How That Beer Got in my Fridge Last Year

Happy Saturday! I’m up to my neck in Episode Seven of STORM FORCE, and let’s just say it’s living up to the title of the book.

But I do have a rare Saturday gig going today.

I’m doing an interview about Storm Force today with author Pembroke  Sinclair, answering burning questions like “What’s the oldest thing in your fridge?”

Saturday posts tend to get kind of lost, but hop on over if you get a chance!

And tomorrow, I’ll be back with another Behind the Scenes look at Elysian Fields (along with weekly winners, of course).

9 thoughts on “How That Beer Got in my Fridge Last Year

  1. hum to answer that question it would be homemade jam ( done in 2008) but still perfectly edible since my mother eat it for breakfast^^

    • I like beer to use in batter for onion rings, and it’s really good baked into bread as well.

      Right now, though, I’m eating low-carb, high-protein, and beer has a lot of carbohydrates. So no cooking for me, at least for a while!

    • and really easy to do ^^ first you just cook a little the meat, lightly roasted/fried and you had the oignons and little flour and beer and you let it cook while you write^^ the longer it cooks,the better and it can be rewarmed if necessary ( also excellent with wine but since you need to use your beer^^)

  2. I think the oldest thing in my fridge is ketchup. Good luck with the last two installments of Storm Force. I’m so far behind now, I’m waiting until the end to finish reading it!

    • LOL–it’s probably less painful that way, Liz! The cliffhangers won’t be nearly as annoying without the week’s wait for the next episode 🙂