Interview with a Loup-Garou: Jake Warin of River Road Speaks Up

Check back in a few hours for this week’s winners as well as some photos from my New Orleans trip. Also, later today, I’ll be posting an annotated first chapter of River Road on my website, so keep checking. Click HERE to read.

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*** Jake Warin is being interviewed today at Happy Tails and Tales. Enter here for the big Tour Prizes, including the choice of Kindle or Nook. Comment at this blog for a chance at the $25 gift card and for a mystery book prize. And because I adore Maghon, who runs this blog, I’ll add a signed copy of River Road to the prize pot.

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First, for each tour stop, I’ll be drawing a commenter’s name at random to win a mystery book from  my book hoard. Winners from this week’s tour stops are: BECKEY, BARBARA E, MIKI, ROGER, ANNE R, READSALOT81, ALLISON, FUNDINMENTAL, and CAT. I have some UK editions of Royal Street available if you’d like one of those, or I’ll pull a title at random from my monstrous book stash!

Also, DONNA S won the Reader’s Choice contest this week, and she chose River Road. Donna, if you don’t have Royal Street and would prefer that one, let me know!

I had fun in New Orleans last week, but didn’t get as many photos as I’d have liked. Here are a few, but the streets were so torn up around town as the city resurfaces everything in advance of the Super Bowl that I didn’t shoot a lot. I had a chance to go to Plaquemines Parish for dinner the night before I left, at a spot called Lil G’s–there wasn’t time to go all the way down to Buras to the Black Velvet (those of you who’ve already read River Road will remember the Black Velvet!). But here are a few shots.

The entrance to the Morial Convention Center–Poseidon and a Gator, of course. Arching behind the convention center (which is a really unattractive building) are the spans of the GNO, the Greater New Orleans Bridge (aka the Crescent City Connection) that goes over the Mississippi River.

French Quarter, Bourbon Street, in the morning before all the crazies come out to play!

Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar–this is one of the oldest buildings in New Orleans and in the early 1800s was one of Jean Lafitte’s legitimate business fronts for their smuggling operations. His brother Pierre ran the business while Jean did the smuggling. It’s cool that some buildings from his time are still around!

12 thoughts on “Interview with a Loup-Garou: Jake Warin of River Road Speaks Up

  1. Maghon did a very enthusiastic review of River Road, I really enjoyed it and the interview with Jake. I will check back later for the pictures of your New Orleans trip. And WOW, an annotated chapter one of River Road, love those.

  2. Awwww!!! Ms Suzanne… I adore you to the sky and back…. And though I won’t say it… You totally had my head spinning in those last few sentences… But YAY!!! To writing another wonderfully magnificent book!!! Now pretty please give Jake a big kiss for me 🙂

  3. I loved the Jean’s shop….I got a picture of that when I went, inside and out. We went in and had their famous drink. I think it was a hurricane. It was so cool inside there. They said it was the first bar 🙂 I love New Orleans!

  4. Thanks, guys–I love Lafitte’s as well. It’s very rustic and dark on the inside, as Tanya can attest! It’s also rumored to be haunted by the ghost of Jean Lafitte but since his brother actually spent time there, moreso than Jean, I kind of doubt it.

  5. i love to see your pictures and learning one of jean house is still up ^^ i didn’t think about it until now but that’s great yes!

    thank you for the win once again ( and congrats to others winners ! Way Roger go go^^)