Free-for-All Friday: This and That

I have tons of new books in for review, but haven’t had a chance to read them, so instead I’ll just offer up some “this and that” today.
A really funny “Mating Game” interview with Will and Randa from Omega went up midday yesterday at Dark Faerie Tales—it’s the first “interview” the two have done together, and if you’re familiar with the Penton Legacy characters, you can imagine who gets the last word (and it’s not Will)….
Except he really does, because Will is “Under the Covers” over at Badass Book Reviewstoday, and he’s really misbehaving. (Shhh….Don’t tell Randa.)
AND, I’m eavesdropping on Aidan, Mirren and Will today as part of the Fire and Ice Blog Hop over at Happy Tails and Tales. And Mirren is not a happy boy.
I have a tour stop tomorrow so stop by for the link…but even more so, stop by for the link to a guest post by everyone’s favorite undead French pirate on the Fools for Luv Blog Hop. Yes, Jean Lafitte will be offering some tips for modern women on how to attract the romantic attentions of a fine, undead, piratical specimen such as himself. So hop over on Saturday for a couple of fun links.
In the meantime, have a great Friday! Unless you’re like me and stuck in an office all day, kick back and read a book—and if you’re on the East Coast, stay warm!

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