New Releases March 29-April 4 and Reader Choice C*ntest

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  The number of new releases this week is sure to add a ton to everyone’s TBR pile, not to mention subtracting a ton from our bank accounts.  An April shower?  No, more accurately, a FLOOD of new releases for you to enjoy.

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Now….What do you want to read? Seriously, get a pencil and make a list. This list is INSANE.

As always, leave a comment telling me the book you’d most like to win, and maybe will make your wishes come true. Your choice of print or digital unless otherwise stated. International? Of course! As long as Book Depository delivers to your country, please enter. If you’d prefer the first book in a series listed here, that’s okay, too. 

Fantasy and Science Fiction Grandmaster Jack Vance is very much a writer of the Space Age. His time ‘traveling’ the magic highways of his imagination spans the period bracketed by the final years of World War 2 and the Cassini Huygens probe reaching Saturn space in late 2004. Jack s determined quest to become a ‘million words a year’ man saw him ranging a universe criss-crossed with busy interstellar highways: a network of flourishing trade and tourist routes leading to new frontiers, far-flung colonies, alien worlds, with ample room for exotic races, travelers, traders and scoundrels, even space pirates, for grand schemes of every kind. Magic Highways gathers sixteen of those early space adventures from that first decade. 
Necroscope: The Mobius Murders, by Brian Lumley, (March 31, Subterranean Press)
Harry Keough, aka the Necroscope, is a master of the Mobius Continuum, a dimension existing parallel to all space and time. Two others, with powers similar to his, exist. One is the long-dead August Ferdinand Mobius. The other is Harry s son, who has inherited the metaphysical talent by means of which the Necroscope converses with dead people in their graves. On returning home via the Mobius Continuum, he witnesses a flailing figure hurtling through the endless midnight of the Continuum. Who could this be, how can it be, that a helpless, silently protesting other is rushing meteor-like across the Continuum’s Stygian vault? Harry is sure that this is neither his son s nor Professor Mobius’ doing. It is a mystery that only the Necroscope can solve, but at what risk to his own life? 
The Best of Joe Haldeman, by Joe Haldeman, (March 31, Subterranean Press)
Joe Haldeman has been one of the world’s most universally admired and beloved science fiction writers for more than four decades. This first career retrospective of Haldeman’s finest work ranges from early tales such as ‘Hero’–which provided the basis for his classic novel The Forever War–to mid-career masterpieces like ‘Seasons’ and ‘The Hemingway Hoax,’, to very recent stories such as ‘Sleeping Dogs’ and ‘Complete Sentence.’ Haldeman has provided original story introductions for this new landmark collection. 
Zombies Don’t Forgive (Living Dead Love Story #2), by Rusty Fischer, (April 1, Medallion Press)
Following Barracuda Bay’s homecoming cum zombie Armageddon, fellow zombies Maddy, Dane, and Stamp have fled to Orlando where they work at a theme park, hiding in plain sight at their jobs in the Great Movie Monster Makeover show. The three spend most of their time together in their apartment trying to avoid curious Normals and Sentinels, humans and zombie cops. While Dane and Maddy draw closer, Stamp drifts away, falling for a mysterious blonde. But when the mysterious girl puts their existence in danger, all Maddy cares about is hunting the blonde down to separate her from her head. 
London’s ruined economy has pushed everyone to the breaking point, and even the police rely on bribes and deals with criminals to survive. Detective Inspector Cass Jones struggles to keep integrity in the police force, but now, two gory cases will test his mettle. A gang hit goes wrong, leaving two schoolboys dead, and a serial killer calling himself the Man of Flies leaves a message on his victims saying “nothing is sacred.” Then Cass’ brother murders his own family before committing suicide. Cass doesn’t believe his gentle brother did it. Yet when evidence emerges suggesting someone killed all three of them, a prime suspect is found, Cass himself. Common links emerge in all three cases, but while Cass is finding more questions than answers, the Man of Flies continues to kill. 
A Patch of Darkness (Sierra Fox #1), by Yolanda Sfetsos, (April 2, Samhain)
In a perfect world, Sierra Fox would have stayed away from the Council she left years ago. But in this world, it’s her job to round up troublesome spooks and bring them before that very same Council. Though her desk is piled high with open cases, she can’t resist an anonymous summons to a mysterious late-night meeting with a bunch of other hunters. The news is dire: something is tearing at the fabric of the universe. If the hunters can’t find who or why in time, something’s going to give in a very messy way. As current cases, family secrets, new clues and her tangled love life slowly wind themselves into an impossible knot, Sierra finds herself the target of a power-sucking duo intent on stealing her mojo. And realizing she holds the key to the last hope of sealing the widening rift. (released as ebook, May 2012) 
Allegiance Sworn (The Light Blade #3), by kylie Griffin, (April 2, Berkley Trade)
With the alliance of the humans and the half-blood Na’Chi forged, the demon Na’Reish prepare for war by seizing human blood-slaves. Light Blade warrior Arek Barial finds himself claimed by a Na’Reishi female who offers him an unexpected choice. Imhara Kaal lives a dangerous double life as a Na’Reish Clan-leader and an advocate for a caste-free life that honors the Old Ways. Openly rebelling against the Na’Reish would mean her death, unless she can find an emissary willing to present her petition to the human Blade council. But Arek isn’t about to blindly follow a demon, despite the intense attraction growing between them. While hatred for the Na’Reish is all he has ever known, Arek must learn to trust Imhara, or risk the destruction of all three races. 
Appalachian Overthrow (Vampire Earth #10), by E.E. Knight, (April 2, Roc Hardcover)
Captured and sold to the Kurian–allied Maynes Conglomerate, to work as a slave in the coal mines of Appalachia, Ahn-Kha is angered and appalled by the dangerous working conditions, and the brutal treatment inflicted upon his fellow miners. When a protest against shortages is deliberately and bloodily suppressed, Ahn-Kha sets himself against the ruling Maynes family and sets out on a trail of vengeance through the Coal Country. Finally, the people of the Coal Country are driven to the breaking point, and they now have a leader, a powerful and battle-hardened leader, determined to forge them into an army that will wage guerrilla warfare against the Maynes family and their Kurian masters, and free the Appalachians from their tyranny. 
Assassin’s Gambit (Hearts and Thrones #1), by Amy Raby, (April 2, Signet)
Vitala Salonius, champion of the warlike game of Caturanga, is as deadly as she is beautiful. She’s a trained assassin for the resistance, and her true play is for ultimate power. She plans to seduce her way into the emperor’s bed and deal him one final, fatal blow. As the ruler of a country on the brink of war and the son of a deposed emperor, Lucien must be wary of an attempt on his life. He’s drawn to the stunning Caturanga player visiting the palace. Lucien’s quick mind and considerable skills awaken unexpected desires in Vitala. She must decide where her heart and loyalties lie and navigate the dangerous war of politics before her gambit causes her to lose both Lucien and her heart for good. 
Binding(Wolf Moon Saga #2), by Carol Wolf, (April 2, Night Shade)
Amber is a teenage runaway, hiding out in Los Angeles, who is also a daughter of the wolf kind. Not long ago, she had her own personal demon. Richard was her servant, her lover, and a hellish force bound to the earth against his will. Together they turned back the World Snake that threatened to destroy the city, and she had granted Richard his freedom. Now Amber is alone, but nobody accepts that she has truly shed her demon. Many still fear the World Snake and seek to capture the demon’s power for their own purposes. Amber finds herself hunted, in both wolf and human forms, by cultists, illusionists, raisers of power, and even an evil veterinarian. To save herself Amber may have to call back her fearsome demon lover, who is no longer bound to obey her. 

