New Orleans Scenes, Superpowers, & Weekly W*nners

We’re heading into the final week of the River Road virtual tour, with some special stuff in store (Thursday is going to be cuh-razy, so stay tuned). These will be the last chances to enter for the big tour-wide giveaway of the choice of Kindle, Nook, or $100 gift card to your online bookseller of choice.

Next, a request. If you’ve read River Road and haven’t done so, would you take a few minutes to leave a review on Amazon? Good or bad–whatever you thought of it. Amazon uses the number of reviews a book has in its algorithms of what does and doesn’t get promoted in its emails, so even a two-sentence review is a huge help.

Today’s tour stop is an interview with Michelle at the Mom with a Kindle blog, where I answer such burning questions as “beach or pool” and what book I think everyone should read. Remember, comments enter you for a daily giveaway from the Book Horde. (NOTE: At posting time, the interview had not yet gone up. I’ll keep checking and update this when and if it goes live.)

I’m also being interviewed (literally–it’s an audio file) by Steve Gierhart, an Alabama author and publisher, for a program he did this weekend at the library in Huntsville, Alabama, about four or five hours northwest of where I live. I’m mostly yapping about writing, but if you want to listen, here’s the link. Click on the arrow at the top of the page to play the sound file.

Now…ready for some new River Road backstory? Here are some notes from Chapter 3. (Or if you just can’t wait, scroll on down for the weekly winners!)

“People jog at dawn for a reason. If they wait, their brains will wake up and convince them there are things they’d rather do. Like have oral surgery. Which is why I was standing in the Fly at five a.m., half asleep.”

The Fly is a stretch of land behind Audubon Park along the river in uptown New Orleans and is one of the few places you can access the river without climbing over the levee or sneaking onto a wharf. The Fly (short for Butterfly) is actually atop the levee.

“The majority of riverfront property had long ago been consumed by the stuff of commerce: warehouses, whatves, cruise terminals, port offices.”

This shot is pretty typical of the riverfront as it goes through the city–the Port of New Orleans handles more cargo than any other port in the U.S. This is an aerial shot of the Julia Street Wharf and cruise terminal.

“Gravel crunched to my left, and I turned as a shiny black Mercedes convertible pulled into the parking lot next to my dusty red SUV.”

Alex drives a Mercedes and DJ drives a beat-up Nissan Pathfinder. Life ain’t fair.

“He knew if a beignet called my name, I’d leave the jogging trail in a dusting of powdered sugar and never look back.”

The most famous purveyor of beignets in New Orleans is the Cafe du Monde. They’re delish squares of fried dough smothered in powdered sugar.

“I wanted to take some water samples to compare with what we get at Pass a Loutre.”

Pass a Loutre is the easternmost section of the mouth of the Mississippi River, where it enters the Gulf of Mexico. In River Road, Pass a Loutre is the first area where the poisoned water shows up, and DJ and the gang have to spend a lot of time there. (If you’ve read the scenes where DJ’s struggling her way through high grass you can see it here.)  Pass a Loutre is also part of a federally protected wildlife management area (The Birdfoot Delta), with controlled hunting at different times of the year…unless you’re a merman, of course. Pass a Loutre was severely impacted by the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill (you can see oil on the water in the third photo). A portion of the proceeds from River Road is going to help with ongoing oil spill remediation in this area–another reason books make great holiday gifts!

Sigh. Now I’m depressed. Oh well.

And now, finally, the weekly winners! Please email me with your contact info. If you won a “Book Horde” book, please see the tab at the top and tell me if there’s a particular book you want. This is still a partial list, so if there’s nothing here you want and you have a particular genre you want me to pick something from to surprise you, just let me know….and please be patient. I’m doing a LOT of mailings. Everything will get out eventually but three or four packages a day is all I can wrap up and carry 🙂

ANNIE SLASHER won the Pocket Potions from DJ’s Gift Guide.
PAMK won a Book Horde book.
BARB P won a Book Horde book.
RACHEL V won Tim Lebbon’s London Eye.
REBE won a Book Horde book.
MELANIE HALL won a Book Horde book.
READSALOT81 won your choice of Boone Brux’s Shield of Fire or Kiss of the Betrayer.
WINNIE won a Book Horde book.
ALLISON won a Book Horde book.
AQUARIAN DANCER won this week’s Reader’s Choice contest; she chose Hearts of Atlantis by Alyssa Day.

6 thoughts on “New Orleans Scenes, Superpowers, & Weekly W*nners

  1. I need a beignet now:)) They look so so good:)

    This is a wonderful post – it helps us visualize your stories’ setting:)

  2. The River Road backstory and pictures are fun. The beignets really look good. Listened to the interview and enjoyed. Thanks.

  3. Oh my god. LOL – Those beignets look absolutely delicious!!

    Those pictures are lovely!

    I shot you an email.. but I chose Kiss of the Betrayer. 🙂