Meet The Drift Lords with Nancy Cohen and C*ntest

Today, Nancy Cohen has stopped by as part of her virtual blog tour.  She is here to introduce us to The Drift Lords, featured in WARRIOR PRINCE (Drift Lords #1), and WARRIOR ROGUE (Drift Lords #2), which were published by The Wild Rose Press.  Nancy if offering some great prizes on this virtual tour.  Read on for a list of prizes and your chance to enter and win! 

ABOUT WARRIOR ROGUE:  When fashion designer Jennifer Dyhr loses her lead actor for a video-game commercial, a replacement literally drops from the sky. Reluctant to let him leave, she hires him as a model for her studio. But when terrorists attack their flight home, Jen must awaken powers she didn’t know she had to protect them both. Will she be able to keep her heart safe from the sensual man beside her? When space ops warrior Paz Hadar falls through a spatial rift onto Jen’s set, he soon realizes she is essential to his mission. Not only must he protect her, his success depends upon her special powers. But as they struggle to stay one step ahead of the enemy, he discovers that fighting his attraction to the lovely Jen is as much a challenge as keeping them both alive.

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And now, let’s talk to Nancy about her inspiration for these books as well as introduce us to the team members:

Where did the idea for the series come from?
The idea for the Drift Lords Series came from a ride at Disney’s Epcot theme park. In the Norway pavilion is a ride called Maelstrom. You board a boat that glides into a dark tunnel and rises up a steep incline. At the top are three trolls who cast a spell on you to disappear. Suddenly, your boat is whisked backward through time into Norwegian history. I loved the idea of evil trolls and Norse mythology. Thus my series took root. I decided to mix magic and myth into modern times.

Who are the Drift Lords?

The Drift Lords are galactic warriors sent to Earth to seal a dimensional rift opened by an ancient enemy. To defeat the invaders, they must join forces with a small group of Earth women, whose legendary powers are just awakening.

Rules of the Multiverse

Just as the Earth has tectonic plates, dimensional plates exist on a cosmic energy level. These fuel an electromagnetic grid that intersects at twelve distinct geographic areas. These points, known as Vile Vortices, are sites of anomalous activity. Twelve such locations exist around the world. The Bermuda Triangle is one of them.

When the dimensional plates grind against each other, the resultant pressure forces open a door between dimensions. Normally, the event horizon at this natural rift produces a substance called cors particles. When their mass reaches a critical level, the resultant pressure forces the rifts to close.

The Trolleks have devised a means to force open the rifts and keep them from shutting down. With the portals remaining open, the accumulation of cors particles will breach the point of no return. The dimensional drift will widen, causing a massive shock wave that will destroy everything in existence. In the meantime, the Trolleks have invaded Earth with the goal of enslaving mankind.

The Drift Lords are born with a special trait that becomes evident at puberty. They are able to sniff cors particles, meaning they can tell when a portal is open. Their job is to repel the Trollek incursion and seal the rifts.  However, it’s not so simple this time. They need the help of a special group of Earth women with special powers to deal with the mythological element and to fulfill an ancient prophecy.

How Do They Operate?

The Drift Lords work in teams of seven. The Sacred Seven represent earth, fire, water, air, time, space, and the Wise One, creator of all. The team trains at a mountain retreat on the planet Karrell for four weeks per year. When they are not engaged in training or off on a mission, the warriors follow their own careers.

The Drift Lords polarize themselves against the Trollek mind touch. If a Trollek touches you, it sets off a chemical reaction, and you become their mind slave. The Drift Lords can also use a nose numbing spray to ward off the alluring scent of a Trollek female. But the best method of protection is the immunity transferred by physical intimacy with their destined mate.

After one of them is killed during a skirmish with the Trolleks, only six are left. The rest of the League was decimated during the Great Purge. These six warriors are the only remaining hope to save mankind.

The Team Members

ZOHAR THORALD is Captain of the Drift Lords and Crown Prince of the Star Empire. He’s the military strategist. Reluctant to be crowned emperor, Zohar has to learn to accept his destiny.

is the Communications and Linguistics specialist. When not deployed as a Drift Lord, he repairs space telecom relays. He can say, “Come to bed with me” in numerous languages.

is an expert swordsman who likes to whittle wood carvings of animals and watch crime shows on TV in his free time. Initially hired as Zohar’s bodyguard and lacking the genetic trait that defines a Drift Lord, he becomes a full-fledged member of the team.

is the Demolitions expert. He’s a sinewy, muscled fighter who likes to blow things up for recreation.

is the team’s engineer
. He prefers working with machines rather than people, as they can’t hurt him. In his spare time, he puts together old spacecraft engines.

is a medic and science officer. When off duty, he plays melancholy music on his larp, a stringed instrument, and he enjoys the serenity of nature.

Where can readers find you?

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