If You’re a Fool 4 Luv, You Could W*n Big!

I’ll start off with some blatant self-promotion (aka BSP), as usual. Today, on the Omega Tour for Susannah Sandlin, I..er…we…er…she..whatever…is at Fang-tastic Books, talking about the challenges an author faces when she decides to blow up the whole setting of her series and move her characters underground. Sheesh. What the heck was I thinking? But here’s another chance to enter for the grand tour prize of the Kindle, Nook or $100 gift card, or for one of the smaller tour-wide or commenter prizes.
Speaking of prizes, are you ready for some Jean Lafitte? Mais oui! Toujours!
If you hang around here much, you’ve probably noticed the sexy little pinup button on the top righthand column. Thanks to Steph at the Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust blog, I’ve been invited to participate in an awesome Fools for Luv blog event. It starts today and runs through Feb. 14 (of course).
There are fourteen days of blog posts, fourteen days of prizes, and then some grand prizes that will knock your pirate booties off. Just hit the hop sites each day and enter for dozens of prizes. (The photo today is one of the prizes…hey, that looks familiar…)
Here’s the schedule, below. Go to the Fools 4 Luv Website each day (or click my handy button over there when you stop by here each day). Here’s the schedule of guest bloggers:
Friday, Feb 1: CJ Ellisson and Lisa Kessler
Saturday, Feb. 2: Jennifer Estep and Deb Anastasia
Sunday, Feb. 3: Laura Anne Gilman and Cathy Yardley
Monday, Feb. 4: Joey W. Hill and Traci from Mad Hatter Reads (blogger)
Tuesday, Feb. 5: Blogger Steph from Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust, and Anna from Herding Cats and Burning Soup
Wednesday, Feb. 6: Amanda Usen and blogger Jennifer from the Book Nympho
Thursday, Feb. 7: Coreene Callahan and Cecy Robson
Friday, Feb. 8: Delilah S. Dawson and Kenya Carlton
Saturday, Feb. 9: Suzanne Johnson (yeah, her) and Erica Hayes
Sunday, Feb. 10: Steph from Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust, and Dana from Readaholics Anonymous
Monday,  Feb. 11: Laura Kaye and Julia R. Barrett/Penny Watson
Tuesday, Feb. 12: Olivia Cunning and Lynsay Sands
Wednesday, Feb. 13: Caridad Pineiro and Jennifer Bernard/Ana from Ana’s Attic
Thursday,  Feb. 14: Darynda Jones and Tara Sivec
So, cool lineup, or what? And actually, it won’t be me blogging on Feb. 9. It will be everyone’s favorite French undead pirate. Yes, Jean Lafitte will be blogging advice to modern women on how to attract a fine man such as himself (just ask him).
So hop on, and see what you can win!
(And stop by tomorrow for new Omega tour stops.)

8 thoughts on “If You’re a Fool 4 Luv, You Could W*n Big!

  1. a post with advice from jean i couldn’t miss that but to avoid disappointment better to precise that the 14 big wonderful prize are for US only

    • Aw…sorry about that. I had thought they were international. I know the individual post giveaways (I think there’s one with each blog post) may vary. Jean’s posts must always be international, of course!

    • thank you ^^ don’t worry i wasn’t accusing you or anything^^

      the individual posts can give us some hope yes and some participants on the list did make something international so we aren’t not completely excluded but for the big picture so eyes catching those aren’t for us