Bite Me, Your Grace, by Brooklyn Ann, (April 2, Sourcebooks Casablanca)

England’s “vampire craze” causes much vexation for the Lord Vampire of London, Ian Ashton. To save his reputation, Ian enlists aspiring authoress Angelica Winthrop without realizing she has hidden plans of her own. Angelica Winthrop’s life goal is to ruin her reputation, avoid marriage, and become a gothic authoress like her idol, Mary Shelley. To find inspiration for her new story, she breaks into the home of Ian Ashton, Duke of Burnrath, not knowing she will be coming up against the Lord Vampire of London. Romance sparks and reputations are at stake. But who knows the real difference between fact and fiction? 

Blood Trade (Jane Yellowrock #6), by Faith Hunter, (April 2, Roc)

The Master of Natchez, Mississippi has a nasty problem on his hands. Rogue vampires, those who follow the Naturaleza and believe that humans should be nothing more than prey to be hunted, are terrorizing his city. Luckily, he knows the perfect skinwalker to call in to take back the streets. But what he doesn’t tell Jane is that there’s something different about these vamps. Something that makes them harder to kill, even for a pro like Jane. Now, her simple job has turned into a fight to stay alive, and to protect the desperately ill child left in her care. 

Cartboy and the Time Capsule, by L.A. Campbell, (April 2, Starscape)

Hal hates history class, it literally bores him to tears. But his father is a big history buff, and unless Hal gets a good grade this year, he’ll never get his own room. Sixth grade gets off to a horrible start when history teacher Mr. Tupkin gives the class an assignment to write journals that will be buried in a time capsule at the end of the year. Things get even worse when his dad makes him take his neighbor’s old shopping cart to school, earning him the nickname “Cartboy.” What else could possibly go wrong? Read Hal’s journal to find out. Filled with photos, drawings, and timelines, Hal’s time capsule journal chronicles a year in the life of the hopelessly hapless Cartboy. 

Children of the Underground: The Children of Paranoia Series, by Trevor Shane, (April 2, NAL Trade)

The war had been raging for as long as anyone could remember. The secret, endless war between two opposing sides, one good, one evil. Neither side knows which is which; it is kill or be killed in an invisible conflict where assassination is the weapon of choice. When she was just seventeen, Maria was pulled into this secret war and they killed her lover and stole her child. Now they are telling her to go home. To ignore what she knows is going on in the shadows all around her. They told Maria to forget all she’d lost. The trouble is, some things simply can’t be forgotten. Now, with a loose-cannon killer at her side, Maria is going to do whatever it takes to get back what belongs to her. And that means starting a war of her own. 

Dead Roads, by Robin Riopelle, (April 2, Night Shade)

The Sarrazins have always stood apart from the rest of their Bayou-born neighbors. Blessed, or cursed, with the uncanny ability to see beyond the spectral plain, Aurie has raised his children, Sol, Baz, and Lutie, in the tradition of the traiteur, finding wayward spirits and using his special gift to release them along Deadroads into the afterworld. The family drifted apart, scattered high and low across the continent. Tragedy serves to bring them together. When Aurie, while investigating a series of murders, is himself killed by a devil, Sol, Baz and Lutie are thrown into a world of gory spirits, brilliant angels, and nefarious demons. Small potatoes compared to reconciling their familial differences. 

