A Musical Interlude from Slaid Cleaves

Thanks to rampaging real life (sigh), I didn’t get Shop Talk done for today, so I’ll offer up a little music while I’m off dealing with STUFF. I hate STUFF.

But I don’t hate music. I use it a lot in my writing, so I’ll share a song I’ve been listening to a lot recently as I’m working on a new character for a new writing project.

I’m not ready to talk about the project yet, although its working title is LOVELY, DARK AND DEEP.

But I will talk about this character a little, because I like him a lot and have been spending time with him (you know, in that way writers have of spending time with imaginary people).

His name is Shane Burke, and he’s a kind of washed-up salvage ship diver who is a half-step from losing his home, which also happens to be his salvage boat. This is Shane’s theme song, by one of my favorite singer-songwriters, Slaid Cleaves.

Shane’s in need of salvation, and one never knows where that might come from…

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5 thoughts on “A Musical Interlude from Slaid Cleaves

  1. One Good Year turns up on my favorite Pandora station. Love it…and am looking forward to seeing what it’s inspired you to create!

  2. oh i will be happy to meet Shane when he is ready ^^ i wish you all the best with this new project ( and from what you told us of shane, this song is really perfect)

  3. Liv, I’m pretty sure Pandora introduced me to Slaid Cleaves through his song “Broke Down.” I ended up downloading all his stuff. He’s a brilliant songwriter. I will write a story based on his song “Below” at some point.

    Miki–yes, this song actually inspired the character. I’d been trying to think what kind of guy I wanted my salvager to be, and when I heard this song by chance, I knew this was his song. I love the lines “It’s a bitter wind in your face every day/ It’s the little sins that wear your soul away / When you start giving in, where do the promises all go? / Will your darkest hour write a blank check on your soul?” Haunting lyrics!