#UF Friday: W*n the new Patricia Briggs Graphic Novel-ALPHA & OMEGA

First, a commercial interruption. Be sure to head over to the Susannah Sandlin website today for two links to tour stops for Absolution. A comment at both stops gets you in the running for the bonus gift-card prizes and you can also enter for the big prize of a Kindle Paperwhite (or a $100 gift card to the online book retailer of your choice). My “real” vampires are giving their opinions on fictional vampires like Edward, Eric, and Vampire Bill, among others. It’s a fun post!

So…how do you feel about graphic novels? I was surprised to find this one in my mailbox a couple of weeks ago because a) I don’t usually review or promo graphic novels and b) I LOVE Patricia Briggs. Both her Mercy Thompson and Alpha and Omega series are among my favorites, and I love that she has two series that occupy the same world.
Want to win a copy? This is really a full-color, oversized hardback and has a great dust-jacket. Now, I’m not a big graphic novel person, so the images of Charles and Anna weren’t what I would have envisioned them, but if your a GN fan or a Briggs fan, you’ll love it.
Includes bonus material. Patricia Briggs’ Alpha and Omega series—set in a world of shifting shapes, loyalties, and passions—comes to life in this collection of four comic books based on Cry Wolf, the first book in the series….Anna never knew werewolves existed, until the night she survived a violent attack…and became one herself. After three years at the bottom of the pack, she’s learned to keep her head down and never, ever trust dominant males. Then Charles Cornick, the enforcer—and son—of the leader of the North American werewolves, came into her life….Charles insists that not only is Anna his mate, but she is also a rare and valued Omega wolf. And it is Anna’s inner strength and calming presence that will prove invaluable as she and Charles go on the hunt in search of a rogue werewolf—a creature bound in magic so dark that it could threaten all the pack…

So…I wasn’t aware there were comic books of the series. Have any of you seen them? Are you graphic novel fans? Leave a comment to win!

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32 thoughts on “#UF Friday: W*n the new Patricia Briggs Graphic Novel-ALPHA & OMEGA

  1. I have Mercy Thompson, Moon Called Volume One [won], Becoming by Kelly Armstrong, Kim Harrison’s Blood Work, and several Steven King’s Dark Tower graphic novels. Have ordered Kim’s Blood Crime. Not a big fan of graphic novel, but these are nice.

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    • From what I’ve seen of them, the quality of the Dark Tower graphic novels is really great. But…just not a fan. Once I got over my Casper the Friendly Ghost stage, I didn’t read comics, either, so that might be part of it.

  2. I have only one and it’s from from Mercy thompson serie ^^ because there is one that was published in french ” retour au sources” that explains a bit the event because moon called.Aparat that it nearly does not exist in my country.
    Since i’m a fan of Patricia briggs i was really happy to have it but the quality isn’t that high so when i read your description of this one.. i want i want!!!!

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    thank you for this so great prize!

  3. I’m not a huge fan of graphic novels, but I was a big fan of the old-fashioned comic book back before we ran out of room. I love Patricia Briggs, her characters are so real, not cardboard cutout one-dimensional characters.
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  4. I hadn’t seen or heard of the series in any form let alone comic. However, although I haven’t read many lately, I am a fan of graphic novels. ^.^ Thanks as always for the giveaway. 🙂

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  5. @Susan and @Sandy–we’re in the same boat. Not a huge GN fan, but I do love Patricia Briggs, so this book interested me. I still vastly prefer the “real” thing, though.

    @biochemguy…If you like urban fantasy, definitely give the Mercy Thompson series a try. Alpha and Omega is a second UF series set in the same world as the Mercy Thompson series. Patricia Briggs is a terrific writer!

  6. I like graphic novel. They’re fun an light to read. My favorite one are The Exile by Diana Gabaldon and Homecoming by Patricia Briggs. I also love to my read comic book. I’m a huge fan of Avatar : the last airbender and Elfquest.

  7. I love graphic novels, but the trend to make graphic novels out of ‘normal’ novels is something that I don’t really get I will confess. I do hate it that the graphic novels often have extra content or in the case of the Mercy gns even extra stories so you are almost forced to buy them to getthe whole story.

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  8. I like graphic novels. I didn’t know there were comic books for this series.

    I follow the blog.


  9. A lot of my favorite series I found have graphic versions of them. I haven’t tried them yet and want to! If they have my favorite characters, I want to see them again.

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  10. It’s hard to balance doing exactly what’s in a “normal” novel with the options opened *and closed!* by a graphic format. A picture is worth a thousand words, but… some of them don’t make it into a picture, so you have to either do something differently in the graphic or have more text than works in a GN format. This can lead to the “there are discrepancies between how Mercy & Adam met” or “there’s more story in the GN than in the novels” and so on.
    But each format has its strengths, and one of the good things about doing both is that one will bring the “I only read GNs” to the “normal novel” series, and the other way around.

    I particularly liked, in “Homecoming” seeing Zee’s son, even if it was when he was a small child, rather than the college student of the “current” time frame.

  11. I love graphic novels, but I haven’t read any taken from a novel! Would love to!

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  12. I love patricia briggs and would love to read this one too to compare to the book…I just read the Soulless graphic novel by Gail Carriger to compare to the book so I’m not a fan of graphic novels but I do enjoy them
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  13. My daughter loves graphic novels and we both love Patricia Briggs! She has many, but her most recent obsession is Fables and any graphic novel that Kelley Armstrong publishes. Thanks!

  14. I like Graphic novels, I think its a nice complement to the original book. I wasn’t aware till now that there was a GN for this series, the cover looks great!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

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  15. I’d love to win the Alpha & Omega graphic novel. I love Patricia Briggs’ books. Would be cool to see the book in picture.

    I think graphic novels of books are becoming the new ‘thing’, sort of. I’ve seen them for a few different things. There’s at least two for the first two books of the Vampire Academy series, two volumes for Twilight, and I think I’ve seen some for Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series (can’t remember if it’s out now or soon to be released).

    I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen of graphic novels so far. It’s almost like when they make movies of books, except maybe they stay more true to the book, than movies sometimes do.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

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  16. I have a few graphic novels – Laurell Hamilton’s Anita Blake series, The Walking Dead series, Stephen King’s The Stand series and Gunslinger series, Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson, Charlaine Harris’ Grave Sight, and Kim Harrison’s Blood Work!

    Love the illustrations and seeing how the character looks to the author!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

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  17. I adore Patricia Briggs & I love full colour graphic novels! I have read the Moon Called graphic and Mercy Thompson: Homecoming. Homecoming was my favourite. I loved the new story and the graphics were great!

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    Thank you so very much!!

  18. The only graphic novel I own is the one for the Vampire Lestat! I would love to read this one, the alpha and omega series is one of my favourites, the relationship between Charles and Anna is brilliant.

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  19. Hmm I’m not usually a graphic novel fan, but I’m always willing to try new things 🙂

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