Falling Blind (Sentinel Wars #7), by Shannon K. Butcher, (April 2, Signet)

A beautiful, independent Theronai, Rory Rainey knows that her attempts to be a warrior are futile, unless she can stop the demonic visions that torment her. Determined to be free, Rory sets out to find the mysterious guardian who can cure her, before she loses her sight, or her life. But Rory’s journey brings its own dangers when she is attacked by a pack of Synestryn sent by the demon lord Raygh. Cornered and desperate, Rory narrowly escapes with the help of a sword-wielding stranger. Cain knows that Rory needs his protection to survive, just as he knows that her power is compatible with his own. And when Rory binds herself to Cain, the warrior knows he will do anything to keep her safe from the threat of the demon lord that pursues her. 

Fearless(Mirrorworld #2), by Cornelia Funke, (April 2, Little Brown Books)

Jacob Reckless has only a few months left to live. He’s tried everything to shake the Fairy curse that traded his life for his brother’s, legends such as the All-Healing Apple, the Well of Eternal Youth, the blood of a northern Djinn. And yet hope after hope is extinguished. After months of fruitless searching, Jacob journeys through his father’s mirror one final time to deliver the bad news to Fox. But there they hear of one last possibility, an item so legendary that not even Mirrorworlders believe it exists: a crossbow that can kill thousands, or heal one, when shot through the heart. But a Goyl treasure hunter is also searching for the prized crossbow. Jacob must find it first, and somehow convince Fox to do whatever it takes to save him.  (U.S. release) 

Finding Chrissten (Legacy #5), by N.J. Walters, (April 2, Samhain)

For eighteen horrific months, Chrissten Lawton was at the mercy of a crazy doctor and his pureblood werewolf flunky. She was subjected to experiments, beaten, mated against her will, and fading fast. Just as she reaches the breaking point, the Haven pack comes to her rescue. One of her rescuers stays by her side night and day, and something within her responds to this wolf’s gentleness. From the moment Hank Brewer picked up Chrissten’s unique scent, he’s been driven to help her overcome her trauma-fed fears. As he dedicates every waking moment to her healing, their fragile link leads them toward something they both hesitate to name. Chrissten’s mate is still on the loose and he won’t rest until she, and the rest of Haven’s females, are taken for the cruel enjoyment of his rogue pack.(published as ebook only, May 2012) 

Fire with Fire, by Charles E. Gannon, (April 2, Baen)

2105, September: Intelligence Analyst Caine Riordan uncovers a conspiracy on Earth’s Moon and ends up involuntarily cryocelled for his troubles. Twelve years later, Riordan awakens to a changed world. Riordan is compelled to become an inadvertent agent of conspiracy himself. Riordan’s mission: travel to a newly settled world and investigate whether a primitive local species was once sentient. Arriving on site in the Delta Pavonis system, Caine discovers that the job he’s been given is anything but secret or safe. Earth is revealed to be the lynchpin planet in an impending struggle for interstellar dominance. Riordan must now convince the powers-that-be that the only way for humanity to survive as a free species is to face the perils directly, and to fight fire with fire. 

Flirting Under a Full Moon (Flirting with Fangs Trilogy #1), by Ashlyn Chase, (April 2, Sourcebooks Casablanca)

If Brandee Hanson ever wants to go from waitress to photographer, she’ll have to take some once-in-a-lifetime shots. But when she catches the gorgeous private investigator, Nick Wolfensen, on camera, transforming into a werewolf, she is thrown into a world of vampires, shapeshifters, and other paranormal misfits. In order to keep his secret and stay clear of the supernatural council, Nick will have to convince Brandee not to release the photo. Fortunately, he was looking for an excuse to spend more time with the beautiful waitress anyway. 

Frogged, by Vivian Vande Velde, (April 2, Harcourt Children’s Books)

One should be able to say of a princess “She was as good as she was beautiful,” according to The Art of Being a Princess (third revised edition), which the almost-thirteen-year-old Princess Imogene is supposed to be reading. Not feeling particularly good, or all that beautiful, she heads for a nearby pond, where, unfortunately, a talking frog tricks her into kissing him. No prince appears, as one might expect. Instead, the princess turns into a frog herself. Thus launches a funny, wonderfully spun fractured fairy tale in which Imogene wonders if she will be forever frogified. 

Ghoulfriends Just Want to Have Fun (Monster High #2), by Gitty Daneshvari, (April 2, Little, Brown Books)

GFFs Rochelle, Robecca, and Venus begin to settle in at Monster High and are having a fangtastic time getting involved in the student body. Rochelle is tutoring the trolls, Robecca is blasting onto the Skulltimate Roller Maze team, and Venus is starting a compost pile with Lagoona Blue! The ghoulfriends are even recruited to help Toralei and Cleo plan the Hex Factor Talent Show. But during Mr. Mummy’s Catacombing class, the ghouls find hints of a new threat to the school. And when white cats start showing up around the Creepateria, a bad omen for monsters!, the GFFs begin to wonder if their fun is over. Is Toralei playing pranks? Or is something more sinister haunting the halls of Monster High? 

If He’s Tempted (Wherlocke #5), by Hannah Howell, (April 2, Zebra)

Lady Olympia Wherlocke has the gift of foresight. When Lady Agatha Mallam asks Olympia to locate her brother so he can rescue her from an arranged marriage, she knows exactly where to find Lord Brant Mallam, Earl of Fieldgate. What happens next is something she never envisioned. Since his betrothed died, Lord Brant Mallam has drowned his sorrow with wine and women. His dissolute ways have only emboldened his calculating mother. But with the help of the enchanting Olympia, he concocts a daring plan to end his mother’s devious designs for his sister. While each step in their bold scheme works to perfection, the sins of the past could unravel a growing desire that neither Olympia or Brant can control. 

