Readers Write: Review & G*veaway, THE WRATH OF ANGELS by John Connolly

First, thanks to Wicked Lil Pixies for the awesome review of River Road today! You can check it out here.

Today for “Readers Write.,” I’m welcoming guest reviewer Cherry from the fabulous Cherry Mischievous website, who’s sharing a review of The Wrath of Angels, the newest book from one of her favorite series, John Connolly’s Charlie Parker paranormal crime series. This is a series I haven’t read but it has definitely gone on my wish list. I really do need more time to read! (And I’ll be announcing two weeks’ worth of giveaways on Saturday, so please go ahead and enter this week. My day job has just run away with me!)

There’s a giveaway at the end, so read on. 

ABOUT THE WRATH OF ANGELS:  In the depths of the Maine woods, the wreckage of an aeroplane is discovered. There are no bodies, and no such plane has ever been reported missing, but men both good and evil have been seeking it for a long, long time. What the wreckage conceals is more important than money: it is power. Hidden in the plane is a list of names, a record of those who have struck a deal with the Devil. Now a battle is about to commence between those who want the list to remain secret and those who believe that it represents a crucial weapon in the struggle against the forces of darkness….The race to secure the prize draws in private detective Charlie Parker, a man who knows more than most about the nature of the terrible evil that seeks to impose itself on the world, and who fears that his own name may be on the list. It lures others too: a beautiful, scarred woman with a taste for killing; a silent child who remembers his own death; and the serial killer known as the Collector, who sees in the list new lambs for his slaughter…..But as the rival forces descend upon this northern state, the woods prepare to meet them, for the forest depths hide other secrets….Someone has survived the crash….Some thing has survived the crash….And it is waiting . . .(Description taken from publisher information on Goodreads)

Review by Cherry of Cherry Mischievous:

A SCENE I’D READ TWICE: My favourite scene of course involved my favourite characters. I just love Sam!! In my head I see a mischievous and angelic Shirley Temple who is also a little girly version of Charlie Parker.

Sam tended to be slightly in awe of Angel and Louis on the rare occasions she got to meet them. She was comfortable with Angel, who made her laugh, but she had also developed a certain shy fondness for Louis. She hadn’t yet managed to convince him to hold her hand, but he seemed to tolerate the way that she clutched the belt of his overcoat.
Please keep in mind that these men are hard-asses who are feared and respected in the Chicago gangland. And then to be wrapped around a little girl’s little finger! Loved it!!! Yeah, me sucker for sap!
I DIDN’T QUITE BUY: It’s not that I didn’t buy it, it’s more like it irked me a bit. So I don’t like stupid characters. Then there’s this two supposedly sensible modern couple who walks to their death quite merrily and ignore and rationalize away the danger signs, even the blatant ones! What the heck!! But then again this is a murder mystery, which means, somebody gotta die… 

THE WORLD: This is Book 11 in the series so the world building is by now, well established in my reader’s mind. Book 1 was a straight crime fiction. Then slowly John Connolly introduced the paranormal elements. I like the “angels and demons” theme as the over-arcing plot for the series. What I didn’t like was that sometimes John Connolly introduces a paranormal element which is left hanging in the air with the slimmest, threadbare connection to the story. However, these would eventually make more sense in subsequent books. And by the way, Book 12 wouldn’t come out until about next year… *sigh*

THE CHARACTERS: John Connolly knows how to weave a character. As a reader I can’t help loving Charlie Parker. He is human enough to make mistakes without being stupid. Which makes it very easy for me to connect with him. He tries his best despite the odds stacked against him. He is like a fallen angel private investigator version of Harry Dresden. Okey, so I am a die-hard Dresden Files series fan! Still, the character development is fabulously woven! Plus there is Sam, the cutest little angel who is trying to figure the world out in her own way… who wouldn’t love that?!!
GENERAL THOUGHTS: The books in this series gotta be read in sequence because like I said in the world building, John Connolly builds on the previous books’ plot. And in each book is revealed an aspect of the over-arcing plot of the series so if you missed one book and jump to the next, tendency is that you would get confused.
Overall rating: 4.5 of 5 stars. 
Thanks, Cherry! I am such a diehard Harry Dresden geek, I can’t understand how I’ve totally missed this series…*must do something about this* 
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17 thoughts on “Readers Write: Review & G*veaway, THE WRATH OF ANGELS by John Connolly

  1. Golly, this sounds like one I would like…especially if the world building is gently introduced as the books go along (because my stage 4 adult-onset ADHD can be a problem with some spec fic books!).
    And who doesn’t love little angels?

  2. ‘Every Dead Thing’ is one of my favourite books! If you are going to get into the Charlie Parker series start at the beginning with this book and work your way through the series. You will not regret it. Each book extends the character and John Connolly has written a classic series.

  3. I can’t believe I’ve never even heard of this series. Not sure if it would totally be my cup of tea.

    I can definitely understand needing to read the series in order. I am shocked when people read books in the middle or end of a series and then wonder why they don’t understand stuff.

    I just finished a book yesterday and read some of the reviews afterwards (it was the second book in a series). And most of the reviewers said that they hadn’t read book 1.

  4. Thanks for the review Cherry. It sounds spooky and mysterious and I’d love to win a copy. Please enter my name in the draw. Thanks and have a great 2013 everyone!

  5. Oh wow, this book sounds so good! Seriously, the whole list thing with the devil, and how its a paranormal murder mystery sounds like something I’d really enjoy! Thank you for the review- I’ve never heard of this series until now!

  6. I’m in the middle of john connoly’s the whisperer, and so far i loved it! I have the loversin the pile, and hope i can add this one in my pile