Scene-Snippet Sunday (and Did You W*n a Book This Week?)

Yep, it’s Scene-Snippet Sunday again. I’ve been pulling snippets from book three, Elysian Fields, but this book is so tightly woven around early events I’m finding it hard to find non-spoiler scenes. (And I should note here that we’re beginning revisions on Elysian Fields next week, so it could all be tossed out the window…one never knows.)

In this scene, DJ is in a hotel room in New Iberia, La., after going on a quick out-of-town job. Something really, really bad has happened but she isn’t sure A) if she is going to tell Alex about it or B) what to tell him. She figures she’s got at least a day before she drives back to New Orleans and sees him. Uh, no.

     In my dream, a man hammered on a wooden door. And yelled. He needed a big serving of shut-the-hell-up. 

      I cracked one eye open. The cottage door vibrated from the force of what had to be a battering ram pounding against the other side. Good Lord. I didn’t smell smoke, so somebody better be dying.
      Groaning, I sat up and rubbed my eyes. Even my freaking eyeballs hurt. Then the horror came back to me. What the hell was I going to do?
            Wham! The windows rattled this time, and the blow sounded more like a kick than a knock. “DJ. Open it or the door’s coming down.”
            The loud, angry voice with a tinge of frantic energy didn’t belong to Jake. I so did not want to talk to Alex yet, but he wasn’t the type to give up and go away.
            “Wait—I’m coming!” Sheesh. Did shapeshifter genes come with an extra few strands of impatience at—I glanced at my watch—three a.m.? “What are you doing h—”
            Alex Warin filled up the doorway, then pushed past me like a starving bear after a supply of picnic food.
Hm….wonder what’s going on? *smiles evil smile*
So, did you win a book this week? Remember, I’ll be here tomorrow with the usual New Releases and Reader’s Choice contest, then the rest of the week I’ll be posting sporadically from the heart of New Orleans as I sit around and wait for Hurricane Ernesto to hit, er, I mean, attend Authors After Dark. I still haven’t figured out how to reply to comments on my iPhone so if you leave and comment and it takes me a while to respond…well, it’s because I’m having to wait until I get to my laptop.
Now. If you see your name here, contact me HERE via email with your snail-mail info. I have to apologize and offer a warning–I’ve been on a hellacious day-job deadline and have been getting stuff ready for AAD, so I’m behind with my book mailings. If I owe you a book, sorry–it’s probably going to be the week after AAD before I have a chance to do a bunch of packing up and mailing. So, that being said…
DENISE Z gets the chance to try out the Amish and Vampire story, Plain Fear: Forbidden, by Leanna Ellis. 
KELLY M won James Jaros’ new dystopian, Carry the Flame.
REN won the Reader’s Choice contest this week–your choice of the print or ebook of Lexi George’s Demon Hunting in the Deep South
See ya later, gators!
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  1. “Something really, really bad has happened”, Oh Boy! More tease! Can’t wait but must. Love the snippet. Thanks. Congrats to the winners.