A Pirate Plays Dirty–Jackson Square Now Complete and Online

Welcome to the final day of new material on “Jackson Square,” a novelette featuring undead pirate Jean Lafitte taking on an undead Andrew Jackson in the world of the Sentinels of New Orleans. Click the tab or go to the link to read the whole story. It will remain up on the website through Sunday afternoon, and then will disappear into the ether! (Later available as a download with bonus material.)

Thanks to Leeanna at Leeanna.me for the review of Royal Street yesterday. She wasn’t crazy about the book, but it was a fair review and I always appreciate reviewers who take the time to read and think about the books. Remember: Royal Street is available as an ebook for $2.99 through early August, from just about everywhere that sells ebooks, and River Road is now out in paperback.

And thanks to Crazy Four Books for spotlighting the Sentinels series today. This blog hosts a “comment incentive giveaway” each month, so there’s stuff to be won! There’s a link for June’s incentive giveaway at the top of the post.

Finally, Kathy at Inside of a Dog is reviewing River Road today. Thanks to Miki for letting me know about it!

And now to Jean….

9 thoughts on “A Pirate Plays Dirty–Jackson Square Now Complete and Online

  1. Thanks for sharing Jean’s novelette with us. It was great fun. To quote the story; a “Stroke of brilliance”.

    • Thanks, Roger! The story–or the way Jean handled the challenge–has a basis in fact, from an incident that occurred with the real Jean Lafitte. What a piece of work he was!