Iron Kin (The Half-Light City #3), by M.J. Scott, (April 2, Roc)

I was raised to do the right thing. But to my family that means staying safe behind the walls of human society. To be a respectable metalmage and never put myself at risk. But the treaty is faltering. And if it fails, nothing is safe. To help save the city and everyone I care about, I will use whatever means I can to ensure the negotiations to renew the treaty are successful, even if that means forging an alliance with a man who is the very opposite of the right thing. Fen is trouble. Wild. He would rather bind himself in iron and drink himself into oblivion than learn to master the visions that come to him. Those visions might just hold the key to peace, and it seems that my power might hold the key to his control, if I can keep it around him. 

Life After Life, by Kate Atkinson, (April 2, Reagan Arthur Books)

What if you could live again and again, until you got it right? On a cold and snowy night in 1910, Ursula Todd is born to an English banker and his wife. She dies before she can draw her first breath. On that same cold and snowy night, Ursula Todd is born, lets out a lusty wail, and embarks upon a life that will be, to say the least, unusual. For as she grows, she also dies, repeatedly, in a variety of ways, while the young century marches on towards its second cataclysmic world war. Does Ursula’s apparently infinite number of lives give her the power to save the world from its inevitable destiny? And if she can, will she? 

Light(Gone #6), by Michael Grant, (April 2, Katherine Tegen Books)

It’s been over a year since all the adults disappeared. Gone. In the time since every person over the age of fourteen disappeared from the town of Perdido Beach, California, countless battles have been fought: battles against hunger and lies and plague, and epic battles of good against evil. And now, the gaiaphage has been reborn as Diana’s malicious mutant daughter, Gaia. Gaia is endlessly hungry for destruction. She yearns to conquer her Nemesis, Little Pete, and then bend the entire world to her warped will. As long-standing enemies become allies, secrets are revealed and unexpected sacrifices are made. Will their attempts to save themselves and one another matter in the end, or will the kids of Perdido Beach perish in this final power struggle? 

Manuscript Found in Accra, by Paulo Coelho, (April 2, Knopf)

July 14, 1099. Jerusalem awaits the invasion of the crusaders who have surrounded the city’s gates. There, inside the ancient city’s walls, men and women have gathered to hear the wise words of a mysterious man known as the Copt. “Tomorrow, harmony will become discord. Joy will be replaced by grief. Peace will give way to war. Forget about the troops outside and the fear inside. Our task is not to leave a record of what happened on this date for those who will inherit the Earth; history will take care of that. We will speak about our daily lives, about the difficulties we have had to face.” Who we are, what we fear, and what we hope for the future come from the knowledge and belief that can be found within us, and not from the adversity that surrounds us.  (U.S. Release) 

Midnight Justice, by Kimberly Dean, Jodi Redford, and Vivi Andrews, (April 2, Samhain)

Blade of Moonlight by Kimberly Dean When Luna awakens after a hunt gone wrong, she’s surprised to be tied to a notorious villain’s bed. Luna has no business on his turf, and Scythe plans to enjoy administering punishment. Breaking Bad by Jodi Redford Ruby sets out to break the Shadow Czars’ hold over Earth. Teague hides his heritage until he has to use his powers to save Ruby. With an army of minions after them, they may not survive the night. Superlovin’ by Vivi Andrews When Darla’s boyfriend dumps her, she takes her superpowers to the skies. Lucien almost has the information he needs to free his baby sister when DynaGirl catches him elbow-deep in a top-secret safe. The only way to distract her? Kiss her senseless. Except he’s the one taking the fall. 

Only Lycans Need Apply (Broken Heart Vampires #9), by Michele Bardsley, (April 2, Signet)

When I found the ancient tomb of the two most powerful vampires in history, I knew I was in for a lot of trouble. But archaeologists like me, Moira Jameson, are ready for trouble. Maybe not human-species-threatening trouble. Or the kind of trouble that arrives in the form of a sexy werewolf named Drake. A walking corpse named Karn wants to reveal vampires, and all of parakind, to the humans. Everyone else thinks that’s a bad idea. Then a pyramid mysteriously appears in Broken Heart, Oklahoma, and I’m appointed to get inside, survive booby traps, and awaken two very old, very hungry vampires. Luckily, Drake has my back. Archaeology sometimes reveals some very nasty surprises. And I’ll have to decide between saving myself, or saving the world. 

Prophet of Bones, by Ted Kosmatka, (April 2, Henry Holt and Co.)

Scientist Paul Carlson is summoned from his laboratory job to the remote Indonesian island of Flores to collect DNA samples from the ancient bones of a strange, new species of tool user unearthed by an archaeological dig. The questions the find raises seem to cast doubt on the very foundations of modern science. Before Paul can fully grapple with the implications of his find, the dig is violently shut down by paramilitaries. Paul flees with two of his friends. Back in America, Paul tries to resume the comfortable life he left behind. Paul begins to piece together a puzzle which seems to threaten the very fabric of society, but world’s governments and Martial Johnston, the eccentric billionaire who financed Paul’s dig, will stop at nothing to silence him. 

Protector: Foreigner #14, by C.J. Cherryh, (April 2 DAW)

It’s coming up on Cajeiri’s birthday. The boy has been promised he can have the young human children he knew from his voyage sent down from the space station for a two week stay. But there’s far a darker business going on in the background, a major split compromising the Assassins’ Guild, which furnishes security and law enforcement to the whole continent.  Tabini’s consort’s own father has been barred from court, and may be involved in a new conspiracy against him. For safety reasons, Tabini wants Bren and Ilisidi to take charge of Cajeiri, and protect him and his young guests. It’s Bren’s responsibility to entertain the guests, keep the security problem secret, and let Cajeiri reestablish his controversial relationship with the only other children he’s ever met. 

