Wherefore Art Thou, Winners?

I’m on the road today, headed back from Naples, Florida, where I’ve been hanging out with fantabulous bookstore owners at the Southern Independent Booksellers Association convention. On the way back, I scheduled a stop at Cedar Key, where our old friend the pirate Jean Lafitte made regular pit stops as he plundered the Gulf of Mexico. I’ll have a report on the trade show and Cedar Key on Wednesday.
As a result, I’ll be announcing two weeks’ worth of winners at once next Sunday. So keep entering!

5 thoughts on “Wherefore Art Thou, Winners?

  1. I’ve been to Naples! And I have family in Ft Meyers. Nice area, though I haven’t been there in about 20 years, and my recollection is as a teenager, lol.

    And we know the truth, you’re stopping at Cedar Key looking for lost treasure.

  2. Thanks guys–home again, home again. Spaz, Naples is beautiful! I’d been to Tampa and Lauderdale, but I think Naples has them beat. The only thing I saw in Fort Myers was a feral pig grazing on the side of the interstate–seriously! Then it started pouring and I didn’t see anything (barely even saw the road).

  3. Haha..I’m from FL and Fort Myers is blah..Naples beach is nice..Tampa is good for the city though. St pete is awesome. I just want to say that I’m ready for River Road…been waiting so patiently and reading books to tide me over until then 😉 I’m reading book 3 in the Vampire Empire trilogy that ties it all up…good read too. Thanks again for all the great reads.