Retro Review & G*veaway: A PERFECT BLOOD by Kim Harrison

Welcome to a “retro review”—taking a look at a book that’s not a new release but deserves a re-visit. I’m currently reading Ever After, the new book in Kim Harrison’s Hollows series (which will be released on Jan. 22), so in preparation for it I first re-read book ten, A Perfect Blood.  

ABOUT A PERFECT BLOOD:  Ritually murdered corpses are appearing across Cincinnati, terrifying amalgams of human and other. Pulled in to help investigate by the I.S. and FIB, former witch turned day-walking demon Rachel Morgan soon realizes a horrifying truth: a human hate group is trying to create its own demons to destroy all Inderlanders, and to do so, it needs her blood. She’s faced vampires, witches, werewolves, demons, and more, but humanity itself might be her toughest challenge yet

A SCENE I’D READ TWICE: Well, anything that has Al in it, of course. That goes without saying. I think one of my favorite scenes, though, is the point at which Rachel finally accepts what she is and realizes she has hurt everyone by denying it. That was such a huge turning point for her that it regenerated my whole love for this series and made me very anxious for the final three books (sob).
I DIDN’T QUITE BUY: Not so much that I didn’t buy it, but I thought the members of the terrorist group doing these horrific genetic mutations were too easy. The dumb woman, the bitchy woman, the alpha male, the dumb guy. They kind of all fit into a pattern. A horrible pattern, but maybe they could have been given a little more depth. The best of the bunch was the scientist—we at least saw a little of her rationale and passion.
THE WORLD: The world-building in this series is awesome. The use of Cincinnati expands to a lot of backlots and museum basements and underground tunnels in this one. The magical system is as intricate and fun, and, Tink’s Pink Panties, you can’t beat Jenks as the best pixy on earth. There’s a real sense of the stakes rising dramatically, though, not only involving those who would eradicate the denizens of the Hollows with their genetic experimentation, but between Rachel and Trent. Speaking of which…
THE CHARACTERS: Okay, I’ll admit it. He’s a murderer. He has a warped sense of morality. He has fine, blond, wispy hair, which is not my type at all.  But Trent and his wild magic totally fascinate me, and the romantic in me can’t help but think if Rachel’s going to make another disastrous romantic choice, which she has a tendency to do, Trent would be a good one to do it with. Do I trust him? Probably more than I should. But Ivy seems to have moved on with her life, and Jenks as well. Rachel needs a better ever-after partner than Al. And my favorite demon had FAR too little a role in this book. 
GENERAL THOUGHTS: A lot of reviewers weren’t wild about this installment in the series, but I looked at it as a setup book in many ways. It’s setting things up for what looks like will be a huge confrontation between the hate groups and the Other. It’s a setup for Rachel to perhaps learn once and for all what her capacity for doing magic is as a demon, and learn who are her friends and who are her enemies. It’s a setup to a different kind of working (if not also personal) relationship between Trent and Rachel. There’s an interesting new vampire in town with Felix. And now Kim Harrison has three more books, including this month’s new release, to unfold it all. I, for one, can’t wait!
Want to win a copy of A Perfect Blood (or any of the Hollows series except Ever After, which I’ll be giving away an ARC of next week)? Do you like the series? If you’ve read it, what did you think of A Perfect Blood?

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27 thoughts on “Retro Review & G*veaway: A PERFECT BLOOD by Kim Harrison

  1. I am one of those guilty reviewers that just didn’t like this installment to The Hallows series. The plot was just too easy and predictable. I thought after the last book that Rachel was finally growing, progressing, and maybe even learning. Is she? In my opinion…I don’t think so. Yet, she is the character that I love to hate. The world Kim created in this series is addictive and I will not give up on it just because I didn’t like Perfect Blood. So. I will be anxiously awaiting Ever After!
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    • I’m about halfway through Ever After, Annie, and I’m seeing a maturity in Rachel that I haven’t seen before. I think a lot of A Perfect Blood was a setup for the series closers, so with two more books to go after EA, it will be interesting to see where Kim takes some interesting new twists in Rachel’s life. So far, some key series characters are not in EA at all, and some old characters are brought back.

