Read a Deleted Chapter from Royal Street: Booked

Thanks for joining me for “Free Fiction Week”–it has been fun tweaking and re-posting my Sentinels short stories. I’m finishing off the week with a deleted chapter from Royal Street. It was a chapter I liked, but, as my editor pointed out, it didn’t really “advance the story.” But it was fun!

Click here to read Booked. 

10 thoughts on “Read a Deleted Chapter from Royal Street: Booked

  1. “Well, it’s time for Truman Capote to come out of the closet.” One of my favorite LOL lines from D.J. Of the stories we read this week Pirate’s Alley is my favorite. Thanks Suzanne, this has been fun.

  2. LOL. I love that line too, Roger 🙂

    Glad you’ve enjoyed seeing the stories again, and “Pirate’s Alley” is my favorite too. More Jean stories coming before too long!

  3. more jean stories you really know how to catch my interest ^^

    i loved this chapter sad it wasn’t in the book because it was a great little fun addition^^. sure Dj will have some trouble if she had to ask their help in the futur