Scene-Snippet Sunday-Elysian Fields (& Weekly W*nners)

Welcome to Scene-Snippet Sunday! Thanks for bearing with me through some erratic postings last week. It’s looking like another insane week coming up on the day job, but I’ll definitely be back tomorrow for Reader’s Choice. Because HOLY COW PATTIES, there are a ton of books coming out this week!

First, though, it’s time for a new scene snippet, this week from Elysian Fields. It won’t be out until August 13, which seems like forever, but what can you do?

In this scene snippet, DJ and Alex are meeting with (human) NOPD detective Ken Hachette. They’ve decided they need to tell Ken about the magical world and the new prete investigative unit so that he can help them with cases. Alex has pretty much started, then chickened out, leaving it to DJ to explain. Remember, Ken thinks Alex is a regular old FBI agent, and he thinks DJ is a risk-management consultant (for those not familiar with geek jobs, risk-management people assess a company’s risks for insurance claims or lawsuits in different areas)…

     “Here’s the thing, Ken.” I shot one last glare across the table at Alex. “I’m here to help explain some things about the special nature of this unit because I’ll be working closely with you guys.”
     “As a risk-management consultant?”
     Ah, yes. My fake human occupation, which Ken still thought was true. “Um, not exactly.”
     “Just tell me straight out if this has something to do with insurance-claim investigations. Because if it does, you can forget it.” Ken’s brows formed chevrons of confusion over his eyes. “You guys are acting like freakballs.”
     I searched for the right words. “Sometimes, you’ve had cases where things didn’t add up, right?” I asked. “Where something defied explanation, or where you wondered if maybe things exist in this world beyond what you’re able to see?”
     He gave me blank cop face. “What in God’s name are you talking about?”
     I sighed. “Hell, Alex, take off your pants and call Gandalf.”

I realize if someone hasn’t read Royal Street, that last sentence might sound odd–LOL.
Okay, weekly winners! If you see your name here, please email me at suzannej3523 at gmail dot com with your mailing address. I’m insanely behind with mailings, so my apologies for that. I will try to make headway this week. 
GEORGIE won a $5 Amazon GC or a Book Horde book (see tab above) for commenting on this week’s Shop Talk about blog tours.
MIKI won this week’s Reader’s Choice and was waffling between Edge of Dawn by Lara Adrian or the first book in Christina Henry’s Black Wings series. Let me know, Miki!
See you tomorrow!
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7 thoughts on “Scene-Snippet Sunday-Elysian Fields (& Weekly W*nners)

  1. Thank you a lot!! i will send you a email soon
    Congrats to Georgie!

    ( i’m wondering if we didn’t get this snippet yet… it really reminds me something^^)

    • not a problem ^^ i still enjoy it a lot^^ i can imagine ken face…. poor man

      oki Lara adrian win this round^^

  2. Well if you’ve run it before, I missed it, so thanks for posting! Hope your double-whammy of work/home/writing (triple whammy?) calms down soon!