  2. I haven’t read a perfect blood yet because i got some problem to get my copy but i love this series and i can’t wait to read this as well as everything i’m still missing^^

    Yes i think Trent would be a good partner for her if he decide to let go his childhood animosity^^ ( i mean Al come on..; that would be so problematic he can’t be with her i’m not even sure he want to be with her for good)

    • Trent is going through a lot of changes himself as he rebels against his “businessman/role model” persona and learns to be a father. So it’s going to be really interesting, with both Trent and Rachel changing and growing, to see how they finally resolve their relationship, both personal and professional.

  3. Dead Witch Walking was my first Paranormal Urban Fantasy read and is the reason I found the genre. The Hollows series and Kim Harrison hold a special place in my reading life.

    “I am a writer. I will write. Come with me. I’ll tell you a damn fine story. – Kim Harrison”.

    Really getting excited for Ever After – soon now.

    • I’m hoping to finish Ever After this weekend–this is, next to the Dresden series (which I love for many of the reasons you love this one–it was my first dip into this genre), my favorite UF series.

  4. I definitely want to read this because of the world-building. Hopefully it can be read out of order? It sounds a bit scary with the murders but also interesting in an exciting way. I like the variety of paranormal characters it introduces.

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    • Hmmm….yes, I guess it would work reading out of order, but you’d miss out on a lot of the backstory with their relationships. This is definitely a series worth reading in order, though!

  5. I need to read more books in this series, I’m a little late. I read them in French but they stopped the publishing (too bad because I loved the covers), so I finally bought book 5 and it still waits for me. But I really can’t wait to read it. And I think I’ll read the others at the same time.

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    • They didn’t sell well, they also stopped the Kate Daniels series, Jim Butcher and Jennifer Rardin at the same time, too bad it was some amazing series. Fortunately I buy them now in English. Just sad for the others. LOL I gave up for the matched set, I have many series started in French and many more sequels in English. I’m too impatient to wait for the same format. But I finally try to finish some in French when I have many books of the same one.

  6. Ahhh… one of my favorite series and three of my favorite “side” characters:Al,Trent and Jenks. Especially Jenks! I just love all his expressions “Tinks little pink panties, etc) and I wish I had a pixy like Jenks to hang around with. I agree, Al was too little used in this book; hopefully that changes in the next. I will really miss this series when it ends 🙁
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  7. This is one of my favorite urban fantasy series – best itchy witch ever and I am definitely a Trenchel fan! I have all the books and I preordered Ever After already! 🙂

    Some of my books are in less than great condition since I have re-read them so much, so I would love to get one of the earlier ones!

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!
    Leanne 🙂

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  8. I have not read kim’s book. Even her book has not publish in my country, I think passion in reading in my country is quite low so not much publisher dare to take a risk to publish so many genre and I don’t got so much recommend book, but I think I will try to read Kim’s book soon 🙂

  9. I’d love a copy of the first book, because I kinda haven’t read any of the series even though I’ve heard it’s awesome. Yeah I suck. Anyway thanks for the giveaway!

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  10. I’d love a copy of the first book in the series White Witch, Black Curse since I haven’t read this series as yet!

    I’m a blog, twitter and Facebook follower.

  11. I do the same thing before the next book comes out…I skim through and refresh my memory. Especially in a series I really enjoy like this one. I love this group of characters…big AL fan here too 🙂 I’d love a copy of A perfect Blood…I have already read it but it was on my kindle 🙁 I’d love to have a hard copy. I haven’t figured out how to bookmark favorite areas of a book yet. It’s so much better to just grab a hard copy. Thanks so much for the giveaway.
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  12. I’ve read some of the series, but I still have a few more to read. I’m missing Black Magic Sanction from the series so I’d love that one.

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  13. Haven’t read the series yet. He sounds like a different kind of character.

    I follow the blog.


  14. I have not read any of the Hollows series, so I would choose to receive Dead Witch Walking.
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  15. I just checked my booklist, and for some reason, I have not yet bought this book, nor read it. And now the next one is coming out soon. I need to get caught up asap! Thanks for the chance to win a copy Suzanne.

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