Behind the Scenes: Elysian Fields (& Weekly W*nners)

This week, instead of a snippet from a manuscript, I thought I’d introduce a couple of important worldbuilding details that will come into play in Elysian Fields and as the Sentinels series progresses.

Today, we’ll look at the organization of the wizards. Over the coming weeks, we’ll see the power structure of the elves and the vampires–both of which groups become very active in Elysian Fields.

A basic deconstructed organizational chart of the wizards is:

First Elder
Congress of Elders (one per continent)
Heads of the four Congresses: Red (physical magic); Green (ritual magic); Blue (creation magic); Yellow (mental magic)
Licensed sentinels (usually Red Congress, but a few others, such as DJ); report to the Congress of Elders
Licensed wizards (meet certain skill requirements set forth by the congresses and report to the heads of the Congresses)
Unlicensed wizards, minor mages, witches
Sixth-sensers (humans with some magical skill)
Outside the organization and reporting directly to Congress of Elders: Enforcers

In Royal Street and River Road, we see only a glimpse of this structure through Gerry and DJ (Red and Green Congress, Sentinels); Alex (Enforcers); and Willem Zrakovi (member of the Congress of Elders representing North America), based in Boston. We briefly meet a Yellow Congress wizard (when DJ visits the temporary morgue set up after Katrina).

In Elysian Fields, we will get a better look at a Blue Congress wizard, and some of the type of magic he can do. We’ll also get a look at the magical skill of necromancy, which is a stray genetic ability that isn’t limited to a single Congress. The First Elder will come into play, in a peripheral way, and Zrakovi is back as well.

(Trivia! Elder Zrakovi is named after one of my neighbors in New Orleans; I thought it was the coolest last name, so I had to use it. My neighbor was from North Dakota originally, and I’m not sure what the etymology of the name is. Sounds East European, maybe? Not sure.)

So…just a little “org chart” to get you started!

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5 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes: Elysian Fields (& Weekly W*nners)

  1. Congratulations to all the winners. Looking forward to the next few weeks to learn about the power structure of the elves and vampires. Really like the wizards. Thanks.

  2. Congrats to the winners.
    I does sound like an name from a country from the sovietic empire ( better said like that than to try to cite all of them ;))

    having more info on the power structures is more than interesting, very useful and it just made me more impatient to get book 3

    thank you

    • Yes, the whole prete world really gets ramped up in the third book…what starts out looking like a normal case for DJ and the gang get very complicated fast!

  3. Love the break down on the structure of the Elders and wizards. It always helps to know who is reporting to what body. Looking forward to Elysian Fields.