Behind the Scenes with Elysian Fields: The Letter D (& Weekly W*nners)

Today, I’m continuing my trip through the Style Sheet for Elysian Fields, book three of the Sentinels of New Orleans series. And read on to the end for prize info!

So, here’s how the Style Sheet works. In the process of getting a book actally published, authors go through a number of stages. Copyedits are when an editor with an eagle-eye for detail has combed through the manuscript, made grammatical and house-style changes, asked questions, or made notes when something needs clarifying. They also create a Style Sheet that makes notes of unusual words or spellings, or proper nouns, as they occur in the book.

So…I thought it would be fun to go through the Style Sheet for Elysian Fields, which might give some clues as to things you’ll see in there, as well as some background on the series in general….Today, we tackle the letter D (you can find the As hereBs here and Cs here).

Dani. A minor vampire character (yes, the vamps come out to play in Elysian Fields for the first time). She has a little, em, “accident” in the vampire bar called L’Amour Sauvage and incurs the wrath of the vampire regent. 

Dauphine Street. Pronounced “daw-FEEN.” Another French Quarter street that makes a minor appearance in Elysian Fields. Dauphine is actually a fairly typical Quarter street, in that it’s a mix of residential and commercial, or both (commercial on the ground floor and condos upstairs). 

Ddaear, or Elves of the Earth. The Elves are divided into four clans (earth, air, fire, water), and we’re introduced to some degree to all four in the new book. Each clan has a clan chief who represents it on the Elven Synod. The Ddaear are represented by an elf named Betony. For the Elves’ language, I used Welsh, which I kind of find unpronounceable and fascinating.

DDT (Division of Domestic Terror). The new uber-secret division of the FBI, headed by Alex Warin. The only DDT agent other than Alex as Elysian Fields begins is Jake Warin. But they’ll be bringing in a new agent in this book. 

Decatur Street. A major French Quarter street, running parallel to the Mississippi River. It’s on Decatur that one finds the French Market, the Jax Brewery (now a shopping/entertainment complex), and the Cafe du Monde. It also forms one side of Jackson Square–what in old New Orleans was called the Place d’Armes–with the St. Louis Cathedral forming the opposite side.

DJ’s address: 5725 Magazine Street. You didn’t realize DJ’s house had an actual address? She lives at the corner of Magazine Street and Nashville Avenue, in the area of New Orleans called uptown. Her house number plays a role in Elysian Fields, providing an important clue. It might have been written in blood.

Dominique You. Also sometimes spelled Youx. Dominique, or “Dom,” as I call him (because we’re just-like-that). We first met Dom in Royal Street. He was, in real life, Jean Lafitte’s closest lieutenant other than his brother Pierre. Dominique was believed to be Jean’s half brother, although there’s no proof. Like Jean and all of his men, Dominique You was granted a full pardon by the president after the pirates helped Andrew Jackson win the Battle of New Orleans in 1814, effectively ending the War of 1812. Unlike Jean–who went back to his pirating ways–Dominique You settled down to a very respectable life and became a family man. He is buried (see above) in a crypt at St. Louis Cemetery No. 2 (as opposed to Jean, who’s believed to have either died at sea in battle or died in Mexico of Yellow Fever).

Dreamsharing. The name for what DJ and Gerry do in Royal Street, where they can enter each other’s dreams and communicate. She has not found anyone else with whom she can dreamshare….so far.

Dwr, or Elves of the Water. Another of the Elven clans.

And there you have it!

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  1. Thanks for Behind the Scenes. Interesting that the Elves use Earth, Air, Fire and Water as clan names. And vamps. Elysian Fields getting closer. Congrats to the winners.

  2. Welsh for elves languages^^ i do want to read that^^

    thank you a lot once again i do love these alpabetical tibits of info^^