Scene-Snippet Sunday: Elysian Fields (& Weekly W*nners)

Welcome to scene-snippet Sunday, where I feature a snapshot from a work in progress or upcoming book.

Just a note for those of you who were interested in RIVER ROAD but didn’t want to buy the hardcover edition, the book will be released in trade paperback (to match ROYAL STREET) on June 25 and is available for preorder. ELYSIAN FIELDS will release in hardcover on August 13 and also is available for preorder. After that? Well, it’s up to you guys and the Gods of Book Sales.

Upcoming stuff…I will be at the RT Booklovers Convention in Kansas City the first week of May. I’ve heard this is an amazing event, and there’s a HUGE (really huge) book-signing on Saturday. Look at this list of authors who will be there! Lots going on during the week as well, and I’ll be on a panel on Friday with Nicole Peeler, Lianna Renee Hieber and Lisa Kessler, talking about settings, and in a 12-author “scavenger hunt” for a Kindle Fire with eleven of my (Susannah Sandlin’s) fellow Montlake authors.

More upcoming stuff…I’ll be teaching my popular online “Plotting for Pantsers” class in June, sharing my system for plotting novels and doing hands-on work with the authors who sign up, helping them get their manuscripts ready for serious writing. You can find out more info here (scroll down to June 22 for class info).

Now…for a look at Elysian Fields…I think most of you who’ve read River Road (don’t worry, no spoilers) know something’s amiss with DJ’s neighbor Quince Randolph, aka Rand. In Elysian Fields, you’ll find out a lot more about Rand and his secrets. Here’s a snippet of a scene between Rand and DJ. She’s had a bit of a problem that has left her with no living room furniture except a TV and a white plastic lawn chair…and Charlie, of course. The Axeman serial killer is on a rampage. And Rand has a black eye. It might have come at the end of Alex’s fist.

     “Sex will be amazing with us,” Rand said.
     Oh my God. He was delusional. “You’re forgetting one thing. I hate you.”

     He smiled. “You’re just angry right now. I think you’re beautiful.” 
     I looked at Rand. He was flat-out gorgeous, blackening eye and all. “I think you’re beautiful too, but it doesn’t change the fact that I hate you. Go home.” 
    “Tell me about the Axeman. Maybe I can help.”
     I stood up and walked around the living room, making my circuitous way to the guest room door where my friend Charlie waited. “I don’t see how you can help. Go home.”
    “I think I should stay here and protect—” 
     I grabbed Charlie and whipped around, pointing it at him. “Get the hell out of my house.” 
     He rose to his feet in a fluid, graceful motion. “You wouldn’t.” 
    “No?” I fed energy into the staff and sent out a short blast of fire that melted one leg of my lawn chair. 
     Rand yelped and jumped aside. “Are you insane?” 
     I assumed my sweetest voice. “Get used to it, honey. Now, please go home.” 
     He shook his head as he stalked to the front door. “Obviously, you need to calm down.”

Ha! I love a teaser. 

Now…weekly winners, chicken dinners! You know the drill: If you see your name, please contact me at suzannej3523 at gmail dot com. 
BREANA won Ashes of Twilight by Kassy Tayler.
BN100 won a choice of books from the ChiZine Publications catalog (google them and you should be able to see it online–these are likely ebooks)
LEAH won the $10 gift card from Amazon or B-and-N (or an equivalent priced book from Book Depository if outside the US) for commenting on Shop Talk….and by the way, thanks for all of you who participate in these Wednesday chats–they’re always so interesting!
JEN M won a copy of my Kindle serial Storm Force…alternately, any of my other books in print or ebook: Royal Street, River Road, Redemption, Absolution, or Omega.
TIFFANY DREW won this week’s Reader’s Choice contest–she chose 17 and Gone.
Coming up tomorrow: A new Reader’s Choice Contest!

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5 thoughts on “Scene-Snippet Sunday: Elysian Fields (& Weekly W*nners)

  1. Lots of good stuff coming up! I think every pantser (and plotter too) should take your plotting course! It was fantastic.

  2. Congratulations to the winners. Like the Snippet. Really looking forward to Elysian Fields, have it pre-ordered. Don’t think I’m going to like Rand. Go Charlie!

    • Thanks, Roger. You know, Rand is so much fun to write, and I don’t think of him as being bad…just different. But my editor agrees with you. She thinks he’s slime–LOL.

  3. Oh i love charlie even more ^^ and i like that Rand since to know what it means for his health to get in front of it^^