Behind the Scenes with Elysian Fields…and Weekly W*nners

Today, I’m continuing my trip through the Style Sheet for Elysian Fields, book three of the Sentinels of New Orleans series. And read on to the end for prize info!

So, here’s how the Style Sheet works. In the process of getting a book actally published, authors go through a number of stages. Copyedits are when an editor with an eagle-eye for detail has combed through the manuscript, made grammatical and house-style changes, asked questions, or made notes when something needs clarifying. They also create a Style Sheet that makes notes of unusual words or spellings, or proper nouns, as they occur in the book.

So…I thought it would be fun to go through the Style Sheet for Elysian Fields, which might give some clues as to things you’ll see in there, as well as some background on the series in general….Today, we tackle the letter C (you can find the As here and Bs here).

Café du Monde…The iconic beignet stand on Decatur Street in New Orleans’ French Quarter. If you can hit it early in the morning, you might even get a seat without waiting. Usually it’s chaotic and crowded, but worth it. You can’t beat the beignets and chicory cafe au lait. Plus, the other spots they’ve opened around town can’t capture this ambience. In Elysian Fields, after a run-in with an annoying Adrian Hoffman and possibly an accidental setting afire of a local landmark, an ash-covered DJ waits here for Alex to pick her up. Poor Charlie.

Carrie Jaco is DJ’s mother, who died when DJ was six. We haven’t known much about Carrie up until now, but in Elysian Fields, we learn what happened when her mom died and DJ’s father and grandparents became afraid of her, sending her off to live with Gerry St. Simon in New Orleans. I named this character after my grandmother, Carrie. “Jaco” is also a family name, that of one of my great-grandmother Ida Jaco Sandlin.

Charlie, or Mahout. The elven staff that DJ finds in Royal Street becomes even more important in Elysian Fields, as the elves finally come out of the shadows of Elfheim. It is the ancient ceremonial staff of the Fire Elves, as it turns out, and they are not amused that one of their ancestral treasures has a) shown up in the hands of wizards and b) has claimed a wizard as its master. There will be much snarling and gnashing of teeth before this is all over.

Chartres Street. In New Orleans, pronounced “Charters” because, well, it just is, despite being in the French Quarter and having a French name. I can’t explain it either. In Elysian Fields, Chartres is the location of L’Amour Sauvage, the bar operated by the Vampire Regent and necromancer, Etienne Boulard. DJ has to make several memorable trips to L’Amour Sauvage in the book, some more pleasant than others.

Congress of Elders. The ruling council of the wizards, made up of a First Elder and an Elder for each continent. The only Elders we’ve met so far are Willem Zrakovi, head of the North American wizards, and of course the Elders’ spokesman Adrian Hoffman, with whom DJ has a contentious relationship. Adrian is a major figure in Elysian Fields, and DJ thinks he looks kind of like Montel Williams.

Conti Street. Another French Quarter street, largely residential (what, you didn’t realize people actually LIVED in the Quarter?). In Elysian Fields, Conti (pronounced “CON-tye”) is the scene of a murder that DJ and Jake Warin go to check out at 4 a.m. in the first scene of the first chapter.

Crescent City Risk Management. The name of DJ’s fake business, for human mainstreaming purposes. She maintains an office at the Riverside Market on Tchoupitoulas Street.

And there you have it!

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LIZ S won Sharon Lynn Fisher’s Ghost Planet.

LISA B won the Robin Hobb Rain Wilds Chronicles set.

TONI won the Reader’s Choice this week, and chose Dead River.

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3 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes with Elysian Fields…and Weekly W*nners

  1. Enjoy these style sheet updates. Waiting to learn how Charlie and D.J. set things on fire in Elysian Fields. Enjoy the photos of New Orleans, maybe I can get there for RT in 2014.

  2. Hope you can make it to RT in 2014, Roger! I hope to do a “Sentinels of New Orleans Tour” via car if I can figure a way to make it happen. Plus you need to visit NOLA!

  3. Love the info from the style sheets. And I just saw I won Ghost Planet. Yahoo! I really have been dying to read this book and it was on my birthday wish list. Now I can enjoy it. Many thanks!