Bat Attack!

I hope to be here with new tour links later this a.m. It is currently 2 AM and I have been fending off swarms of bats all evening with Brian the wild animal trapper, who was kind enough to drive from way out in the county twice…in the rain…in the middle of the night to catch the three that were flying around my house (as opposed to the HUNDREDS in the attic) and have them tested for rabies. 

The irony that  I write vampire books is not lost on me.
So now, i will catch a few ZZzzzs before the trapper returns for round two of Bat Wars.
Will update soon! Here’s a photo of my coveted-up fireplace, where the were coming in. Yes , those are boxes of my books!

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10 thoughts on “Bat Attack!

  1. At least you must be rid of any mosquito for a while^^

    i got one bat in my bedroom once ( and it’s still a mystery since no windows open, doors closed etc)i caught it and release it the garden.. one weeek with any insect in my room paradise but i can understand why it surprising and even one make some noise so several…. but they are so cute and useful!

  2. Oh, God. *shudders*
    On a recent trip to Hazard, Kentucky, my Favorite Daughter turned me on to a reality show featuring a pest trapper guy called the Turtle Man. The next day we drove past the exit for his hometown, but one of the episodes had him trying to relocate bats. I hope he didn’t chase them into your house!

  3. Thanks, guys! It has totally creeped me out, knowing they’re all up there,l hundred of them hanging upside down in my attic, just waiting for dusk to come again. Eek!

    Here’s the bad thing. Bats are apparently an endangered species so they don’t kill them, which is good, I’m all for that. But what they do is run them out of my house and make it so they can’t get back in, so they’ll likely move en masse to one of my neighbor’s houses!

    • They should construct a special space for them where they could live without being ion a house ( after all if they do enter house it’s because their habitat is not more) an artificial cave or something would be great

  4. I’m really sorry, but I have to say it “Boy am I glad that it’s you and not me”! I had a terrifying experience with a bat as a child and even at the zoo I have problems. Hope they are getting them out for you!!! **Shudder** I think that I have to agree with the others though, that maybe you should use this in one of your books LOL! Keep us posted!

  5. *Shudders* Love vampires, NOT bats!!! I know they are endangered and all, and every living creature has a purpose but all I see is just flying little disease carriers! I swear I don’t think I would be able to sleep.

    • At least here in the US, Miki, bats are major carriers of rabies, so exposure can result in the need for a rabies vaccine protocol. It is no only painful but VERY expensive–several thousand dollars. Plus up to the $5,000 it is going to cost to get them relocated. One bat is an annoyance but hundreds in a residential home is a serious risk 🙂

    • very different from here then i can understand why having hundreds is an annoyance though even one make a lot of noise but at least here they are safe ( and protected) no rabies or special diseases( and man! it’s time you get a better health system for sure, vaccin never cost that much here)

      even better reason for building special space for them to go live there and avoid human… at the end it would cost less to teh community