’s Choice (yep, it’s running again, with a few extras). Interviews with authors James Jaros and Lexi George. Maybe something special-special. AND….I’m going to restart the Preternatura Book Club on Wednesday, so check and see what we’ll be reading and how the structure might change.
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5 thoughts on “Scene-Snippet Sunday (And Did You W*n a Book This Week?)

  1. Love the Scene-Snippets! Elysian Fields – Great – Can’t wait. Glad the elven staff magic is there, need to see me some magic! Thanks

    • And looking forward to the book club. Another tease/secret – what will we read? Find out Wednesday. Structure change – interesting.

  2. I remember the footage you posted a while back…it was so creepy :/ I would think they would have torn it down by now…It reminds me of something out of a horror movie. Aahh..hearing of book 3 is just crazy…I’m still dying to get book 2 =)