DJ’s Funny Valentine: Love in the Sentinels World

DJ woke this morning to find four packages on her front porch. Which one should she accept? Which one should she respond to with a polite note that says, “Thanks, but this is just a token of friendship, right”? Which one should she send back with a “Not only no, but hell no”?
A nicely wrapped, square box tied with a red bow. Inside, DJ finds two red, heart-shaped pieces of Godiva Chocolates, a small pistol, and a box of ammo. The handwritten note, on a folded index card (white, no lines), says: “Firing range, 9 p.m. Wear something sexy, and I might let you hold my weapon of choice.—Alex”
A bottle of German Riesling, DJ’s favorite, with a raffia-tied card from Martin’s Wine Cellar, that is signed: “Let’s try again.—Jake”
An ornately carved wooden, hinged box lined in white silk. Inside is a very expensive bottle of French perfume. A folded note on Hotel Monteleone stationery, written in elegant, looping script which DJ has trouble reading, is finally interpreted thus: “For our next dinner date, ma Jolie. Yours, Jn. Laffite.”  (This is the real signature of “Laffite,” by the way.)

An exotic winter-blooming lily in a terracotta pot with scrollwork around the lip, and hanging from its top leaf, a gold chain upon which hangs a small peridot heart. A simple notecard, tucked among the leaves, says “Mysteries make the heart grow fonder.—Rand.”


So…let’s have a vote? Whose gift will DJ take, or will she leave them all on the porch?

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

35 thoughts on “DJ’s Funny Valentine: Love in the Sentinels World

  1. Alex is my fave but the gun does nothing for me. I would keep the chocolate send back the gun with a note that reads: You wish I would hold your weapon of choice – Try again.”

    Rand, he’s the nymph guy? Is dating her friend for heaven sakes!
    I think I would say no way water boy.

    Jake – too brooding, pissed off and scary.
    She should say – Let’s be friends.

    Jean Laffite is too irritating and he’s also dead. She should keep the parfum and tell Jean: Je ne voudrais pas mange avec vous!

    • Ha! I think the gun’s kind of funny, given that it’s Alex, but I do like your response. It’s definitely something DJ would say.

      Rand is the strange guy across the street who’s dating her friend but seems to always be watching her. “No way, plant boy” would be the perfect response to him. Or “get lost, plant boy.”

      Jake=problems. Exactly.

      Jean=definitely keep the perfume and the box. She SHOULD say she’d never have dinner with him again, but she does find him hard to resist. It’s the accent.

  2. Yikes . . . tough choice. I have to go with Alex, but that perfume bottle is tempting. And so is Jean.

    I do need a signature like that. I should go practice . . . I could sign my credit card checks with an excellent flourish.

    • Isn’t that a great signature? I saw a whole letter he’d written, and I’d never seen such flourishes! I always thought it interesting that he signed his name “Laffite,” as did his brother Pierre (with two fs and one t), yet he’s persistently been called “Lafitte,” with one f and two ts.

  3. I like Alex and I like the guns and chocolate but I LOVE Jean! I don’t know whether it’s the accent or what but he is my favorite!

    • LOL. She might very well. Actually, I think she’d keep the chocolate and return the gun. Keep the wine. Keep the perfume but try to explain to Jean why it doesn’t mean what he wants it to mean. And throw Rand’s back on his stoop and hope Eugenie doesn’t find out what a two-timer he’s trying to be.

  4. LOL@ Keeping all the gifts. It’d make her life even more complicated.. (If that’s possible)

    Hmmm.. I’m gonna go with Alex. Dammit. I really have a soft spot for him after reading River Road.

    Those other gifts are tempting, but nope, I’ll say Alex FTW! 😀

  5. I would say that she will take Alex’s gift of Chocolates and leave the rest!! It is a known fact that chocolate is a temptation that a woman just can not refuse!!! 🙂
    Happy reading and writing*

    • There you go–I think so too. She’ll keep the chocolate, be thankful he gave her real chocolate instead of one of those nasty protein bars coated in wax that he eats, and send the gun back to him. Or “lose” it.

  6. … rand’s gift make all my warning bells scream like banshee so she should let it there and say no way! never! go away^^

    the wine, it’s one of my favourite too so keep it and tell Jake that’s a great taken of friendship, nothing more ( at least he took her taste into account)

    our dear pirate’s gifts are lovely but he shouldn’t expect something in return^^ after all a perfum is something personnal and if it picked the wrong one teh message is comletely different

    alex’s gift… could keep it but teh response should be ” playing? don’t dreams boy!”

    • Your Rand radar is right on target. He’s up to something…we just don’t know what.

      I think Alex sent the note just to freak DJ out, and it would probably work.

  7. Definitely no to Jake and Rand. Too much trouble. I like Alex’s note best. Keep the chocolate. I’m not much into guns although DJ’s job seems to be getting more dangerous, so she needs to learn how to protect herself. Jean more have all the romance, but he’s dead, so he’s out of luck. Nice collection of gifts. Some of us just hope for a card!

    • LOL, yes, it’s that “technically dead” thing that DJ can’t quite get past. As long as she has Charlie, I think DJ can let Alex keep his guns. Although the girl does need to learn to aim better!

  8. How come leaving all the gifts is an option but taking them all wasn’t? 😉

    I’d say accept Jake’s. To me, sweet and endearing tugs the heartstrings in a more profound, if less immediate, way than “sexy.”

    • And that also makes it the most interesting choice with the possibility for repercussions that go far beyond what one could imagine! 🙂

  9. I think she should accept Alex’s gift. After book 2 I’m super eager for her to go in that direction. Alex…sigh..JL gift is nice also and I think she should take it but for him to not expect anything more than friendship..he seems like a good friend to have. Jake and Rand…just too much trouble I think 🙂