Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

I’ll be back tomorrow with a great new author for you to meet–a fellow Alabamian, no less. Today, I wanted to thank everyone for the awesome character post ideas! I’ll be putting them to work very soon. Keep adding ideas if you think of any.

In the meantime, here’s the schedule for the rest of June and for July. I’ll be putting the links up here each day, along with the type of post and which character is doing it–and who suggested the topic, of course :-). Also, whatever giveaways are being offered.

Preternatura will continue with its usual schedule here, of course.

This list does NOT include the online tour for Elysian Fields. That’s still being set up for August and September, and before that begins, I’ll be collecting ideas for flash fiction. I think that’s going to be fun!

First, though, there’s this (SJ=Sentinels-related; SS=Penton or Storm Force-related). No wonder I’m not sure who I am half the time! There are also some promo-only and review spots not listed below, but that will be mentioned here on the days they run.

June 14: Romance Magicians (SS)
June 17: She Wolf Reads (SS); Urban Fantasy Investigations (SJ)
June 18: Novelists Inc. (SJ)
June 19: Paranormal Unbound (SS)
June 25: Curling Up with a Good Book (interview-SS)
June 26: My Book Addiction (interview-SS)
July 1: Paranormal Unbound Genre Talk (SJ)
July 2: Literary Escapism (SS)
July 5: The Avid Reader (interview-SJ)
July TBA: Tor/Forge E-Newsletter (SJ)
July 8: Tynga’s Reviews (Interview-SS); That’s What I’m Talking About (SJ; part of the Urban Fantasy 4th of July Celebration)
July 9: Dark Faerie Tales and All Things Urban Fantasy (SJ/part of Deadly Destinations event); Paranormal Romance Fans for Life (SS)
July 10: Grave Tells (SS)
July 15: Paranormal Romance Fans for Life (SJ)
July 15: Paranormal Unbound Genre Talk (SJ)
July 16: Romance with Flavor (interview-SJ)
July 17: Literary Meanderings (interview-SJ)
July 23: Musings and Ramblings (SJ)
July 25: Reading Reality (SS)
July 29: Paranormal Perceptions/Surveillance Report (SJ)
July 31: Romance on a Budget (SJ)

4 thoughts on “Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

  1. it looks like a really promising schedule and i won’t forguet to add idea when i get some
    thank you a lot for being so attentive to your readers

  2. Wonderful. Will be there. Always like the blog spots. People need to discover the Sentinels and Penton series. The more posts the better.