Drive-By Review & W*n Ghost Planet by Sharon Lynn Fisher

First off, today offers another chance to comment to win the admittedly-used-but-perfectly-good Kindle Fire, whose winner I will announce on Sunday. You can get an entry by commenting at author Jill Archer’s blog today, where I’m talking about paranormals and holidays….and how paranormals might spend holidays….and how I’ve used holidays in the Sentinels of New Orleans series. (Boy, is Thanksgiving looking bad for DJ.)

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Now, I’m excited today to be bringing you a book that I’m really, really, really annoyed at having to stop after fifty pages. Because it’s good. Really good. In fact, I wanted to hate it because it is a finalist for Best First Book in the RWA RITA competition this year and mine wasn’t but, you know what? It deserves it! So, here we go, for a chance to win Sharon Lynn Fisher’s Ghost Planet.

ABOUT GHOST PLANET: Psychologist Elizabeth Cole prepared for the worst when she accepted a job on a newly discovered world–a world where every colonist is tethered to an alien who manifests in the form of a dead loved one. But she never expected she’d struggle with the requirement to shun these “ghosts.” She never expected to be so attracted to the charming Irishman assigned as her supervisor. And she certainly never expected to discover she died in a transport crash en route to the planet.
     Reincarnated as a ghost, Elizabeth is symbiotically linked to her supervisor, Murphy–creator of the Ghost Protocol, which forbids him to acknowledge or interact with her. Confused and alone–oppressed by her ghost status and tormented by forbidden love–Elizabeth works to unlock the secrets of her own existence.
     But her quest for answers lands her in a tug-of-war between powerful interests, and she soon finds herself a pawn in the struggle for control of the planet…a struggle that could separate her forever from the man that she loves.

Drive-by Review: Well, first of all, I learned a lesson with this book. I read the back cover copy and the news releases. I always read them. Well, I didn’t read them. So I was bopping along thinking Elizabeth was afraid of the other ghosts, poor old girl, and how bad for her that she shows up on the ghost planet and the job she was reporting for got cancelled. But it’s okay because she’s going to instead be working for the hunky Irish scientist…Holy Transport Crash, Batman. SHE’S a ghost.

So  okay, I can’t decide if I’d have been happier knowing that from the outset and wondering when she’d get a clue, or not knowing and having that “Oh crap” moment. But it’s not a spoiler because unlike me, you’ve read that blurb from the publisher above and already know this.

I’m leery of books involving aliens and other planets, ever fearful I’ll have a “beam me up, Scotty” moment and find myself in an ugly double-knit jumpsuit going where no man has gone before. Well, actually, my attention span is too short for the big clump of infodump worldbuilding too many of my sci-fi reads have had.

There’s none of that here. Fisher eases us into her world, and we’re immediately invested in the characters. The worldbuilding is awesome, with the idea of aliens who take on the form of the ghost of someone important to you who has died. The only way the people working on the planet keep their sanity is by rudely ignoring the ghosts. Only Elizabeth can’t quite let that happen.

What I can tell from 50 pages? Intriguing world, characters I already care about, a plot that I suspect is going to be as twisted as a barrel of eastern diamondback rattlesnakes (yeah, I’ve been watching “Gator Boys” again). I wish Sharon Lynn Fisher all the congrats in the world on her Best First Book finalist status and give this one an unqualified A.

Want to win a copy of Ghost Planet? Just leave a comment and tell me your favorite book with aliens in it. One of my faves is a recent one, a YA by Jennifer Armentrout called Obsidian.

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30 thoughts on “Drive-By Review & W*n Ghost Planet by Sharon Lynn Fisher

  1. I’ve already won a copy of this book so please don’t enter me in the giveaway – I just wanted to say that I REALLY liked this book! I hope she’s publishing another book set in this world, because I thought it was great.

    As for aliens in books, I liked Kate Elliot’s Jaran and No Words Alone by Autumn Dawn (which, BTW, I find to be an unfortunate choice of pseudonym, unless it’s her real name, in which case I think her parents should have their heads examined). I also LOVED Agent of Change by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.

    • Glad to hear the rest of the book lived up to the beginning. I’ve downloaded the Kindle version to read later, because I really hated not being able to keep going with this one.

  2. My favorite book with aliens in it is Stephen King’s Dreamcatcher. It’s a great movie also. Ghost Planet sound like a good read.

    • Yes–I loved Dreamcatcher. I know a lot of SK fans didn’t much like that book, but I thought it was great. Also liked what they did with the movie.

  3. My favorite book with aliens in it is H. Beam Piper’s Fuzzy Sapiens. It’s an old one but I still like to go back and re-read it once in a while.

  4. This sounds so good! I used to never read the blurb of a book, because I wanted to be totally surprised with NO spoilers. This was also back in the day where I ALWAYS finished a book I started. Sadly, I wasted a lot of time…
    Thank God there are people out there like you willing to pre-screen for us, with or without blurb-reading!

    • LOL. This is the one so far in my “drive-by reviews” I’ve most hated having to set aside. I wasted a lot of time finishing books I wasn’t enjoying too. Don’t do that anymore!

  5. i loved Obsidian! ( the following books a little lest) with alien i love the kitty kat series by gini koch

    • Aw…I hate to hear the later books in the series weren’t as good. I thought Obsidian was wonderful. I haven’t read the Gini Koch series, but have heard great things about it.

  6. I can’t for the life of me remember a book I’ve read lately with aliens. I did read Ann Aguirre’s Grimspace and I think it had some scary aliens in it. Ghost Planet looks really good. I’d love to win a copy.

  7. Thank you for reading my book, Suzanne! So glad you are enjoying it, and hope you like the other 300. 🙂

    My favorite book with aliens. . . probably A Wrinkle in Time. Shamefully I have not yet read that Koch series, but am looking forward to it!

  8. This book is on my wish list. Now I definitely have to get it! Touched by an Alien by Gina Koch was very good. An Accidental Goddess by Linnea Sinclair is a favorite of my mine. Thanks for the drive-by reviews. I’m really enjoying them.

  9. I don’t know that I’ve read a book with an alien in it. Well I have read a lot of Star Trek TNG books. Do they count? If so, Worf would have to be my favorite. 🙂

  10. Umm, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams without a DOUBT! I would happily spend the rest of my days with Ford and/or Zaphod. 😀

  11. I don’t need to win a copy because I have one, but I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Ghost Planet. I didn’t read the blurb either, so I was totally surprised by the transport crash, and I liked it better that way. Kind of like the movie The Sixth Sense, which took me by surprise too. 😀
    And my favorite alien series is definitely Gini Koch’s Alien/Katherine “Kitty” Kat series.

  12. Yup, JLA’s Lux series is my favorite! Out of the 3 currently released, I loved Onyx best! 🙂

    Before reading that series, I would never have wanted to read an alien book because my mind conjures up a slimy creature whenever I think of aliens. I’d like to read this very much! And hopefully trying out Koch’s books as it clearly is a favorite among the other commenters. 🙂

  13. I strongly recommend the Alien series by Gini Koch. Not entering the contest though, I don’t think I want to read this book.