Odds and Ends–and Goodies from RT

She’s back!

Five or six states (I lost count) later, weather that ranged from 80s to teens, snow, rain, hotel bellmen that broke luggage and lost posters (hey, if anyone finds the cool Elysian Fields poster that blew down the street in Kansas City, keep it), really nice and cool authors, really obnoxious and arrogant authors, and everything in between…RT 2013 is a wrap.

Overall, the positives outweighed the negatives, especially meeting so many people I’d only “met” online (waves at Barb!).

I’ll likely do it again next year since it’s in New Orleans. And today? Well, I came back with TONS of swag, not only mine but from lots of other authors. I’ll divide it into two goodie boxes for two commenters from today’s appearances around the interwebs–an entry for each comment. Did I mention there would be free BOOKS in these goodie boxes? (International? Yes!)


DJ is being interviewed at the Escapism from Reality blog, and she’s kind of grumpy. Although I’m the one suffering from lack of sleep, so I don’t know what her excuse is. She’s talking about River Road, the guys, and a couple of current annoyances she’ll be dealing with in Elysian Fields.

I also have a guest post over at All Things Paranormal today, talking about mermen. (Yes, Rene, babe, that means you.)

And thanks to Reading and Writing Urban Fantasy for the reviews today. The reviewer pretty much hated both Royal Street and River Road, but not everyone will like your work. My series is never going to be a gun-toting, in-your-face UF, but it’s still appreciated when readers give it a try.

Finally, a plug for author Brenda Novak’s annual Online Auction for Diabetes Research. Each year, tons of authors and other bookish types donate all kinds of things, with all the proceeds from the auction going toward diabetes research. I’m sure all of us know someone who suffers from diabetes; it’s a nasty disease. If you click at the link above, you can register to bid in the auction (lefthand column), log in to look at the items available for bid, etc.

I’ve donated a 32GB Kindle Fire, an “Honorary Cajun” gift basket full of Louisiana goodies, and signed books and swaggishness. You can find my auction listing here. It runs for the full month, but others end sooner, and there are all price points–and some awesome deals if you dig around.

Okay, commercial over.

Drop by tomorrow for a special event, as Preternatura takes part in a special event for one of my favorite new urban fantasy authors, Jill Archer. Jill has six blogs posting a part of chapter one of her new release Fiery Edge of Steel. There are chances to win a signed ARC, $25 gift cards from winner’s choice of book etailers–international. So…drop by and check out a great new read!

18 thoughts on “Odds and Ends–and Goodies from RT

  1. Happy that you still enjoyed at least part of the experience^^

    thank you also for your participation in the diabete auction, my brother is diabetic so i know how important that can be.

  2. Thanks Suzanne!! Waving Back **LOL**!! It was so nice meeting you amongst others that, as you say, I’ve only met on line. I really had a good time!! I too am thinking about NOLA next year. Glad you got home safe!

  3. Thanks, guys. Miki, my best friend is an insulin-dependent diabetic and I know what a rough disease it is. Hope your brother is doing okay!

    Annie! Yes indeed. NOLA again. How can one pass that up? And unlike in Kansas City, I can pretty much guarantee it won’t snow–LOL.

    • Sorry about the snow!! Very weird weather, although I think the weather has been weird all over lately. Snow hasn’t happened this late in the year for over a hundred years I think they said. I know I hated it!! I am soooo ready for shorts & tee shirts. It’s supposed to be in the 80’s next week.

  4. Glad you had some fun. Hope to be at RT next year! You week had to be better than the computer conversion we have been through this week. All I kept thinking was “I could have been at RT!”

  5. Welcome back! I would love to go to RT one year but being in the UK makes it hard to get too.

    Have to say that how classy you deal with reviewers who don’t like your books. I know it must be difficult but accepting that your book won’t be for everyone and still pointing out the reviews just raises you in my estimation so much! πŸ™‚

  6. So glad you’re back. Enjoyed today’s posts around the web. D.J. had things to say. Fun. Thanks.

  7. Glad you had fun. And I love that you mentioned reviews from a person who did not enjoy the books. I am sure that it is very hard to read anything bad about something that you worked so hard to create, but the fact that you respected their opinion and the fact that not everyone will enjoy the same thing is very mature and professional. I have not seen/heard of many authors who would do this πŸ™‚

  8. Thanks, guys!

    Re: reviews. Yes, obviously I don’t enjoy the negative reviews, but it’s not realistic to think everyone will enjoy my books, and I’m always grateful that a reviewer took the time to read them and think about what she liked or didn’t like. And some of the things reviewer A might dislike, a reader might not be bothered by.

    I also knew all along there were pacing issues with Royal Street. I could either be true to the realities of Hurricane Katrina or I could jazz up the story to make it a faster pace, and I was determined to keep it true to New Orleans’ experience in Katrina no matter what. I stick by that decision even though it slowed down the story. LOL. If the reviewer found River Road slow, she might like Elysian Fields, which is faster-paced. However, maybe not, because DJ is never going to wield a gun like a typical kickass UF heroine, and that seemed to be an issue.

    @Teri and Barb–so great to meet both of you at RT!

  9. I seriously wish I could’ve gone to RT- cool authors, arrogant authors and all! It sounded like so much fun, and I’m really glad you enjoyed it! And like June M said, it’s awesome that you link to both positive and negative reviews. I really admire that! πŸ™‚