Rise(Eve #3), by Anna Carey, (April 2, HarperCollins)

When she lost her soul mate, Caleb, Eve felt like her world had ended. Trapped in the palace, forced to play the part of the happy, patriotic princess of The New America—and the blushing bride of her father’s top adviser, Eve’s whole life is a lie. The only thing that keeps her going is Caleb’s memory, and the revolution he started. Now, Eve is taking over where Caleb left off. With the help of Moss, an undercover subversive in the King’s court, she plots to take down The New America, beginning with the capital, the City of Sand. Will Eve be able to bring about a new, free world when she’s called upon to perform the ultimate act of rebellion, killing her father? 

Rising Darkness (Game of Shadows #1), by Thea Harrison, (April 2, Berkley)

In the hospital ER where she works, Mary is used to chaos. But lately, every aspect of her life seems adrift. Voices appear in her head. The disturbing dreams she’s had all her life are becoming more intense. Then she meets Michael. He’s enigmatic and knows more than he can say. In his company, she slowly remembers the truth about herself. Thousands of years ago, there were eight of them. The one called the Deceiver came to destroy the world, and the other seven followed to stop him. Reincarnated over and over, they carry on, and Mary finds herself drawn into the battle once again. The more she learns, the more she realizes that Michael will go to any lengths to destroy the Deceiver. Then she remembers who killed her during her last life, nine hundred years ago: Michael. 

River of Stars, by Guy Gavriel Kay, (April 2, Roc)

Ren Daiyan was still just a boy when he took the lives of seven men while guarding an imperial magistrate of Kitai. That moment changed his life, in entirely unexpected ways, sending him into the forests of Kitai among the outlaws. He emerges years later, and his life changes again as he circles towards the court and emperor, while war approaches Kitai from the north. Lin Shan is the daughter of a scholar, his beloved only child. When her father’s life is endangered by the savage politics of the day, Shan must act in ways no woman ever has. In an empire divided by bitter factions circling an exquisitely cultured emperor, dramatic events on the northern steppe alter the balance of power in the world, leading to events no one could have foretold, under the river of stars. 

Sacrifices(Shadow Grail #3), by Mercedes Lackey and Rosemary Edghill, (April 2, Tor Teen)

The students of Oakhurst Academy believe they have triumphed over the Shadow Knights. But Spirit, Burke, Muirin, Loch, and Addie know better. Under the guise of a company called Breakthrough Adventure Systems, the Shadow Knights have actually taken over the campus. The new regime is brutal, designed to turn the students into soldiers wielding both weapons and magic. Anyone who protests disappears. Desperate, the group decides that Muirin should go undercover to spy on Breakthrough. But Muirin’s act is a little too good, and Spirit begins to fear that her friend’s loyalties might have truly changed. Surrounded by enemies and friends who suddenly seem like strangers, Spirit has decide who can, and cannot, be trusted. 

Sharp(Mindspace Investigations #2), by Alex Hughes, (April 2, Roc)

As a Level Eight telepath, I am the best police interrogator in the department. But I’m not a cop, I never will be, and my only friend on the force, Homicide Detective Isabella Cherabino, is avoiding me because of a telepathic link I created by accident. And I might not even be an interrogator for much longer. Our boss says unless I pull out a miracle, I’ll be gone before Christmas. I need this job, damn it. It’s the only thing keeping me sane. Parts for illegal Tech, the same parts used to bring the world to its knees in the Tech Wars sixty years ago, are being hijacked all over the city. Plus Cherbino’s longtime nemesis, a cop killer, has resurfaced with a vengeance. If I can stay alive long enough, I just might be able to prove my worth, once and for all. 

Sinner’s Heart (The Hellraisers #3), by Zoe Archer, (April 2, Zebra)

Abraham Stirling, Lord Rothwell, was a fighter once, a soldier in the Colonies. Bram returned to London with more nightmares than tales of glory. Now he drowns his senses in the arms of countless women. His friends, the Hellraisers, ensure he needn’t sin alone. Until the Devil grants them each a wish, undoing their camaraderie as they explore their wicked powers. Bram finds himself magically bound to Valeria Livia Corva, the priestess who raised the Devil the first time, and died to send the demon back. The raw passion she witnesses in Bram’s memories isn’t much different from her behavior when she had a body to enjoy. It doesn’t make it any easier to convince Bram to become a warrior again., lest all London burn. The fierce desires reawakening within her might just start the blaze. 

Stepping Stone/The Love Machine: Crosstown to Oblivion, by Walter Mosley, (April 2, Tor)

Stepping Stone: Truman Pope overcame learning disabilities with the help of a sympathetic teacher and has labored for years as mailroom supervisor for a Manhattan financial firm. Pope’s staid routine comes to an abrupt halt when he sees a woman in the elevator whom no one else can see. The vision proves to be the first of a series of odd episodes that lead to an apocalyptic threat to mankind. Love Machine: Lois Kim tests the Datascriber, which Dr. Marchant Lewis has produced for her bosses at InterCybernetics, and realizes that she’s given Lewis access to her memories and desires and opened herself to the Co-Mind Lewis shares with Marie and three other associates. Lois adjusts to her new status and prepares to forge her comrades into the new vanguard of humanity. 

Stolen Magic (Kat, Incorrigible #3), by Stephanie Burgis, (April 2, Atheneum)

With just days to go before her sister Angeline’s long-delayed wedding to Frederick Carlyle, Kat Stephenson has resigned herself to good behavior. Kat’s initiation into the magical Order of the Guardians is fast approaching. First, Kat must contend with the wretched Mrs. Carlyle’s attempts to humiliate her sister; the arrival of the mysterious Marquise de Valmont; and Frederick’s bewitching cousin Jane, who has Charles Stephenson tripping over his feet. When a menacing boy with powerful magic starts hunting Kat, a dastardly villain tries to kill Angeline, and the Guardians face a magical robbery that could spell the end of their Order, propriety becomes the least of Kat’s concerns. 

