Pick Your Poison: Seeking Writing Ideas for Character Posts

Okay, my friends, it’s time. This is your first call to action! 
Over the next four months, my characters are all sitting on G and waiting for O—ready to race off to do your bidding in the blogosphere. In June and July, they are looking for what you would like to hear them talk about in a guest blog. Frankly, I’m tired of myself, so I want my characters to earn their keep by guest-blogging in my stead.
[In about a month, I’ll be asking for flash fiction prompts, so hang onto those ideas—I’m hoping most of the online tour for Elysian Fields, which will run from August 10-September 10, will be largely flash fiction that you guys have suggested!]
Who’s available for this adventure?
In the Sentinels world, you can come up with blog topics for any of the following: DJ Jaco, Alex Warin, Jake Warin, Jean Lafitte (he always has something to say), Rene Delachaise, Quince Randolph (aka Rand), or a secondary character (Eugenie Dupre, NOPD detective Ken Hachette, Leyla the manager at the Green Gator, etc.).
In the Penton/Omega Force world, you can come up with blog topics

for Aidan Murphy, Krys Harris, Mirren Kincaid (beware of foul language), Glory Cummings, Will Ludlam, Randa Thomas, Jack “Kell” Kellison, Mori Chastaine—or one of the other major players: Cage Reynolds, Melissa Calvert, Mark Calvert, Nik Demetriou, Robin Ashton, Garrett “Gadget” Foley, or Archer Logan.

Sorry, Matthias and Michael are indisposed. (What is it with me and M names? Good grief.)
Have a question you’d like to ask one of the characters? Maybe what they think about a current event or political issue? What they think of another character? What they might do on a free evening? Anything and everything. Throw those ideas out there!
By the time the next two months are done, I’ll need lots of these, so let ‘em fly. I’ll always post the link when they run, of course, and give credit to the person who proposed the idea! 
As an incentive to participate, I’ll offer my usual Shop Talk giveaway today of a $10 gift card to your favorite online bookseller or retailer (or equivalently priced book from Book Depository if outside the US).

34 thoughts on “Pick Your Poison: Seeking Writing Ideas for Character Posts

  1. For D.J.: “Training a staff 101” or “What I’ve learned from Charlie”.

    For Randa: “Fitting in, in the vampire world” or “How my military background helps me fit in”.

    • LOL. Roger: What DJ’s learned from Charlie so far is to set fires! That could be a lot of fun. And I like the idea of Randa talking about fitting in (which she’s trying to learn to do) and her military training.

      Great ideas!

  2. Robin Ashton – favorite pranks to play on alpha shifters?
    Krys Harris – ER stories from hell, er, Penton
    Rene Delachaise – favorite mermen pickup lines

  3. What are their favorite books? And book genres? Any recommendations?

    What are their favorite tv shows?

    If they could travel to one place where would it be?


    • Ah, we don’t see our characters reading much (they seem to be dodging killers) but that would be an interesting topic. Ditto with TV. What WOULD Jean Lafitte watch on television?!

  4. I don’t know if this is exactly what you’re looking for, but how about little speed dating snippets between characters – ie DJ and Jean or characters who hate each other. Maybe even the characters from the two novels speed-dating each other, if it’s something you think would work.

    I think it might be funny – maybe two characters are revealed to have a bit of a flirty side with each other than maybe they shouldn’t have:)

    Just fun stuff like that!:)

    • Speed dating could be fun! Or face-offs. (Alex versus Mirren…um, no, I don’t think anybody’s up to dealing with Mirren.) DJ and Will would be hilarious. Robin and Alex would get ugly fast. Definite possibilities here!

    • We may just find that out in Elysian Fields. Of course that amusement park has been abandoned since Katrina.

    • Yes, DJ knows what she’ll do at an amusement park: start fires, blow up vehicles, run for her life, play on the swings. Not necessarily in that order 🙂 But it would make a fun guest post, for sure!

  5. Jean: Describe your perfect female counterpart.
    rene: the best fishing experience ( or how to become an expert fisher)
    archer: Feline are the best for….
    Leyla: What do you think of the new Jake version
    Mirren: some chatiment planned for Matthioas? How to take your revenge
    Robin: Female in a man world: how to make your place and to them to their

    i guess i had more idea for short stories^^

    • These are great ones, Miki! (The short story requests will be coming soon for the Elysian Fields tour.)

      I like these a lot–I’ve gotten some great ideas today! Gotta keep those characters busy 🙂

  6. I’d like to hear from DJ the pros and cons of dating the undead (if you would call it dating?). I’d also like to know what TV shows the characters would watch!

    • Ha! DJ has given quite a bit of thought to the pros and cons of dating the undead…or being “courted” by the undead, in the pirate’s case 🙂

      I’ve been trying, since someone mentioned it earlier, to decide what Rene would think about the show “Swamp People.” 🙂

  7. How about famous people DJ and company would like to meet? Or what are their favorite hobbies or weapons or sports?

    I’d really like to know if Jean had a favorite ship, lady, escape…

    This will be so much fun to read over the next two months!

  8. What do you do in your spare time?
    I liked the pet pig idea so can I copy? Like would you have an owl and what would you name it?

  9. I’d love to hear more of Jean’s impressions of the modern world. What happens when he stumbles into a coffee shop with its bewildering options? Does he really intend to learn how to drive? Can we see one of those lessons? How about a day at work (can scheming, wheeling, and dealing be considered work?) for him? Also, it’d be fun to see Rene’s impressions of him and vice versa. Not too often we get to see simple friendship in all the excitement of the books, and I’m curious how those two came to trust each other.

    • Great ideas. Jean in the modern world is a series unto itself! We’ll see a bit of that in next week’s novelette, “Jackson Square.” He learns new words like “minibar” and “pickuptruck.”

  10. Pretty much for all of them, if you’ve joined the 21st century yet, what would your twitter handle be and why.

  11. oki a few more
    Rene: Mermaid: Why the human got their mythology completely wrong.
    Jake: How to tame a wild wolf/dog
    Alex: how to cherish your car/ which is teh best car
    Alex: the advantage of explosives waipons versus low range ones ( knifes etc)
    Alex: why a gun is more fiable than a spell ( especilally one of Dj^^;;;)
    Robin: how to keep a good hygiene as shifter ( no rat breath for example^^)
    Mirren: where is the best place to hide your collection cd/dvd and piece of mechanic ( to avoid will snooping ^^)
    mirren: Sword vs axe what is the best

    Jean: what is the best product on black market at the moment ( what is worth the most in money^^)

    Jean: how to be the head of a ship, to manage your men

    • These are all great, Miki! It would be fun to have almost any of them talk about “how humans got it wrong about ______.” Wizards, vampires, shapeshifters, mermen.

    • that’s for sure ^^ i nearly wrote it for each of them but i kne you could make it from one suggestion and mermaid seemed the most evident too^^ so few books have mermen Rene can be a so fervent defenders^^

      i just hope we are not overwhelming you either^^