Scene-Snippet Sunday (& Weekly W*nners)

Happy Sunday! I did the unthinkable and took yesterday off–shame on me. My first day off in more than six months. But I’m back at it today, with some (I hope) interesting stuff.

First, if you’re following my Sentinels of New Orleans series, I have a scene snippet from RIVER ROAD on my official website, announce the winners of the giveaway for a signed cover flat, and talk about a surprise coming on Monday.

Second, if you’ve been following my Penton Legacy books (written under Susannah Sandlin), I’m doing a cover reveal for book three, OMEGA, over at my SS website. Check it out! If you haven’t been following the tour for ABSOLUTION, which came out on October 9, scroll down for the chances to win prizes, including your choice of a Kindle paperwhite or $100 gift card to the online bookseller of your choice. The contest runs through the end of October.

Finally, I have a scene snippet, below, for CHRISTMAS IN DOGTOWN, a holiday short released a few days ago. It’s currently $2.99 and can be found for Kindle or Nook. Other formats coming soon. (Remember, if you don’t have a Kindle, you can download free Kindle apps for tablets, phones, and computers.) This story isn’t related to either series, but is set in Louisiana about thirty miles outside New Orleans, in St. James Parish. If you’ve read the story, please consider leaving a short review and a “like” at Amazon. It really helps authors!

Following the snippet…this week’s contest winners!

CHRISTMAS IN DOGTOWN is a story about a young woman named Resa Madere who’s on the verge of losing everything she’s worked for–her boyfriend dumped her, she lost her job, and she’s barely hanging onto her little house in New Orleans. So, to earn a little money, she has agreed to go back to the tiny crossroads community in St. James Parish where she grew up and help out her uncle Emile at the family meat market for three weeks. She worked hard to get away from Dogtown and is not thrilled to be back, because Dogtown has a way of sucking people in, and more secrets than she could ever guess.

     Mom met Resa at the front door of the little redbrick family home, the excitement on her face at seeing her only daughter making Resa feel both guilty and trapped.
     “Hey everybody, Theresa’s here!”
     Oh, Judas on a pony—a freaking welcoming committee.
     “Hey, Mom.” Resa let herself be enveloped in the ample arms of Jeanne Madere and herded into the living room, where a parade of cousins once-, twice-, and three-times removed patted, hugged, and generally agreed that it was about time Theresa Ann Madere came home to take care of her mama.
     Resa didn’t say so, but God help the person who tried to take care of Jeanne. The woman was a category five force of nature.
     “Hey there, beautiful girl.”
     Resa turned to the only person who could’ve convinced her to return to Dogtown and stick her hands in a bowl of ground meat and rice. Jeanne might dole out guilt and persuasion, but it was for Emile Madere that Resa had come. He’d aged visibly since last Christmas. His silver hair was thinner and tired creases carved ruts down either side of his mouth above his heavy beard, but his brown eyes still danced with life and she’d bet the long, nimble fingers that drew her into a tight embrace still played a fiddle so sweetly it could draw tears.
     Resa had loved her daddy with all her heart, but Uncle Aim held her soul.
     “I knew you’d come home. Let me look at you.” He pulled back and gave her a nodding appraisal. “That short hair’s a little citified, but reckon you still look like my favorite niece.”
     Resa smiled. “I’m your only niece. And what’s with this sick business? Maderes don’t get sick.” They really didn’t. She’d once made a list of everyone she knew who’d died. Among the alarming long tally of dead grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, none had succumbed to illness. They had accidents. A few flat-out disappeared, probably eaten by gators. Wild boars gored a few. Some drowned. A scary number of fatal snakebites.
     Resa figured the longer she stayed around Dogtown, the greater her chances of dying some horrific death by water or wildlife.
     “Emile, did you tell Resa the news?” Jeanne wore a long-sleeved tee covered in black sequins that reflected the Christmas tree lights in dizzying flashes. “About Chandler Caillou?”
     Resa growned inwardly. She’d wondered how long it would take for someone to mention the guy her family had been foisting on her since she was a toddler, or at least as early as she could remember. There were honest-to-God pictures, which Jeanne liked to trot out at family gatherings, of Resa and Chan tumbling around in diapers and sleeping side-by-side in a crib. She’d hoped that once she left Dogtown and settled in New Orleans, Jeanne would give up on her conviction that a Resa-Chan union was inevitable. 

     Apparently not. 

And now….for the weekly winners! If you see your name, please contact me HERE with the relevant info.

MAGGIE T won a copy of S.G. Rogers’ new release, TOURNAMENT OF CHANCE. I believe this is for an ebook, so please let me know your preferred format and email.

KAYLA B won a copy of my CHRISTMAS IN DOGTOWN story. This is for an ebook; please let me know your choice of format and preferred email.

BETH A won a mystery book from my unclaimed prize hoard–these are print books, so I’ll need your snail-mail address and choice of genre: sci fi, fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, or YA paranormal.

JOANNE B won this week’s Reader’s Choice, and she chose HIDDEN. This is a print book, so I’ll need your snail-mail address.

Those of you who entered the giveaway as part of Allison Pang’s tour, which has multiple giveaways, will be notified by the tour organizer if your name is chosen at the end of the tour.

Come back tomorrow for another BIG Reader’s Choice contest.

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  1. Thanks, Roger!

    Miki, I hope they get the other formats available soon. It’s my first time with this publisher so I’m not sure how long it will take 🙂

    • don’t worry at all, i can be really patient when i want it ( and if the kindle appl worked on my computer i would have used it but it suddendly stopped – and it really hurt my eyes anyway)

      but from the snippet i “liked” it already ^^