DJ’s Wizard Shopping Guide (& Pocket Potions G*veaway)

DJ here. Jean Lafitte’s still off in a pout about being asked to do a Zombie Gift Guide. I thought it was pretty funny but the pirate’s got a sensitive side, apparently. So I thought I’d take over today and pick out some of my favorite wizarding and magical gifts available out there. Oh, and Suzanne said to tell you there’s no tour stops until Sunday so no worries about that. Some fun stuff coming up next week, though!

Okay, I have my own Christmas wish list, which I’ll be sharing with you next week, but if I were going to buy magical gifts for my friends…well, okay, most of my friends wouldn’t like these at all. But I do, so here you go.

A Hand-Carved Wand
I always envied that Harry Potter crew and their wands. Of course now that I have Charlie, who needs a wand? Wands are wasted on Green Congress wizards anyway. Still, walking around with a wand is just cool, right?

Pocket Potions
Holy crap–I want these! You know how I love to carry spare potions vials around in my pockets. Of course these are really antibacterial hand cleaners for getting prete cooties off your hands.

Wooden Wizard Puzzle
This is kinda cool, and it’s handmade. *Looks in mirror* I wonder how I’d look in a pointy hat and a robe? I’m thinking dorkier than usual.

Wizardy Wall Art
This reminds me of my shelves in my library, where I keep all my herbs and metals and gemstones and potions stuff. Only it’s miniature. I think this would look cute behind the bar at the Green Gator. Well, until Jake took it down and threw it away. Guess it’s not manly enough.

Cypress Wizard Santa
Ooh! Gotta have for my mantel. It’s a cypress knee, which is so Louisiana, and then painted like a misshapen wizard.

It’s a Wizard, Babe
Okay, I was channeling Rene there for a minute. Actually, Alex has a new niece, and I’m thinking this would be a great thing to send for a Christmas gift and sign as if it’s from him. *Snickers* Wait till Norma reams him a new one! Oh, wait. It’s a crochet pattern. I don’t do crafts. Forget it. I’ll find another way to annoy Alex.

Lord of the Rings Bracelet
Oh yeah. Eugenie will love this. I dragged her to a Lord of the Rings movie marathon last week. Almost ten hours and five tubs of popcorn later, she swore if I mentioned ever so much as mentioned the name Gandalf she’d kill me. Of course she has no idea wizards are real. And elves. Real elves do not carry bows and arrows and do not all look like Orlando Bloom in a blond wig and tights. Pity, that.

Trust Me, I’m a Wizard
I think I’ll buy this for Adrian Hoffman, speaker of the Elders. What an ass. He’d never be caught dead in a t-shirt. All the more reason to get him one. Plus he’d know it was meant as snark because I don’t trust him an inch.

So, what’s your favorite? I’ll give away a set of Pocket Potions to a commenter. They might be real potions; they might not. I’ll never tell. No hoop-jumping like Suzanne makes you do. Just leave a comment!

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20 thoughts on “DJ’s Wizard Shopping Guide (& Pocket Potions G*veaway)

  1. Love this post and love Harry Potter. Here is a funny story for all: My daughter who was about 3 years old used to watch the first 3 Harry Potter movies with my husband and I would yell “Expelliarmus” at us when she would get in trouble.

    pefrw at yahoo dot com

  2. A magic wand, of course! The puzzle is pretty good, too.
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  3. LOVE the wands DJ!! And Jean’s sensitive because you’ve rebuffed him:)) Although I’m all for making the guy earn our attention:)

    The T-shirt rocks as well, as does the miniature Wizardy wall art.

    Thanks for dropping by DJ:))

  4. Yeah, what great picks DJ! Way better than those zombie things. I already have my own wand, it is of twisted rosewood, with rosequarts on both ends. It is supposed to be especially good for using it in health spells. But as I am not magical, it doesn’t work for me.
    I also love that Cypress Wizard. And the bracelet.

  5. Thanks for all the comments, guys! DJ has run off to try and pacify Jean Lafitte (otherwise–you know the pirate–he’ll be claiming she owes him all kinds of favors). There were some fun things here, though!

  6. Well…I have to say that I would be happy receiving any of these awesome gifts for Christmas and I know a few people who I might be buying a few for! My most fav would have to be the wand! It compliments any outfit, would be a great conversation starter, you could in a pinch use it to stir your coffee, it would make a great back scratcher to reach the hard to get to spot in the middle of your back and of course for the purpose it was meant…casting a magical spell.