Preternatura Books Club: Anita Gets Her Vampire (& W*n Some Books)

Welcome back to the Preternatura Book Club! We’ll be talking about topics that are related to the book we’re reading but are general enough for you to pipe up and voice an opinion.
Each book read will last four weeks, which is a much faster schedule than we’ve done on previous books. Today, we tackle the final chapters of GUILTY PLEASURES, book one in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K. Hamilton.
Today’s giveaway will be a mystery trio of unclaimed weekly prizes—yes, there are people who enter the contests and never come back to see if they won. Bad for them, good for you. So go for it!
These chapters of GUILTY PLEASURES wrapped up our first Anita Blake mystery. As with the first of any series, there was a lot of world-building, but I never found it overpowering and, on the whole, I was pleased at how well this book held up after nineteen years!
One thing I hadn’t remembered about the beginnings of this series was how very SCARY the vampires are. Even Jean-Claude is scary as heck, but to me, Nikolaus was maybe one of the scariest vampires ever. What did you think of her?
I thought the whole Anita-facing-Valentinebuildup was dropped like so much dead weight. I kept waiting for a big confrontation between them, but basically she opened his coffin and killed him.
How did you end up feeling about Phillip? I kind of wish they vampires hadn’t brought him back to torture him some more, since it seemed pointless to the story as a whole.
I’m simultaneously grossed out by and fascinated by the Rat King and his minion of were-rats. I mean…were-rats? I will tell you that the Rat King’s name is Rafael, and he has some major storylines in later series books. As I think back over this series, there are were-snakes, were-swans (which I found extremely creepy, by the way), were-lions…what else? I must confess to creating the were-gator. Do you like the exotic were-animals, or would you prefer to just limit your shifters to wolves and big cats?
Share your final thoughts on GUILTY PLEASURES! We’ll take a week off from the book club next week. On September 19, we’ll begin the opening chapters of Faith Hunter’s first Jane Yellowrock book, Skinwalker.
Leave a comment, start a discussion, and let’s see where it takes us! Anyone who leaves a comment gets entered in the giveaway, which is international, of course. I’ve highlighted some possible talking points above. What do you think?

28 thoughts on “Preternatura Books Club: Anita Gets Her Vampire (& W*n Some Books)

  1. I know! They were pretty scary before,especially those ‘mind marks’ and ‘human servant’ stuff… now, after 20 books, they seem to be so much better behaved. LOL. But I remember being creeped out to the max by Marmee Noir.

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  2. I must say – I don’t like zombies! The whole thing with were-rats seems a little too much. [Too many kinds of weres?] Think as bad/scary/strong as she was – the end for Nikolaus was also too easy. Really looking forward to the next read. One of my favorites Jane Yellowrock.

    • i like the different kind of weres, and later in the series when we get to know the Rat King Rafael, he’s a great character.

      Totally agree about Nikolaus–it was too easy and kind of anticlimactic at the end.

      I’m looking forward to Jane Yellowrock–new series for me!

    • I love Rafael too, and I really, really didn’t want to–rat. Ick. But he’s a great character. I didn’t know about werecrocs! Will have to find that 🙂

  3. I love her vamps in the first books because they are so creepy… they are way to munch sex in her book and I find that her vamoires loose their creepyness.

    I also love all the different kind of were. Like you Suzanne I find the were-swann creepy and kind of weird!!!

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    • Marie-Claude, I think the reason the swans creeped me out–especially that swan king whose name I don’t remember–is that he had really pink-white skin and white feathers tufting out instead of hair. *shudders*

  4. So many questions, I think that the first stories of her series are the best. I like the many varies of were creatures. Just not sure what the purpose would be other to werid everyone out. I thought the Were-Rat King was kind of cool. The 10 year girl vampire was the really scary one to me. I don’t remember Philip so I guess I need to go re-read her books.

  5. I accepted the were-rats. But I thought they were a bit of a strange choice. Fairly respectable species though.

    The vamps in the early books were a lot scarier than they became later on. And I liked them scary in this series. I was scared and nervous when Anita would have to face JC. And Nikolaus, was just the worst.

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  6. I haven’t read any books about were-rats, but they sound interesting. I like reading about different species.


  7. The were-rats were creepy, but I ended up liking Rafael quite a bit. I do have to agree too. The were-swans (and were-fox) were sort of creepy and odd, but I liked the rest of the variety.

    For me, the first ten or so books of Anita Blake were great. It’s the one starting with Narcissus in Chains onward that…well, to me started dragging the series down.

    I’m hoping Edward/Ted comes back soon. Whenever he’s around, the series seemed to have more action and less sex. 🙁

  8. I’m with you on the wererats. I like the idea of wererats, but they kind of freak me out. I guess because even in human form they maintain a sort of rat mentality, if that makes sense.


  9. EWWW wererats? That’s kind of creep and not sure something I would want to read about, though I am intrigued on how their personality in human form would coincide with their animal form. Gross but interesting


  10. I really like multiple species of were animals, and Raphael is a great character. He gets a huge part in some of the later books, and I like him, and the bodyguards he supplies to Jean-Claude and Anita.
    I only strongly dislike the weresnakes (Narcissus in Chains). But for the rest, bring it on.
    And poor Philip, yes, that is to show perhaps how evil those vampires are/were.

  11. Ugh, you just remainded of I hated those were-rats! They were totally grossing me out. I really didn’t like them. As for Nikolaus, that vampire was truly scary.
    Overall, this book was pretty great! It made me fall in love with the series (and with JC). Anita was a kickass girl and there were lots of original things and cool characters.

  12. i have mixed feeling for phillip, almost since the first time he appears on the book. sometimes i feel like i wanna smack him, but sometimes i feel real sorry for him. but in the end, i kinda admire him.

  13. Rafael, the rat king, is probably my favourite character of he Anita series. I’ve found him fascinating since the first time he appeared.

    I kind of felt sorry for Phillip and would have preferred if he just stayed dead.


  14. I’ve read only a few of the Anita Blake series and I enjoyed it until it became too much sex for me LOL. It lost the creepy scary factor for me and too much ardeur. 😀

  15. first, I can’t say too much about this series- I am one of the few DIE HARD Anita fans, I have read every single thing 🙂 so I know how things turn out lol, all the way up to book 21 🙂 BUT I LOVE Rafeal, and his were-rats. there are some pretty awesome were creatures in the anita books. she took me on a ride with all the different ones that come in to play in her books. 🙂