Preternatura Books Club: The Vampire World of Skinwalker by Faith Hunter

Welcome back to the Preternatura Book Club! We’ll be talking about topics that are related to the book we’re reading but are general enough for you to pipe up and voice an opinion.

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Back to the book club….Each book read will last four weeks, which is a much faster schedule than we’ve done on previous books. Today, we tackle the next few chapters of SKINWALKER, book one in the Jane Yellowrock series by Faith Hunter.
Today’s giveaway will be a mystery unclaimed prize of your choice of genre: paranormal romance, urban fantasy, sci fi, fantasy, or YA.
Okay, I’ve really gotten hooked into this story now, to the point where I’ve been grumbling because I had to put it down to read the book I’m supposed to be reviewing. Zombie cowboys just can’t stack up.
Leo continues to be fascinating to me. I haven’t gotten a clear idea of exactly how the vampires work in this world, but Jane seems immune to enthrallment. And yet not entirely—Leo’s sharing blood with her opened up some of her memories of what she is and that her father and grandmother also were skinwalkers. That was an intense scene. What do you think about the vampires of this world?
My question is, and I’m not far along enough to answer it, is what has Leo gotten out of this encounter? What is Jane going to owe him?
Back to vampire worldbuilding. So, apparently beheading is a useful vampire-killing technique. Having been around a lot of those uptown mansions with koi fountains, only a spitting distance from very impoverished and dangerous neighborhoods, I had to laugh at the image of Jane dipping the dead vampire girl’s head in the fountain to try and rinse her blood scent from it.
I’ve griped about New Orleans stuff that wasn’t quite right, so I need to give props for an observation Jane makes that’s so very true—one can literally travel one or two blocks and go from a very wealthy residential street to a very poor one, and two more blocks into another wealthy one. It’s why so many guidebooks tell tourists to stay on the main thoroughfares. You can make one wrong turn and be somewhere you don’t want to be. Most cities have safe neighborhoods and not-so-safe ones; New Orleans has safe blocks and not-so-safe ones. It’s all a jumble.
Let’s see, what else struck me this week. BEAST! I love that Beast has a comment on things Jane sees so they have this inner dialogue.
I still don’t have a good handle on Jane herself. She’s all tough girl, but shows occasional flashes of fear (with good reason), so I haven’t quite figured out her M.O. yet. And she’s kind of macho yet also does the girly dance clothes. Which all probably means she’s a pretty complex character, and that’s a good thing.

Share your thoughts on SKINWALKER to enter for the book drawing! Next week, we’ll continue with the next few chapters. I’m not reading as fast on this one as I’d hoped but I still hope to get through it by mid-October to keep the book club on schedule. The reading schedule for the book club can now be found on the righthand column of the blog page.

21 thoughts on “Preternatura Books Club: The Vampire World of Skinwalker by Faith Hunter

  1. it’s good to know that after a beginning a bit difficult you really love this book,i will add it to my list without waiting then.

    Hum vampires are like demons they never do anything free, it’s beter to know it before striking a deal or asking for help^^

    • You’re right about that–vampires usually have an agenda! Jane was badly injured and it left her more vulnerable to Leo than she might normally be. Leo’s a sneaky devil, and I have a feeling we’re only beginning to see the scope of his power.

  2. I still haven’t got around to reading this one, I’m terrible I know =/, but I would love to (hopefully soon)! It does sound right up my alley. Thanks as always!

  3. I remember when I first starting reading this book I couldn’t really get a handle on Jane’s character either. It seemed to take awhile, but once I got into it I really enjoyed it. Leo is a conundrum to me, though.

  4. I usually like complex characters but I’m having trouble connecting with Jane as a character. I’m still not sure how I feel about her.

  5. Sometimes I think things are just weird. Been busy today keeping up with The Absolution tour. Great blogs today. Did you know? Art for the cover of Skinwalker is by Cliff Nielsen. Title of Chapter 18 is “We still search for absolution”. Also in Chapter 18 “We must not allow it to destroy us before redemption comes”. Weird/fun “stuff”.

    • Oh wow, Roger–that is too funny!! Talk about small world! I had no idea Cliff did the Jane Yellowrock covers (I’m running off to look at mine now)..and the “absolution” and “redemption” is just…bizarre. Definitely weird/fun!

  6. I love that Jane is a very complex character and does show different sides to her character as the book and series progresses. I love it when Beast puts her two cents in, especially when it comes to mates. 😀 I don’t want to give anything away, but Leo does get something out of his associate with Jane, and I think he likes the challenge of her. I like the vampires in this book, but they’re quite frightening at times.

  7. I haven’t read the book yet but I do love complex characters and Jane sounds like someone I would love to spend time with in print.

  8. I haven’t read that much this week. Anyway, I like Jane. She’s complex and complicated and I think I really like her. There is so much more to find out! But leo…love him!

  9. That sounds like an interesting vampire technique. The image of the fountain is interesting.

  10. I have totally lost my copy of this book. Can’t find it anywhere! I’m not sure what to make of the vampires in this book so far, I think Leo has some sort of dastardly scheme, and I agree that Jane is bound to find herself indebted to him in some way.
    Have to find my copy of this so I can read it for next week!

  11. I read this book when it was first released. I like the series. I like Jane and Beast. There are still things about Jane that I don’t understand, but I read/understand it as part of the world-building and that we will learn more as each book progresses.

  12. I’ve read the first 3 books of this series and Leo still is a mystery to me.
    Beast is my favourite part of this books. Love how different she is from Jane.

  13. Just finished the book! I really liked the ending, especially because the last few books I’ve read disappointed me at the end.

    The vampires are great – I enjoyed the detailed look into their hierarchy, the feuds between clans, and the way that some of the main vampire characters were humanized to the point where I could relate to them on some level.

    I’m still not a big fan of Jane – honestly, I like Beast better! This was such a fun read that I will probably read more of the series, so I hope Jane becomes easier to sympathize with as her character progresses.

  14. Thanks for all the comments, guys! I’m like Celeste in that in a lot of ways I like Beast more than Jane, although Jane has grown on me as the book has progressed. We’ll have a final post on Skinwalker this week before diving into Jim Butcher’s STORM FRONT!