An Angel Goes Rogue: W*n #UF THE TAKEN by Vicki Pettersson

Are angels and demons the new vampires? Seems like a bazillion-and-one angel/demon books have come out in the last couple of years, but today’s featured book sounds like a great new take on angels, and it’s nice to see a new urban fantasy series, Celestial Blues, starting up from Vicki Pettersson. This one’s been out a few weeks, so if anyone has read it, what did you think?
ABOUT THE TAKEN: Griffin Shaw used to be a PI, but that was back when gumshoes hoofed the streets . . . and he was still alive. Fifty years later, he’s an angel, but that doesn’t make him a saint. One small mistake has altered fate, and now he’s been dumped back onto the mortal mudflat to collect another soul–Katherine “Kit” Craig, a journalist whose latest investigation is about to get her clipped. Bucking heavenly orders, Grif refuses to let the sable-haired siren come to harm. Besides, protecting her offers a chance to solve the mystery of his own unsolved murder–and dole out some overdue payback for the death of his beloved wife, Evie. Joining forces, Kit and Grif’s search for answers leads beyond the blinding lights of the Strip into the dark heart of an evil conspiracy. But a ruthless killer determined to destroy them isn’t Grif’s biggest threat. His growing attraction to Kit could cost them both their lives, along with the answer to the haunting question of his long afterlife .
Have you read an angel book you really liked? I think the last one I read was Paige Cuccaro’s Hellsbane, although I have the JR Ward deadly sins series, which I think has angels in it. Sigh. So behind on my reading. Rosalie Lario has a half angel in her Demons of Infernum series.
Want to win a copy of The Taken? Tell me your favorite angel book or series. I’m having a blank-out here! I know I’ve read more.

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50 thoughts on “An Angel Goes Rogue: W*n #UF THE TAKEN by Vicki Pettersson

  1. I would LOVE to win a copy of The Taken. 🙂 I was lucky to have met you at aad-nola and received an arc of River Road. LOVED!!!!

    • Hey, Tori! I remember meeting you at the blogger ARC event. Consider yourself entered. And I’m so glad you liked River Road! I love it so much more than Royal Street, so I’m anxious to see what the reaction is to it 🙂

  2. I read a post-apocalyptic angel YA called Angelfall by Susan Ee. It was really good until the “cliffhanger” ending didn’t resolve anything! A good cliffhanger offers some resolution to the current story while leaving something dangling for the start of the next book. This one didn’t give me enough resolution. It was excellent up to that though, so I still recommend reading it (maybe wait til the second book comes out so that you can get some actual closure from book 1 by reading them back-to-back).

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    • Man, I hate those real cliffhangers, especially if I’m not expecting it. Last one I read like that was the first Cat and Bones book–drove me NUTS. Luckily, I already had the second one in hand, but still…

  3. The Taken is FANTASTIC!! It’s got that angel vibe tied up in a film noir package. Kit is something of a change for a UF heroine – she’s a genuinely happy person and looks for the best in every situation. That makes angel Griffin the perfect foil for her. Run read this one RIGHT NOW!!

    I have a signed copy of The Taken, so don’t enter me in the drawing. I just had to give my enthusiastic review.

  4. This sound really good! Unfortunately I can’t actually tell you what my favorite angel book is, because I don’t have one. I really like the idea of angels, but so far I haven’t come across one that I really liked…

    Oh wait, I have one. Not really an angel book, but it has an angel in it. And a demon. And the antichrist…Good Omens, by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. Not urban fantasy, but seriously entertaining.

  5. Enjoyed the Sign of the Zodiac Series, would like to try “The Taken”, Celestial Blues Series. Thanks for the giveaway chance.

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  6. I highly recommend Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series!

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  7. That is a tough one….i think right now it is Silk Road by TJ Michaels. That was a GREAT angel story. I love the cover art on this book and It keeps catching my eye…..

    you know i stalk you everywhere LOL

  8. I like Lysander from Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld series.

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  9. The only Angel serie I read is Nalini Singh Guild Hunter serie and it is great. I love Raphael and Elena!!!! But my favorite Angel is Eve from Kelley Armstrong Women of the Otherworld serie!!! She is strong and a kick-ass heroine.

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    • That’s two votes for Nalini Singh! And I know, I know. I’m probably the only person on earth who hasn’t read the Women of the Otherworld series. Sigh. Too many books!

  10. Oh, I’ve had this on my “Want-To-Read” list for some time now but haven’t picked it up yet. I loved her Signs of the Zodiac series.

    I think my fave Angel series would be:
    ~ Guild Hunter by Nalini Singh
    ~ Lost Angels by Heather Killough-Walden
    ~ Fallen by Kristina Douglas (this one isn’t really well known but i enjoyed it. have reviews for the first two on my blog)

    Keri Arthur has a series Dark Angels but i haven’t read it & Ednah Walters has Guardian Legacy series. I only read the first one of EW’s because its YA and thus not my normal read.

    So, i guess its +1 for commenting, I stalk you everywhere +1 blog, +1 for twitter, (even at AAD NOLA) It was so nice meeting you b.t.w. Your field trip was one of my highlights. And i swear i’m not just sucking up. LOL! It truly was amazing even if we almost needed a boat to get back in. wow, it poured that day! and I just RT’d your tweet.

    thanks for your generous giveaway!! You’re awesome!!

    Kat at SmittenWithBadBoyHeroes

    • Hi Kat! Oh man, that was a memorable end to our NOLA tour, wasn’t it? I was seriously afraid that rental car was going to stall and leave us walking back to the hotel in knee-high water. It’s happened to me before. It was great meeting you too!

  11. I’ve not been overly impressed with the YA Angel/Demon books but the adult ones have been pretty engrossing, JD Wards,Nalini Singh’s & Showalters. I loved Pettersson’s Zodiac books and am really looking forward to this new series.
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    • Another Nalini Singh vote! I have the JR Ward “deadly sins” books but haven’t had a chance to dig into them. I love her writing, though, so I can’t imagine I won’t love them.

  12. There are many good angel stories out there, and my favourites are JR Wards Fallen Angels, and Nalini Singh’s Archangels, but I recently read (and reviewed) The Night Beat by Gini Koch, amazing and awesome.
    Annette Blair has a good one as well.
    And I know I have read more, but well, this is it for now.

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  13. I’ve read only a few angle stories but can’t pick a favorite. I guess I’m still on a search!

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  14. i voted for jr ward lassiter the fallen angel. such a crazy character on bdbseries. and gena showalter the new one from her called wicked nights.
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  15. My favorite angel books are mostly YA. For example, Angelfall by Susan Ee was very good. I can’t wait the second book in this series. Also, Unearthly series by Cynthia Hand is really good too.

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  16. I would love to read The Taken :). Thanks for the giveaway.
    Now I’m reading Royal Street (thank you so much, Suzanne)and it’s amazing. I love DJ and Alex. I also like Jean so much. He is so hot and funny. Can’t wait for the sequel.
    My favourite angel books are Lost Angels by Heather Killough Walden, Fallen by Lauren Kate, Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick and Unearthly by Cynthia Hand.
    I alo liked Angelology by Danielle Trussoni.

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    Sorry, but I don’t have a Twitter account :(.

  17. I know I’ve read books with angels & demons, but none are coming to mind. The one in this post looks fun though…
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  18. I like the Hush, Hush series. I have read the Guild Hunter series but didnt like it as much. I also like The Space Between which has angels & demons.

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  19. My favourite angel series would be the Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh!

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