Scene-Snippet Sunday: RIVER ROAD (& Weekly W*nners)

Welcome to Scene-Snippet Sunday. Today…I’m running a scene-snippet from RIVER ROAD. Can you believe it’s only a month until it’s out!? Seems like it’s been for-ever! It’s available for preorder, and that’s all the shameless plug I’ll make. Well, okay, one more. Head over to the Susannah Sandlin blog for a new tour stop for Absolution, which comes out on Tuesday. Tour prizes include gift cards for books and a Kindle Paperwhite or $100 giftcard to the online book retailer of your choice (so international entries welcome).

Now…In this scene, DJ has (against her better judgment) agreed to go with Alex to his mom’s birthday dinner in Picayune, Mississippi. Turns out (which DJ learns with horror), Alex had led his mom to believe he and DJ have been seeing each other for three years so the woman would stop nagging him about settling down. This scene happens in the car along the way.

     “We need to create some dating history before we get to Picayune,” Alex said.
      I banged my head on the car window, and a sudden onset of nerves sent my heart skipping. “If we’ve been together since Katrina, we’re probably at the stage in our relationship where we bicker and sit around watching reality shows and eating off TV trays.”
      Alex grinned. “That’s what a long-term relationship looks like to you?”
      I thought about it. “Well, yeah. What does it look like to you?”
      He paused, then lifted his shoulders in a shrug. “No idea. Never had one. You just described my parents.”
      A thrill of fear ran chittering across my nerve endings. What if Norma thought I was a potential grandchild producer? “Is it too late to back out? We could do something fun, like go to a shooting range. You could teach me all about the different kinds of guns.”
      Alex frowned until he looked over, saw my face, and recognized desperation setting in. “Mom has called three times this week to make sure you’re coming,” he said.
      “Great. She’ll be expecting someone taller.” And prettier, with better social skills and a domestic bone or two.
      “She probably thinks you’re pregnant since I’m finally bringing you home to meet the family.”
      Oh my God. I closed my eyes and tried to regulate my breathing.
      Alex laughed and turned the radio back up. The sound of banjos was not comforting.

And, yeah, it kind of goes downhill from there.
Now…..did you win a book this week? If you see your name here, please contact me at suzannej3523 at gmail with your mailing info. If I owe you a book, my apologies–I’m ridiculously behind and am still scrambling to catch up. But I will catch up, I promise!
LYSSA ANNE won the Patricia Briggs graphic novel of Alpha and Omega, Volume One.
SAINTCELESTE won a mystery book of her choice of genre: sci fi, fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, or YA paranormal. Let me know your favorite genre!
AMANDA K won her choice of ChiZine Publications ebooks. Please let me know your email address and I will put you directly in contact with the folks at ChiZine.
SUE SATTLER won this week’s Reader’s Choice contest. She chose Dark Storm by Christine Feehan.
Congrats to the winners! We have a great week coming up, so stay tuned….
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