Stripper(Fringe #4), by Anitra Lynn McLeod, (April 2, Samhain)

Duster Jennings loves his job as master-of-arms on Windmere, the only independent planet in the galaxy. Except he has no life. Not since his dream of a family was ripped to shreds by Diane Black. Duster pays a fortune to board a courtesan ship and hire a “stripper”, a specialist in erasing unwanted memories. Except when he wakes up, his memories are intact, his money is gone, and the woman he vowed to forget is holding him captive. When Diane Black discovers her mysterious client is Duster, she’s overjoyed to learn he’s still alive. Seven years ago her mission was to kill him. Instead she fell in love. Duster’s fury knows no bounds. When their ship is attacked, survival means trusting each other with their backs, even if they can no longer trust their hearts. (released as ebook only, May 2012) 

Stung, by Bethany Wiggins, (April 2, Walker Children’s)

There is no cure for being stung. Fiona doesn’t remember going to sleep. But when she opens her eyes, she discovers her entire world has been altered, her house is abandoned and broken, and the entire neighborhood is barren and dead. Even stranger is the tattoo on her right hand, a black oval with five marks on either side, that she doesn’t remember getting but somehow knows she must cover at any cost. She’s right. Those bearing the tattoo have turned into mindless, violent beasts that roam the streets and sewers, preying upon the unbranded while a select few live protected inside a fortress-like wall, their lives devoted to rebuilding society and killing all who bear the mark. Now Fiona has awakened branded, alone, and on the wrong side of the wall. 

The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All, by Laird Barron, (April 2, Night Shade)

 A Collection of interlinking tales of sublime cosmic horror, including “Blackwood’s Baby”, “The Carrion Gods in Their Heaven”, and “The Men from Porlock”, The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All delivers enough spine-chilling horror to satisfy even the most jaded reader. 

The Dark Tower Companion: A Guide to Stephen King’s Epic Fantasy, by Bev Vincent, (April 2, NAL Trade)

The ultimate compendium to King’s evolving magnum opus, presenting the mythology, history, and geography of this epic fantasy that has captivated generations of readers. Featuring interviews with Stephen King, Ron Howard, Dark Tower expert Robin Furth and others, Bev Vincent reveals The Dark Tower’s influential literary origins, examines its connections to the vast majority of King’s other novels, explores the expanded universe, catalogs the major characters, locations and concepts, and includes a travel guide to the story’s real-world locations., giving fans who have followed Roland’s journey, or those who are discovering it for the first time, an overview of the series and an inside look at the creative process of one of the world’s most popular authors. 

The Exiled Blade (The Assassini #3), by Jon Courtenay Grimwood, (April 2 Orbit)

Venice stands victorious. It has beaten back the German emperor’s army and the Byzantine navy. The Duchess Alexa’s party at court is strong again. Her niece, Lady Giulietta, will be the next Regent. Giulietta’s lover, Lord Tycho, will sit beside her. No one is prepared for the fury of Prince Alonzo, exiled regent and traitor to his city. No one is prepared for the harshest winter Europe has ever known. As the canals of Venice freeze and wolves cross the ice from the north, Alonzo’s plotting brings the Venetian empire to the very edge of destruction. With the Millioni family at war with itself, Lord Tycho, once a slave and a trained assassin, has to ask himself the only question that matters. How much is he prepared to sacrifice to keep Lady Giulietta’s city safe? 

The Forever Knight (Bronze Knight #4), by John Marco, (April 2, DAW)

Lukien is the Bronze Knight, beloved by his kingdom and renowned in battle throughout his world. After betraying his king and losing his beloved, he wishes only for death, but rather than die, Lukien is given a chance for redemption: to be the protector of the Inhumans, those fragile mortals who live deep in the desert, far from the prying eyes of their world. These remarkable individuals have been granted magical powers in exchange for the hardships and handicaps life has handed them. And Lukien, now immortal himself, must be their champion. But how can one man, even an immortal warrior, protect hundreds from a world of potential enemies? 

The Heretic, by David Drake and Tony Daniel, (April 2, Baen)

The planet Duisberg has been plunged into darkness and chaos by the collapse of the galactic republic. Duisberg remains in an uneasy balance between mud-brick civilization and bloodthirsty barbarism. The people of Duisberg have a god: Zentrum, a supercomputer from the ancient past. Zentrum has decided to avoid another collapse by preventing civilization from rising from where it is. Zentrum has a tool: every few centuries the barbarians sweep in from the desert, slaughtering the educated classes. Abel Dashian has received the spirit of Raj Whitehall, the most successful general in the history of the planet Bellevue, and of Center, the supercomputer which enabled Raj to defeat his planet’s barbarians. To save Duisberg, Abel must break the power of Zentrum. 

The Gentle Art of Cracking Heads (The Human Division #12), by John Scalzi, (April 2, Tor)

United States Diplomat Danielle Lowen was there when one of her fellow diplomats committed an unthinkable act, which had consequences for the entire planet. Now she’s trying to figure out how it happened before it can happen again. Putting the puzzle pieces together could solve the mystery or it could threaten her own life.  (ebook only) 

The Mermaid of Brooklyn: A Novel, by Amy Shearn, (April 2, Touchstone)

Formerly an up-and-coming magazine editor, Jenny Lipkin is now your average, stretched-too-thin Brooklyn mom, tackling the challenges of raising two children in a cramped Park Slope walk-up. All she really wants is to survive the sweltering New York summer with a shred of sanity intact. But when her husband, Harry, vanishes one evening, Jenny reaches her breaking point. And in a moment of despair, a split-second decision changes her life forever. Pulled from the brink by an unexpected ally, Jenny is forced to rethink her ideas about success, motherhood, romance, and relationships. But confronting her inner demons is no easy task. 

