A Pirate’s Tale: Free Read of "Jackson Square" Continues

Welcome to Day 3 of “Jean Lafitte Week” here at Preternatura! The third part of JACKSON SQUARE is posted, so you can scroll down to III and keep reading.

I had originally planned to run this in five parts, but I’m doing four instead, so tomorrow, the rest of  the story will be posted, and will stay up through the weekend.

If you have a chance today, please run over to My Book Addiction, where I’m talking to Toni about my favorite character from the Penton series (that was a hard question!).

And now, let’s get back to Jean and his nemesis, “Andy.”

4 thoughts on “A Pirate’s Tale: Free Read of "Jackson Square" Continues

  1. Wednesday =III: Pirate , privateer, profiteer. Would think Jean might have some old coins buried somewhere. Wait, think I read about some old coins buried somewhere. $$$$$

    • Ha–yes, profiteer! Yes, you’re right, Jean has dug up at least one cache of gold coins already. Who knows what he has hidden all over the Gulf Coast? But really, can you ever have too much gold? Jean thinks not!

  2. Loved part III! Do the historical undead vote with the Chicago motto- Vote early and vote often? Can’t wait for the conclusion.