#Steampunk #Frankenstein, Anyone?

First, here are today’s stops on the River Roadbook tour. There are prizes galore—check the column at the right for Tour Prizes. Today’s two stops are both official tour spots, so you can enter for the tour-wide prizes as well as the commenter prizes.
*** Frankie at Blooding Book Reviews has a review of River Road today, so check it out!
*** There’s a promo over at Nomi’s Paranormal Palace today. Naomi’s a fan of the Susannah Sandlin series, so I’m glad to be able to promo River Road on her blog as well.
Now, today, I’m excited about offering this book as a giveaway. Steampunk: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is part of same series where we found Steampunk Poe, from the folks at Running Press. This is NOT a steampunk rewrite of Frankenstein, but is the original Mary Shelley story, with gorgeous full-color illustrations by Zdenko Basic and Manuel Sumberac. 
Zdenko Basic is a costume and set designer for The Merlin Theatre in Somerset, England, and has illustrated classic children’s books such as Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio and Snow White. He also received the 2009 Croatian Association of Artists of Applied Arts award for best young artist.
This is a beautiful, beautiful book. Seriously, you want this in your library. (And I have it on good authority that Steampunk H.G. Wells is coming soon!)
Just leave a comment—have you read the original 1818 story by Mary Shelley? I have to be honest and say I had not read it until a few years ago; I only knew the old horror movie. (Believe me, the book’s much better.) No hoops today. Leave a comment; get an entry. Easy-peasy!

18 thoughts on “#Steampunk #Frankenstein, Anyone?

  1. Sorry to say that I have not read it. I always think I am going to get to it, but there are so many books to read!
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  2. Yes, yes, yes! I have read and absolutely LOVE the original “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley. It is absolutely genius. Seriously, for those who haven’t read it, you really should. It’s a classic for a reason! I can’t imagine how stunning this version with the illustrations must be – WOW. I’d love to have this in my collection!! I missed out on the Steampunk Poe book giveaway, glad I could visit for this one 🙂

  3. Ok…I haven’t been entering contests because I’m so excited about River Road and have been following the tour. BUT this book looks fantastic just from the cover..I love Frankenstein’s story and now steampuck version…very cool. Please count in for this.
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  4. I have read the original book, haven’t seen the films, i did see Van Helsing and i liked how they incorporated altered bits therein, i do love fiddling with old stories like this. Yes Please, i do so hope i might win

  5. I have indeed read the book. I’m a bit of a gothic horror fiend, as well as a steampunk enthusiast.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

    alisondeluca at hotmail dot com