The Rising (Darkness Rising #3), by Kelley Armstrong, (April 2, HarperCollins)

Things are getting desperate for Maya and her friends. Hunted by the powerful St. Clouds and now a rival Cabal as well, they’re quickly running out of places to hide. And with the whole world thinking they died in a helicopter crash, it’s not like they can just go to the authorities for help. All they have is the name and number of someone who might be able to give them a few answers. Answers to why they’re so valuable, and why their supernatural powers are getting more and more out of control. But Maya is unprepared for the truths that await her. And now, like it or not, she’ll have to face down some demons from her past if she ever hopes to move on with her life. Because Maya can’t keep running forever. 

Under the Hill: Dogfighters (Under the Hill #2), Alex Beecroft, (April 2, Samhain)

Kidnapped by the faerie queen, Ben is confronted with his own supernatural heritage, a royal family and a lover he doesn’t remember. Chris and his wacky cohorts seem almost normal. Back on Earth, Chris Gatrell is having trouble convincing the police that he didn’t do away with Ben and hide the body. He presses his motley crew of ghost hunters to steal a Mosquito bomber, and prays the ghosts of his WWII crew will carry them through the portal to Ben’s rescue. Chris’s elf-trapped WWII love, Geoff, has a dragon and he’s not afraid to use it. If only he could be entirely sure which of the elf queens is the real enemy. In the cataclysmic battle to come, more than one lover, human and elf alike, may be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice. (released ebook only, May, 2012) 

Vengeance Bound, by Justina Ireland, (April 2, Simon & Schuster)

Cory Graff is not alone in her head. Bound to a deal of desperation made when she was a child, Cory’s mind houses the Furies, the hawk and the serpent, lingering always, waiting for her to satisfy their bloodlust. After escaping the asylum where she was trapped for years, Cory knows how to keep the Furies quiet. By day, she lives a normal life, but by night, she tracks down targets the Furies send her way. She brings down Justice upon them. When she meets a mysterious boy named Niko at her new school, she can’t figure out how she feels about him. For the first time, the Furies are quiet in her head around a guy. As Cory’s mind becomes a battlefield, with the Furies fighting for control, Cory will have to put everything on the line to hold on to what she’s worked so hard to build. 

Videssos Cycle: Volume One: Misplaced Legion and Emperor for the Legion, by Harry Turtledove, (April 2, Del Rey)

The Misplaced Legion: In a duel for survival, the Roman military tribune Marcus Aemilius Scaurus raises his sword, blessed by a Druid priest, against a Celtic chieftain, who brandishes a blade of his own. At the moment the weapons touch, Marcus and his legion find themselves under a strange night sky where Rome and Gaul are unknown. They are in an outpost of the embattled Empire of Videssos, a world that will test their skill and courage. An Emperor for the Legion: In the capital of Videssos, a coward and betrayer has seized the throne. He rules with the aid of dark sorcery. Overthrowing him seems impossible. Marcus Scaurus leads his men through the chaos and enemy hordes in search of winter quarters, to regroup and do the unthinkable: take the untakeable city. 

Without a Summer (Glamourist Histories #3), by Mary Robinette Kowal, (April 2, Tor)

Jane and Vincent go to Long Parkmeade to spend time with Jane’s family, but quickly turn restless. The year is unseasonably cold. No one wants to be outside and Mr. Ellsworth is concerned by the harvest, since a bad one may imperil Melody’s dowry. Melody has concerns of her own, given the inadequate selection of eligible bachelors. When Jane and Vincent receive a commission from a prominent family in London, they decide to take it, and take Melody with them. There, talk is of nothing but the crop failures and increased unemployment of the coldmongers, which have provoked riots in several cities to the north. Jane and Vincent realize that in addition to getting Melody married, they must take on one small task: solving an international crisis. 

Worlds Apart, by Barbara Elsborg, (April 2, Samhain)

Niall is in hiding. He’s trapped between the world he longs for and a place he can’t leave behind. He’s allowed one year to capture his heart’s desire. But speaking those three simple words, the most important words in his life, might very well kill him. As a private investigator, Taylor walks daily through the ashes of love burned out. He’s witnessed the aftermath of love, destroyed marriages and wrecked lives that leave behind nothing but bitter memories of betrayal. Niall sparks a completely unexpected reaction in both mind and body. Roo has spent her entire life bouncing from relationship to relationship. When she finds herself out in the cold again, she discovers love can come from the most surprising of places. Her choices are simple. The wrong choice could be devastating. (released ebook only, May 2012) 

Backscatter: A Tor.Com Original, by Gregory Benford, (April 3, Tor)

Life might emerge under the most unlikely conditions…or in the last extremity.  (ebook only) 

Weird Detectives: Recent Investigations, edited by Paula Guran, (April 3, Prime Books)

Paranormal investigators. Occult detectives. Ghost hunters. Monster fighters. Humans who unravel uncanny crimes and solve psychic puzzles; sleuths with supernatural powers of their own who provide services far beyond those normal gumshoes, shamuses, and Sherlocks can. When vampires, werewolves, and things that go “bump” in the night are part of your world, criminals can be as inhuman as the crimes they commit, and magic can seep into the mundane. Some of the best tales of the last decade from top authors of the 21st century’s most popular genres take you down mean streets and into strange crime scenes in this fantastic compilation. 

Bristol House: A Novel, by Beverly Swerling, (April 4, Viking Adult)

In modern-day London, architectural historian and recovering alcoholic Annie Kendall hopes to turn her life around and restart her career by locating several long-missing pieces of ancient Judaica. Geoff Harris, an investigative reporter, is soon drawn into her quest. He’s also a dead ringer for the ghost of a monk Annie believes she has seen at the flat she is subletting in Bristol House. In 1535, Tudor London is a very different city, one in which monks are being executed by Henry VIII and Jews are banished. Dom Justin, a Carthusian monk, and a goldsmith known as the Jew of Holborn must navigate a world of intrigue involving Thomas Cromwell, Jewish treasure, and sexual secrets. Their struggles shed light on the mysteries Annie and Geoff aim to puzzle out, at their own peril. 

Nameless(Tales of Beauty and Madness #1), by Lili St. Crow, (April 4, Razorbill)

When Camille was six years old, she was discovered alone in the snow by Enrico Vultusino, godfather of the Seven, the powerful Families that rule magic-ridden New Haven. Papa Vultusino adopted the mute, scarred child, naming her after his dead wife and raising her in luxury on Haven Hill alongside his own son, Nico. Now Cami is turning sixteen. She’s no longer mute, though she opens up only to her two best friends, Ruby and Ellie, and to Nico. Even though Cami is a pampered Vultusino heiress, she knows that she is not really Family. It’s not until she meets the mysterious Tor, who reveals scars of his own, that Cami begins to uncover the secrets of her birth, to find out where she comes from and why her past is threatening her now.

O.M.G. Was I lying?

Five entries possible: +1 for comment to tell me what book you want, +1 for blog follow, +1 for Twitter follow, +1 for a Tweet or RT about the contest, +1 for a Facebook follow. This contest is international to any place Book Depository ships. Contests end at midnight CDT U.S. on Saturday, and winners are announced on Sunday’s blog. 

Now….go forth and comment!

53 thoughts on “New Releases March 29-April 4 and Reader Choice C*ntest

  1. Many good choices, for my keeper shelf, I would chose Blood Trade, Jane Yellowrock #6 by Faith Hunter.

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  2. Ummm…I want about half of them. 😀 My top choices are Blood Trade, Rising Darkness, The Rising and Weird Detectives…If I win, I’ll choose. ;-D

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  3. You certainly weren’t lying! Wow – that’s a lot of books but the one that I’m desperate to get my hands on is Allegiance Sworn by Kylie Griffin.

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  4. Wow! You were not kidding. I’d have to say, River of Stars, please. I LOVE everything he has ever written!
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  5. Wow, that is the craziest list of books ever. There are two books I cannot wait to read: The Rising by Kelley Armstrong and Rise by Anna Carey. Hopefully I can choose if I win. Thank you! Happy Easter!

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  6. I can’t decide between Falling Blind by Shannon K Butcher and Rising Darkness by Thea Harrison…if I win guess I’ll have no choice but to choose then!

    I’m a blog,Facebook and twitter follower.

  7. Awesome list 😀 I would love to win the first book in the Gone series by Michael Grant, if possible 😀 Thank you for the chance. <3

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    Love, Carina

  8. Jiminy crispers! You certainly weren’t lying about that list!

    I’d love to win Protector: Foreigner by CJ Cherryh. I’ve enjoyed this series quite a lot, but usually have to wait for my library to get it, because hb are out of my budget…

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  9. Would love to read Nameless or Stung. Thanks for the giveaway.

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  10. i did have moe difficulties to choose when there was less books sometimes o in this case i’m managing i will either pick light blade book 2, one book of teh gathering series by kelley armstrong or one of the jane yellowrock i’m missing in teh series. can’t tell yet which one but in comparaison my list is quite small^^

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    thank you a lot!

  11. Siiiiigh… gonna be blowing the book budget again this month 🙂 I have about 1/4 of those already ordered and on their way to my house! Yay! But I’m still torn between Stung, by Bethany Wiggins, Vengeance Bound by Justina Ireland and Nameless by Lili St. Crow.

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  12. Bristol House or Assasin’s Gambit. I’m still deciding! Both books sound wonderful. I like that most of the books here feature an author new to me. I always like finding new authors.

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  13. I’d like the Faith Hunter book if I win this one.
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  14. Thank you for all of the choices!!! And there are many I would love to have, however I think I would want “Ghoulfriends just want to have fun” by Gitty Daneshvari. I want this for my eight year old granddaughter, I bought her the first one.
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  15. Flirting Under a Full Moon is my first choice. You were right though. That’s a bunch of good new books.
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  16. maybe Prophet of Bones

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  17. With so many great books released, you’d think it would be a hard choice, but with Blood Trade by Faith Hunter among them, it’s no contest. This is a favorite series and I can’t wait to read the newest book.

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  18. Entering for a copy of Weird Detectives! So many of my favourite authors!

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  19. I’d love to win the first book in Jane Yellowrock series by Faith Hunter.
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  20. Goodness that’s a lot of books!
    I love historical romance, and am amused by the thought of a vampire rendition. I’ll pick Bite Me, Your Grace!

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  21. Wow, I didn’t realize how many coming out this week were on my wishlist. Hard to pick just one but Michael Grant’s Gone series “Light”,is one of the first I’d like to read.

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  22. I’m a sucker for assassins, so I’d love to win Assassin’s Gambit. I hadn’t heard of it before, but it sounds pretty interesting.

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  23. Wow! I had no idea so many books were releasing this week! I’d quite like to read Nameless (Tales of Beauty and Madness #1), by Lili St. Crow 🙂
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